June 04, 2020

My thoughts about the game modes.

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Hi all it's been a while.

I thought to give you a small update on how things are going. Let's start with the guide. it's progressing decently, however atm I did hit a "writing block" so the part I am writing now I am kinda stuck on how I want to word it. it's also going to be long as the doc is only on 14 Gdoc pages and I guess it's only 1/6th of the full doc. Also my time did drop a bit cause of work.

So now how have I been enjoying smite? still pretty good and I have fallen in love with the control scheme once again. Also one of my friends joined so no more solo queueing. Now the thing I want to talk about are smite game modes and what I think of them.

Well let's start with Arena:
Honestly my least played mode. my only reason to play it is if there are 15-20 mins left and we (duo queue+) still want to get a game in. For me this mode frequently include the "new" people that after playing for weeks/months still have no to little clue what they are doing. Several regulars can testify the trolly **** we won with, but shouldn't have won with. I only play this game mode to allow new people to learn as moba knowledge wise it throws the least amount of stuff at you. Letting them keep auto building on until they found a class/playstyle they like (takes around 10 games), got comfortable with 1-2 gods for that class and some basic things about item building after they feel they know what their god can do. Then we can move on and leave arena behind for most of the time. Another reason I dislike this mode is the usual 1 tank/bruiser composition most people find meta here. I have seen someone find it a reportable reason because we had Bacchus (going bruiser) and Kuzenbo (going tank) and lost the game because of a feeding Bakasura, which got outdamaged by iirc both of them (or at least the Bacchus)

honestly I don't like siege that much. It's 10x more snowbally than other modes with the jugernaut pushes. Play it sometimes, however don't prefer it as much. Also has a lot of siege mains, which can be annoying as they get salty fast.

too random to talk about usually don't bother with it. Even in LoL I often don't bother with it. I only found 1 fun seasonal event mode there where everyone could edit (or spawn) 1 special pirate themed minion in the wave with a second currency that had it's own benefits like attacking faster etc.

still my preferred solo queue mode. I love it's adaptability in that sometimes you need to make a wonky build for your god, cause the randomness will otherwise favor the enemy team. Also I can be more forgiving of stomps against us as sometimes the random favors the other team too early.

I have a hate love relationship with his mode. Mostly because of only having 3 members for your team comp. The other problem is that if one god gets ahead the game can spiral quickly in a win or loss. Other problems IMO are that if you don't play someone which can self peel (as in with CC) your team often lacks enough peel to deal with gods that normally should not be a problem. Like I have had games where a Loki could rampage as his opponents only had 2 hard CC, which was not near enough to stop the loki or his team if it was enough. I nowadays only play it with a 3 man premade.

This is the mode I normally take people in to start some basics on objective teamplay as it still has an arena game feel. However damn this game mode can be a **** fest. The arena style game play and objective style really clash with each other usually the arena style winning early until people are dead long enough to finish. Also players can be infuriating in this mode, with some of their toxicity as they are either used to a MOBA mode or a arena mode. Yesterday I had a fun match myself after muting everyone but my premade. Fun thing was that I was Chaac and they wanted me too peel (good luck peeling with the enemy AoEs and 1 knockup). Meanwhile herc could only knock people to him and dash them back. When the game ended I found it funny how they called me useless during the game (before I muted). Well the stats speak for itself.

Lastly conquest:
I like it but not for solo queue. The toxticity lvl early unneeded surrenders can easily drive me insane. Honestly I pretty much need a premade most of the time. Also I still can't really get the hang of certain roles (solo mostly and sometimes jungle) as well as I want to, more often than not losing them until teamfight stage comes around.

So that were my toughts let me know what your toughts on the game modes are or which you avoid and which you do play.