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Erlang Shen - Your technique is flawed! (Season 4, Patch 4.17)

September 22, 2017 by xXDannTheMannXx
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3


Smite God: Erlang Shen

Item Purchase Order

Starting Build

Build Item Death's Toll
Build Item Boots
Build Item Chalice of Healing
Build Item Multi Potion
Build Item Multi Potion

Core Build

Build Item Warrior Tabi


Build Item Mystical Mail Build Item Hide of the Urchin Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Gladiator's Shield Build Item Midgardian Mail Build Item Heartward Amulet Build Item Stone of Gaia Build Item Pestilence Build Item Sovereignty Build Item Mantle of Discord Build Item Spirit Robe Build Item Shogun's Kusari Build Item Frostbound Hammer Build Item Emperor's Armor Build Item Gauntlet of Thebes Build Item Hide of the Nemean Lion Build Item Masamune


Build Item Magic Shell Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Horrific Emblem Build Item Hand of the Gods Build Item Belt of Frenzy Build Item Shield of Thorns Build Item Cursed Ankh

If necessary...

Build Item Swift Wing

God Skill Order

Spot Weakness

Spot Weakness 2 10 11 12 13 key bind


Pin 3 15 16 17 18 key bind

72 Transformations ES

72 Transformations ES 1 4 6 7 8 key bind

9 Turns Blessing

9 Turns Blessing 5 9 14 19 20 key bind

Erlang Shen - Your technique is flawed! (Season 4, Patch 4.17)

September 22, 2017

God Introduction

Erlang Shen is a warrior who is proficient with basic attacks while having strong abilities, who is also able to output a surprising amount of damage as a tank, while also having the option to adopt a damage oriented build for the jungle. This guide will focus on Erlang Shen in the solo lane, but you can adapt this knowledge to suit you in the jungle, support, and other gamemodes.

Build Explanation

Death's Toll is hands down the best starter item for Erlang Shen. Not only will he be able to make good usage out of it due to using basic attacks consistently, but he also has a cleaving attack at the end of his hitchain, and his passive allows him to proc Death's Toll's passive TWICE.

Warrior Tabi is a much superior choice of footwear for Erlang Shen since it will allow him to have more poke and burst, as well as more damage on his basic attacks. The attack speed from Ninja Tabi is fine, and it is also fine to build it, however I lean more towards Warrior Tabi.

Erlang Shen is a warrior so he will benefit more from having a flexible build over a static or a "cookie cutter" build, and also since he is a warrior, he will benefit more from defensive items in the solo lane, over offensive items.

Try to prioritize items with protections, and health, to increase your tankiness, and also look for items that suit your situation such as building Pestilence whenever the enemy team has strong health sustain, or Midgardian Mail if the enemy team has a few gods who are reliant on basic attacks.

Item Advice

Attack speed is often considered essential for Erlang Shen however he can fare well without it. It is helpful in having more DPS and more attack speed also helps to reduce the cooldown of Spot Weakness but often times especially for solo lane, you'll be sacrificing important defensive items for attack speed.

Cooldown reduction is a good stat to have in your builds because while Erlang Shen is a warrior who uses basic attacks, he still relies on his abilities to damage enemies, setup for his team, and survive. Having these abilities up more often will be very beneficial to you.

Ichaival can be fine for jungle builds, for the early power spike, but in solo, I would heavily advise against it. For one, you will be easier to kill due to your lack of defensive stats especially early game. Another thing is that since Ichaival's nerf, it isn't as effective as it once was, meaning that you will have a smaller boxing advantage for less time. Defensive items will do you more good anyways.

Please do not build Odysseus Bow on Erlang Shen. If it is for the attack speed, better items exist while also granting something else. If it is for the passive, note that your passive will end up decreasing the damage of Odysseus Bow's passive because the item only procs the damage every 4th basic attack, and Erlang Shen's passive will always apply it.

I'm not a fan of Atalanta's Bow. It can be okay-ish for the jungle but I'd much rather have an item that grants me permanent movement speed while also giving me plenty more beneficial stats such as Stone Cutting Sword.

Never build lifesteal on Erlang Shen. Even Soul Eater is a terrible investment. You'd be better off with an actual health item than lifesteal.

The Executioner and Qin Sais are fine options for an offensive jungle build.

The mace item tree (contains Brawler's Beatstick, Jotunn's Wrath, The Crusher, and Titan's Bane) has decent options for an offensive jungle build. You can't really go too wrong with any of them there.

Crit is terrible on Erlang Shen even if his passive also procs it. Please never build it. Even in the jungle.

Stone Cutting Sword is a great item for offensive builds, granting you physical power, movement speed, and penetration for a fair price.

Masamune is fantastic item too, having movement speed, physical power, and some health plus protections.

Heartseeker isn't that bad for the jungle, but I would consider other items.

Hastened Katana isn't ideal as Erlang Shen already has a Haste effect in his kit and good lockdown too.

Frostbound Hammer is great for solo and jungle, giving you extra sticking power plus some power and health.

Gladiator's Shield is decent on Erlang Shen. Not too great but not terrible. Worth looking into if you want a cheap but effective item in the solo lane and even the jungle.

Shifter's Shield should be avoided for the solo lane and can be okay for the jungle, though there are better choices.

Toxic Blade is fantastic for Erlang Shen in both the solo lane and in the jungle. Though I'd take more thought into your build as Toxic Blade's only defensive stat is 200 health.

Tips and Tricks

When you are fighting, keep in mind that you can reset your hitchain with Pin and 72 Transformations mainly. Spot Weakness does not reset your hitchain and 9 Turns Blessing does reset it, but has a slow post-fire delay.

Do not only use your ultimate when you're on critically low health. Chances are that you'll end up dying before your ultimate goes off. Instead consider using your ultimate when you are around 50% health, so that way, you'll have a greater chance of living.

Don't be afraid to use your ultimate for setup. It isn't strictly a healing tool.

Always be aware of your situation and surroundings. It would be unwise to use your Mink form in 72 Transformations, to run towards your opponent, only to be focused down.

Specifically for the jungle, I would recommend brusier builds over full damage ones because Erlang Shen can be fairly easy to kill as he doesn't have the same type of safety net as Kali does, another melee god focused around high single target damage.

Be aware of anti-healing on the field. It'd be terrible if you were depending on your ultimate to heal you in a fight, but it ended up being reduced heavily. Also remember that you will not heal yourself if you use Aegis Amulet too late after casting your ultimate.

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