June 02, 2020

A Special Thank You

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Hello my friends,

Today is a special day, I finally have my own Art :3

Since I created my youtube channel, I was always thinking about the art since I can't draw any ****. A subscriber talked with me and he said he had some friend artists that could help me with that. Then we created a special discord channel to talk about it. We talked a lot and I ended up saying my favorite "god" from the game is Ratatoskr and my name a reference to the "super-hero" Mysterion:

So the amazing artist, the @Hadassa_arts (follow her on Instagram pls) used her creative and awesome mind and hands to draw a mix of ratatoskr and mysterion!!!!

But we thought and worked a lot before she did it. Here are some original concepts:
the arts

And our work is not done yet, we still working on new stuffs that sooner I can bring here too

So, in the end I DO WANNA THANK @Hadassa_arts for the amazing art and not only her but also "Kajima", "Victim-7" and "Vincy", all of them on the discord server but specially "Kajima" for the Ratatoskr Shippuden, I loved it.

Here is my "thank you" for all of you. I do hope god bless you all :)

That's it, thank you for reading my blog!!!!