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BestMinionEver's Blog
Blog Posts: 19     Views: 25019     Comments: 141
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August 31, 2017

Ranked adventures with Marki

Views: 450 BestMinionEver
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 |  Analysis  |  Blog  |  Games  |  Progression  |  Ranked
So just for fun I wanted to try and make a blog updating my progression in ranked. Pretty much just breaking down the games I play. Thinking that the bast way will be to just use spoiler so hide the previous days or something. We will see how it goes. And everyone who is interested in following can just subscribe to it (no idea how that works), but don't want to spam the sight with a new blog every day I play ranked.

So lets get right to it:

The road so far

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August 29, 2017

I finally made it!

Views: 1018 BestMinionEver
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After three 9 win streaks last split I finally managed to get a 10 win streak in ranked conquest yesterday.


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August 25, 2017

I'm Back again!

Views: 4185 BestMinionEver
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Grind  |  Ranked
So I havent been on SF in a long time now, just got back from a 2 week vacation at my parents etc. last Sunday.

Yesterday I finished all my qualifiers for ranked. Went 6/4 this split (9/1 last split) and last split I had to play all the way from Silver 2 and up to gold 1 in the end with a 62% win rate.

And guess what?! Im back in Silver 2 PogChamp!!!!
I am soon to be promoted though and hopefully I will be able to skip a few ranks this time.

I also made a new friend along the way:
I 1v1 this guy as ADC, I was 1 hit and he was 3 hits I juked his AAs and killed him (EzPz ofc., didn't even break a sweat even. JK my ADC is ****ing terrible). So he started to PM me in game and after the game (that we lost), while in DND so I could not reply back (HiRez fix this plz). My team didn't manage to counter a 4 physical comp (I even went Ichaival...).
So I queued again. This time I got jungle and got to play some NeZha PogChamp.
Camazotz is my new friend btw (he has his profile hidden ofc.).

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July 31, 2017

Ranked adventures

Views: 512 BestMinionEver
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So I guess my ranked adventures has come to an end for this split.
It has actually been fun to play a bit serious for once.
Compared to last season where I only played ranked when I was to drunk or lit for any of my friends to be willing to play casuals with me anymore:
I managed to climb my way out of silver 2 and up to gold 1, wanted to try and get to plat. But it is to late for me now (almost 5am) and I got work tomorrow.

So hopefully I won't get placed in silver 2 this split, and maybe I will manage to go 10/0 this time?
I guess I am happy with my split, but it can always be better of course. So I am looking forward to hopefully get some better games going in the next split.

Think I have some games recorded that I will have a look at and maybe upload in the future.

So yeah, good luck in the fall split everyone!

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July 25, 2017

Slow and steady wins the race

Views: 875 BestMinionEver
+Rep | Report
Back on the 9 win streak again. I'm afraid to queue my tenth game tomorrow lol

But it feels good to notice a increase in the overall level of gameknowledge of teams even though I'm still all the way down in gold!

Maybe I will be able to rush trough gold 2 on a single win streak?
One can hope at least.
Anyone else had to struggle their way out of silver this season?

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