June 09, 2020

was cool playing with smitefire members tonight.

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I hadn't played with anyone here for awhile. Off and on Bran has tried to get me to play with him but i'd either be afk or running with an old buddy of mine from when i was in the military. It was fun, although my apologies that i couldn't communicate with any of you at all. I was having to play on my xbox for once. I have gotten more comfortable playing on console but it takes a bit for me to get going after playing on the pc for long periods of time.

The first match I was Sobek and Bran was Achilles. I had a god awful ult to start it and made some pretty bad misses/mistakes and ended up 1/7/14. I'm just glad that no one else but Bran was in to see it. lol.

The second match I was Vulcan, Bran was cupid, Stuke was Sobek and Vini was Guan Yu. We were actually winning for most of the match if i recall correctly but we just slowly lost momentum and the other team go tit. I did alright at 4/2/10 but I missed too many opportunities again. I had some pretty bad ult placements.

The third match I was Ah Muzen Cab, Bran was Vamana, Stuke was Mulan and Vini was Change. I ended up 8/5/14 and felt pretty good about this match aside from a couple of times i got too aggressive late. Alas, we lost this one too.

4th match i was Ares and I anticipated it being a rough match and that i'd get blown up a lot early if I tried blink ulting from the very beginning so I went with Beads to counter their bacchus. As soon as I got my blink it got better for me, but i'd already had a ****py early match and ended up 4/8/22. We won the match though and I feel like I had some good ults that helped us push ahead in the second half of it.

5th match was just me and Bran again. I was Nu Wa and got top damage(but really isn't hard with her to do) but only ended up being 2/4/17 because i got too aggressive toward the end again, but we won that one too.

Again, I had fun tonight and overall this was much better personally win or lose for me running with some of you that have been playing this game forever so I'll take it. When i used to play with anyone on here it was almost always terrible. lol.

We did just only play arena though so it probably still could have been worse. lol.