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Off Topic
June 20, 2020
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Gods it's been forever! I've missed you all! I'm finally back to Smite after far too long away!

My last update was basically about how I had to take a break so I could focus on my mom while she fought Lymphoma. She beat cancer and is doing amazing! My gaming remained elsewhere for a while though, and while I played a match or two here and there I wasn't playing enough to justify writing guides. In all actuality, I tend to write guides when I can't find something I'm looking for.

I just started getting back into Smite again and am addicted once more. Lo and behold, the specific type of guide I was hoping to find doesn't exist. YET. So looks like I have some work to do ❤️ This is gonna be a big one, but I look forward to sharing it with you all. It'll take some time, but here's hoping it helps others as much as I think it'll help me too :)

I missed you guys and I'm so happy to be back!

UPDATE: Whew I knew things had changed but I didn't realize how much! I'll be slower on this pr…
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June 17, 2020

Guide Teaser: 3

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Another guide in the works, another teaser.

Guess which god it's going to be for. Here's the title's reference:

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June 09, 2020
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I hadn't played with anyone here for awhile. Off and on Bran has tried to get me to play with him but i'd either be afk or running with an old buddy of mine from when i was in the military. It was fun, although my apologies that i couldn't communicate with any of you at all. I was having to play on my xbox for once. I have gotten more comfortable playing on console but it takes a bit for me to get going after playing on the pc for long periods of time.

The first match I was Sobek and Bran was Achilles. I had a god awful ult to start it and made some pretty bad misses/mistakes and ended up 1/7/14. I'm just glad that no one else but Bran was in to see it. lol.

The second match I was Vulcan, Bran was cupid, Stuke was Sobek and Vini was Guan Yu. We were actually winning for most of the match if i recall correctly but we just slowly lost momentum and the other team go tit. I did alright at 4/2/10 but I missed too many opportunities again. I had some pretty bad ult placements.

The …
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June 04, 2020
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Hi all it's been a while.

I thought to give you a small update on how things are going. Let's start with the guide. it's progressing decently, however atm I did hit a "writing block" so the part I am writing now I am kinda stuck on how I want to word it. it's also going to be long as the doc is only on 14 Gdoc pages and I guess it's only 1/6th of the full doc. Also my time did drop a bit cause of work.

So now how have I been enjoying smite? still pretty good and I have fallen in love with the control scheme once again. Also one of my friends joined so no more solo queueing. Now the thing I want to talk about are smite game modes and what I think of them.

Well let's start with Arena:
Honestly my least played mode. my only reason to play it is if there are 15-20 mins left and we (duo queue+) still want to get a game in. For me this mode frequently include the "new" people that after playing for weeks/months still have no to little clue what they are doing. Several regulars can testify…
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June 03, 2020
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June 02, 2020
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Hello my friends,

Today is a special day, I finally have my own Art :3

Since I created my youtube channel, I was always thinking about the art since I can't draw any ****. A subscriber talked with me and he said he had some friend artists that could help me with that. Then we created a special discord channel to talk about it. We talked a lot and I ended up saying my favorite "god" from the game is Ratatoskr and my name a reference to the "super-hero" Mysterion:

So the amazing artist, the @Hadassa_arts (follow her on Instagram pls) used her creative and awesome mind and hands to draw a mix of ratatoskr and mysterion!!!!

But we thought and worked a lot before she did it. Here are some original concepts:
the arts

And our work is not done yet, we still working on new stuffs that sooner I can bring here too

So, in the end I DO …
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May 22, 2020
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Ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh (Thunder)
Ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh (Thunder)
Ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh (Thunder)
Ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh (Thunder)
Ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh (Thunder)
Ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh (Thunder)
Ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh (Thunder)

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May 17, 2020
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Well, guys, it's official, I have finished my last semester at college and am now a graduate of Columbia College Chicago (even if my last few months was spent at home). Even if I'm not entirely active on this site, or update regularly, I want to thank everyone for supporting my work and giving help when I need it. I hope to continue contributing to this site in the near and far future and hope to still see the friends I've made along the way (but not yet as I'm going to be on vacation for most of next week).

Bonus Meme

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May 14, 2020
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Based on a couple (this and this) of Cernunnos Support builds we've seen pop up in the last few days, and especially after boogiebass was so positive in his comment about what - compared to meta - is a fairly troll concept, I proposed trying it out.

This proposal contained the stipulation of having DV-8 as my Carry, for 2 reasons:
  1. He made me support him as Loki Carry in a recent match, so he sort of owed me
  2. He's a solid player and it would give this experiment a better chance of success
Needless to say, right now I'm 2 for 2.

Cern Support Game 1 (DV-8 as Artemis)

Full 5 man team w/ Taco, Prism and Draisaitl that was nice and allowed me to do this. Allowed is the correct word, because the tone coming from them was...let's just say "hesitant."

As you can see, our entire team had a lot of success. I accidentally "secured" at least a couple of kills that I shouldn't have last-hit. Not like DV-8 needed the kills anyway, though.

All I know is that if I was in Duo and I saw 2 hunt…
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May 13, 2020
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Well, you guys probably didn't notice my participation on the site and/or discord has been very few lately. That's because I'm quitting the site like every Vet does after get this title XD.

Jokes apart, @Boogie and @Bran already know it but the rest of you don't, so here it is: I created an Youtube Channel.

There I basically do what we do here. Talk and Theory-Crafting about Smite, but in my native language, Portuguese!!!
So all my attention has been driven to Channel and my personal Discord Server. I'm sorry if I wasn't able to participate as much as I wanted lately but these things are taking a good amount of my free time. I know you didn't noticed that I'm not complaining, or just flooding your feed however I thought it would be important tell why :P

If anyone wants to support the channel subscribing, even though you don't understand a word there I would be very happy :)
Same for the discord server. That's it guys, thank you!!!!!

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