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Off Topic
December 24, 2019
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So close to the end before Christmas, depending on how much I play I might even reach the end before the end of the year.

Heimdallr like him but didn't really like his 2 and his ulty is damn powerfull banishing someone for 4s can change a teamfight. I'm awaiting nerfs for it though.

Fafnir fun guy love his dragon form makes him pretty strong and hsi base form is also decent. what you would expect from a transform got like this. Only hard to notice when it stops sometimes.

Erlang Shen liked his basic attack style, however he doesn't stick well without his ult. also the healing from his ult is great but it took a while before I remembered it was my ult healing (#overvalueingbeserker shield)

Discordia love the ult and her 2, don;t really like her 1 for the second proc but damn does it do damage if you hit someone with at the bounce.

Da Ji like her but her thousand cuts always seems better when used against me. Also took me a while to figure out you could tp to allies (not that p…
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December 18, 2019
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Today I discovered a new expression for the smite community: A circus (credits to Stuke). A bit later I decided to play a ranked with a friend on xbox (Yes, you can imagine what comes now).

In the ranked I had the following situation:
I was a mid laner with no escape. The match was completely messed, I had a PS4 player that was the support (a support with no escape too but with decent damage). The support kinda played using I don't know, his feet maybe? and just threw some kills and fed the enemy a bit with some ultra non-sense calls (nothing new). But after he messed with duo he went mid to mess with me. There I started to get ganked by 3 guys and support watching me die. Not happy, Odin, who lost his lane on solo came to mid to once, twice, three times, four times... And our solo Chaac does think that because he said "Enemy missing" he doesn't need to do anything else. After some "Gently" pings he said "cancel that" and kept pushing the tower. Support and JG also started to **** f…
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December 18, 2019
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December 17, 2019
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December 16, 2019
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After not being on for 3 weeks and logging in to try Heimdallr. Most of a match spent in base trying to set keybindings and a lone attempt to use kb/mouse(hate and have no desire to play that way) and dying horribly. Spent the rest of time until my team surrendered in base so i wasn't basically feeding. At least my team was inderstanding as i apologized and explained the situation. I really hate console play as well so i guess i will have no urge to play intil they fix this. Submitted my ticket and went to the hirez forums and apparently this has been an issie aince the update dropped. Come on hirez....anyone else affected by this issue?

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December 11, 2019
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December 03, 2019
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So I'm slightly reluctant to give updates mostly because I use my free time mostly to play the game XD. So yeah this is going to be a big one.

He didn't change a bit, I still never really manage to one shot people, however I did score a lot of assists nuking people for my team to pick up.

Kinda went into playing him with the wrong mindset (something with rammus from LoL) however his damage reflect feels week.

still as frustrating to play against still fun to play as.

So I kidna played him before and after the buff. Which honestly I needed to hit the nadoes XD. I was heavily out of practice with him.

King Arthur
I can't play this guy like everyone else in arena. Only manage to get his empowered ult 2 timers in 3-4 games. did win several games because of the amount of stuff enemies burned on me.

Everyones favorite hug bug. didn't feel changed (maybe apart from his now not overpowered 2)

Still a late game monster. still a slightl…
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November 28, 2019
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone (at least in the US). Take advantage of some sales and get some fun new games (or buy some gems and get some cool new skins).

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November 20, 2019
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Uhh well, this is kind of awkward but hi again...not sure if anyone still remembers me they might have to dig up my past if they kinda want to remember who I am. Well, Otherwise I'm here again and actually not burned out of SMITE anymore. I'm actually enjoying the game again how it used to be. And hi new people on this site I know you don't know me but that doesn't stop me from becoming friends. The truth is why I have been gone for so long is the struggle of college I know I've been talking about it in the past and now in the present, I'm here I don't know how long but I'm here. Probably don't expect me that much on this site guide wise and whatnot, but that doesn't stop me from commenting on your guy's stuff. Well I hope I get to know all of you oldies again it's been too long.

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October 30, 2019
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Ok, lemme first say I'm sorry for just disappearing without notice, I just got caught up with university, had to hand in a **** ton of papers, projects, and the likes of such, and now I'm having a breathing room but not really cuz I'm going to show this weekend and next week is my birthday so yeah

I'm developing a game for a project in one of my classes this semester, so coding and story writing, planning, developing, is taking much of my free time, and I also have 4 other classes that I have to hand in papres, projects and etc, so yeah, not a lot of free time.

I'm mainly writing this to say that I'm playing SMITE on my birthday, November 8th, a Friday, so that I can talk to some of ya'll cuz I miss talking to ya'll, really only talking to my therapist and my irl friends is getting boring lol. I'll play at the time Bran normally plays, so yeah, if you wanna join, be there <3

Also, if you ever need to contact me for ANYTHING, you can do so by DMing me on Discord, on Steam, or in any …
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