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Bastet high damage arena build

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Smite God: Bastet

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main build Notes no blessing, just get those shoes out of the way and start on soul eater. you want that ability LS. Trust me.

Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Soul Eater Soul Eater
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item The Crusher The Crusher
Build Item Shifter's Shield Shifter's Shield
Build Item Bloodforge Bloodforge
Build Item Elixir of Power Elixir of Power

relics Notes the age-old beads/aegis combo is noticeably more effective on Bastet who finds herself frequently leaping in and out of the fray.

Build Item Purification Beads Purification Beads
Build Item Aegis Amulet Aegis Amulet


I don't main Bastet, but I could. Depending on how you slice it, she's either my second or third best assassin, and she's the one I've been playing the longest.
With that said, my build has always been a bit of a mess. I still remember the days I used to build Deathbringer and Malice on her... Yeah, I've come a little way since then.

I've finally found a set of items that deliver crazy high damage almost every time, but it's missing alt/situational items. If the community has any suggestions for those, I'd be glad to put them up. Be that as it is, this is what a 2-star Bastet player was able to concoct!

Item Logic

We get Warrior Tabi because we value power over attack speed. Bastet is very much ability focused.

Next is Soul Eater, and by the Gods, you want that sucker stacked ASAP. Kill gods, raid buff camps, kill minions, stand next to allies as they die and scream for help. Whatever it takes to stack this item (okay maybe not that last one. Should probably help them out). Once you have ability lifesteal, you can get a **** ton of health back just by whipping some minions.

Jotunn's Wrath is my go-to good-all-around stat booster for assassins and select hunters. Every single stat it gives is something you want right about now. Plus, you can easily build it into Brawler's Beat Stick last minute if their healer's doing a little too well.

The Crusher. Funny story, when I first started making my own builds for Bastet, I swore she had been nerfed. I distinctly remembered having some kind of damage over time on Declaw. Was I crazy? Nope, apparently, Auto Buy was just getting The Crusher for me. For once, auto-buy made a smart move, because this item is effective as hell.

Shifter's Shield gives loads of power and helps get you out of close shaves.

Bloodforge does... much the same thing. Here near the end, we're just ensuring that our little kitty's damage stays top-notch, and also making sure not to die too much as the levels start maxing out.

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Branmuffin17 (289) | July 9, 2019 12:45am
So, a couple of basic suggestions, Casey.

First, although I can appreciate Soul Eater, and I don't think it's bad to have it in the build, I think you'd be better served to get Jotunn's Wrath first. Mainly, it'll be your first item with some pen, and the higher CDR is nice for spamming abilities a bit more. The power from SE once stacked is good, but I think you'll get more out of Jotunn's.

You can get SE after that, but I'd personally still delay it some. I'd get The Crusher next. More pen and the passive damage will help your damage output.

Now, before I go any further on the build, although I know Shifter's Shield is a pretty solid item, I might consider this situational if anything.

And as for Bloodforge, yes, it also has high power but now you're also doubling up on lifesteal when in Arena you don't really need it at all. I'd personally only go SE or BF, but not both.

Items you don't list that you can/should consider as options:
  • Transcendence: Yes, it's a stacking item, and yes, it can be a pain, but the high power and added CDR are great, along with the mana...if you're able to poke often, you might find yourself running out here and there. You can consider Trans immediately after Tabi, but that can slow down your early potential from Jotunn's and Crusher, so I might consider it as late as 4th.

  • Titan's Bane: This SHOULD be listed, and I don't know why it isn't. She's an ability-based god, and this is an ability-based pen item. It doesn't have to be core, but is helpful if facing multiple tanks.

  • You mention Brawler's Beat Stick in your writeup, but don't have it listed at the top. It should be listed as a situational item at least. Guessing you just forgot here.

  • Hydra's Lament: When the enemy team isn't locking you down every time you attack, Hydra's can be great for added damage if you have the time to do a basic in-between ability uses. The CDR is nice too, as long as you don't overcap.
Gulfwulf (65) | July 9, 2019 10:34am
I'd add magi's cloak for the extra CC immunity if beads aren't enough since hard CC destroys her.
Branmuffin17 (289) | July 9, 2019 10:47am
That's also a good suggestion.
Gulfwulf (65) | July 9, 2019 5:29am
I think you meant TB for multiple tanks, Bran.
Branmuffin17 (289) | July 9, 2019 10:09am
Why TF did I type healers? I was a bit on auto pilot last night, it was bedtime. LOL. Good catch.
Gulfwulf (65) | July 8, 2019 9:16pm
Hey Casey. Good to see you back. Do you have a recommended leveling order?
rrcaseyr (1) | August 9, 2019 7:38pm
Yeah no... I'm really not good at making those. Unless I have a major breakthrough I leave it on auto abilities (as much as it embarrasses me to say as much). If you've got a good one I'd be happy to put it through its paces and bring it live on this build.
Branmuffin17 (289) | August 9, 2019 8:15pm
Boogie says hi.

Also, first 5 levels is 1,2,3 (starting level 3), 2, 5. Max 2 first, then 1, then 3, then ult (usually).
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Bastet high damage arena build
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