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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


What the Hel?

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Smite God: Hel

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My favourite build (Expensive one)

Build Item Reinforced Greaves (Deleted) Reinforced Greaves (Deleted)
Build Item Warlock's Staff Warlock's Staff
Build Item Gem of Isolation Gem of Isolation
Build Item Pythagorem's Piece Pythagorem's Piece
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Void Stone Void Stone

Other viable items

Build Item Chronos' Pendant Chronos' Pendant
Build Item Obsidian Shard Obsidian Shard
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Wall of Absolution Wall of Absolution
Build Item Winged Blade Winged Blade
Build Item Book of Thoth Book of Thoth
Build Item Spear of the Magus Spear of the Magus

The must-have ability

Build Item Meditation Cloak Meditation Cloak

What i usually pick next

Build Item Heavenly Agility Heavenly Agility
Build Item Heavenly Wings Heavenly Wings

Situational abilities

Build Item Purification Beads (Old) Purification Beads (Old)
Build Item Aegis Amulet (Old) Aegis Amulet (Old)

Hel's Skill Order

Decay / Restoration

Decay / Restoration

1 X
2 8 11 12 14
Hinder / Cleanse

Hinder / Cleanse

2 A
4 15 16 18 19
Repulse / Inspire

Repulse / Inspire

3 B
1 3 6 7 10
Switch Stances

Switch Stances

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


Each times I modify this guide!

  • 23/09/2012 : Guide created.

  • 24/09/2012 : Added new chapter "How to react against...? Cleanse, Teamfight and 1v1 Theory".
    Added new chapter "Patch Notes".
    Added new chapter "Abilities".

  • 25/09/2012 : Added new chapter "FAQ".
    Added Spear of the Magus in "Other viable items".

  • 26/09/2012 : Added new chapter "Stats, Maths & Golds!"

  • 27/09/2012 : Edited "Patch Notes"

Patch Notes (Since 19/09/12)

Every changes that might affect Hel

1st Patch (19/09/2012) - 0.1.1069.0
  • Inspire : Movement speed buff has been removed.

2nd Patch (27/09/2012) - 0.1.1080
  • Gem of Isolation :

    • Hinder doesn't slow from this item anymore (only his basic slow which is 25%)
    • Spells now slow your target by 20% instead of 35%
    • Overall price has been increased from 2650 to 2850


Greetings everyone! This is my very first guide on Smitefire.
I'm going to introduce you Hel, The "Half Shadow - Half Light" Goddess.

I'll try to give you as many informations as possible on Hel. I'm giving you my way to play Hel but you have to know that it's not the only way to play her. Feel free to try my build and make some changes.

Enjoy! :)

Pros - Cons


  • Has a really good substain
  • Can dispel slow on herself and slow/stun on her mates
  • Can heal
  • Great pusher (She can heal minions)
  • High Damage (Thanks to Hinder / Cleanse debuff)
  • Has 6 spells availables + her ultimate (Switch stance)

  • Mana Hungry (She needs Meditation)
  • Worst trap for Hel is Odin's Ring of Spears
  • Reaaaally vulnerable when Cleanse is on CD


Reinforced BootsWarlock's Sash is a very expensive build because of last patch. This build has to be built if you're fed and have a good farm (if you're good to last hit creeps).

I'm going to make another build a bit less expensive, and another one which is more aggressive.


Hel is the Goddess who has the most spells in the game. She actually has 6 spells and her Ultimate. That's why she is very versatile.


Dark Stance / Light Stance (Passive) :

Nothing to say about her passive. Just show which stance you are.


Decay / Restoration :

Decay (Dark Stance)): Hel fires a projectile that explodes on contact, doing 80/140/200/260/320 (+60% of your magical power) magical damage to all enemies in a 15ft radius.

Restoration (Light Stance): Hel fires a projectile that does 80/140/200/260/320 (+60% of your magical power) magical damage to a single target and heals Hel for 50% of the damage done.

Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 mana.

Cooldown: 8 s.

This is the second skill I'd max. Why not first? Because "Repulse/Inspire" has a better ratio heal/damage. This skill is good to get a little bit of heal or finish a kill. With Gem of Isolation, this spell helps you to slow people who try to escape. Inspire's heal is not really effective so to get more heal from this spell, I choose to pick some Spell Lifesteal but you could also get more Magic Power.
Important fact : Don't spend your mana using this spell to kill creeps.
To sum up, this spell is more like a tool than a really Heal/Damage spell.


Hinder / Cleanse :

Hinder (Dark Stance): Hel debuffs all enemies at her ground target, reducing their magical protection by 5/10/15/20/25 and slowing them by 5/10/15/20/25% for 3 s.

Cleanse (Light Stance): Hel buffs all allies at her ground target, removing all Crowd Control Abilities instantly and protecting them from future ones for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 s.

Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 mana.

Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 s.

This is the 3rd skill I'll max. Just put one level on this spell because you'll need the Crowd Control Removal.
In dark stance, use it first to reduce magic protection and slow the enemy god. That way you'll help your teammates to get close to him and you'll boost your damage.
In Light stance, use it when it's necessary. You're very vulnerable when this spell is on CD so don't waste it. Before the 20/09/2012's patch, it gave you a speed but now it's only a Crowd Control Removal so no need to waste it.


Repulse / Inspire :

Repulse (Dark Stance): A burst of dark matter erupts from Hel's disk, damaging all nearby enemies for 100/160/220/280/340 (+60% of your magical power) magical damage.

Inspire (Light Stance): A burst of white matter soothes all nearby allies pain, healing them for 70/110/150/190/230 (+60% of your magical power).

Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 mana.

Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 s.

This is your best spell. You have to max it first because there are better ratios than "Decay/Restoration" and they consume the same amount of mana. This spell is really usefull to put down a huge wave of creeps (especially archers). To kill a wave of creeps, place yourself in the middle to get archers and footmen in the radius of your spell. This is also your main heal spell. It heals you and your teammates.
Important fact : In Light stance, this spell doesn't make damage.
The real problem of this spell is his range. You have to be close to the enemy to hurt him. So use your "Hinder/Cleanse" to slow him and reduce his magic protection and then use "Repulse" to hurt him hard.


Switch Stances :

Dark Stance: Hel's abilities cause damage and she gains 20/30/40/50/60 magical power.

Light Stance: Hel's abilities heal and support her allies, and she gains 15/20/25/30/35 MP5.

Cooldown: 2 s.

Your ultimate is the way to get both Dark spells and Light spells. Max it whenever you can.
In Dark Stance, you get extra Magical damage. So it's kind of cool because it's in this stance that you'll make damage. :D
In Light Stance, you get extra MP5. So, and it's important, when you are out of mana, switch to Light Stance to fill your Mana Pool up!


To sum up, max your skills that way :


And max when you can. ;-)


Before starting to explain every items, i just wanted to say that Spell Lifesteal doesn't reduce Hel's heal. Maybe you got doubts on that but now you know that she can combine Lifesteal and heal. :)

EDIT : I'll remake this part soon.


I'll introduce you my favourite build.

This is a build based on MANA and high substain. In almost each items, you've got Magic power too. I tried to find the ultimate balance between damage and substain. As i said, it's a MANA build and not a MP5 (Mana per 5sec) Build. If you prefere MP5 than high pool of mana, you can switch some items with MP5 items. :)


Reinforced Boots In my experience, those boots are the best for Hel. I tried the Magical boots but you don't have enought substain early game so it's less effective. In an other hand, you don't have that Magic power & Mana boost. But the good thing with Hel is that she doesn't need early Magic power to be effective. She'll need Magic power mid-end game. But the most important : you'll get this -30% CC reduction. You have to be mobile and never get caught when you play Hel. These boots will help you in that way. So grab them!!

Warlock's Sash I really like this item because you get HP, Mana and Magic Power. It's all Hel needs in early-mid game. Furthermore, it's a stackable item. So by grabbing them early game, you'll get those 80 stacks really quickly and the best part is : You don't lose stacks when you die!! The perfect starting item. :)

This is the third item you must get. Hel is a character based on using lots of spell so this is one of the "must-have" item to get with her. This item gives you more substain with HP/Mana and you also get Mana Power (that means more damage and more heal!!). With Hinder and this Gem, you'll continuously slow your opponent.

The fourth item is a Spell Lifesteal item. As i wrote later, you can combine Lifesteal and Heal. That means when you're usinge your "Restoration", you can get the 50% heal back + 15% lifesteal. It makes your heal better, but only for you. By example, if you're "Inspire" is on CD, you can switch to Dark Stance and use Damage spells to get some health. That way, you're even more strong and it's really hard to put you down. You can grab another Magic lifesteal's item but i think +15% is a good start.


Here comes the end game. Now it's more situational than the beginning. You can grab Void Stone before Breastplate of Valor if they have a Magic Damage Team. Otherwhise, i recommend you to get Breastplate of Valor first because of the -20% CD on spells.


I really do like this item because it gives you the end substain you'll need. Armor + Huge pool of mana + CD reduction. Hel should have one CD reduction item because in this case, it reduces (by example) "Inspire" from 10s to 8s. Aware that you have to spam spells, it's really essential to get some CD reduction.

Again, Void Stone will give you Magic Substain. You'll also get some magic damage. Hel does need items which gives "substain + damage". The passive on this object is really powerfull usefull because when melee will be close to you, you'll use your "Hinder" (spell) + Void stone passive => it'll reduce their magic reduction by 55 (25 + 30).


I also put various items you could use. I won't talk a lot about them but you have to know that if you, by example, don't like Breastplate of Valor, you can replace it by Chronos' Pendant. I didn't try them all so i'll update this part later!

Try my build and these differents items and make your own build. Otherwise, my build is cool, so you can keep it!! :D


Few words about Abilities

The Must-have Ability :

Meditation Meditation

In every build you could make for Hel, you should grab this ability. It restores 75% of your Mana max. Knowing that, I found that if your mana pool is huge, this ability will give you more Mana. That's why my build is more MANA than MP5.
Now, when to buy it? Well, this will really depend on when you need it. I usually grab this between Warlock's Sash and Gem of Isolation. Grab this earlier if you have to stay in your lane a long time but you have to know that you can fill your mana pool up by switching in Light Stance. To sum up, feel the right moment to buy it.


The Good Ones :

Purification Beads

If you're not very accomodated to Hel, you should take this ability just after Meditation. If you get caught by a stun (like Anubis' Mummify or Artemis' Calydonian Boar), this will really save your life. So don't be afraid to get this one, even if you are good with Hel.

Heavenly Agility

This ability is really effective if, by example, one of your friend has low HP and someone is chasing him. You'll heal him but maybe it won't be enough. So activate this and you'll save his life (Use also "Cleanse" if he someone slows/stuns him during the process).

Sprint Sprint

If you're better with Hel, it's the alternative to Purification Beads. Use it to flee or chase.

Aegis Amulet

If the enemy team always focusing you, this is a good ability. It could also work if you are into Odin's Ring of Spears. I tried it once and it saves my life against Odin.


Don't take these unless you have something in mind :

Creeping curse

It's more a Melee ability.

Girdle of might

You don't really need some Magic Power boost!

Hand of the Gods

More a jungler ability than everything else.

How to play Hel

Now comes the Gaming part!

EDIT : I'll remake this part soon.

Before lvl 5 :

Start with
Reinforced Boots Lvl 2. If you're good with Hel, don't pick mana/health potions. If not, grab 2/3 mana or health potions but remember that it's better to save his golds early game to buy the second item quickly.

(Left lane) : As long as you don't have your Ultimate, don't over-extend and just play safe. Kill creeps with your 3rd spell (Repulse) and wait for ganks. Don't waste your mana!! (This lane is my favorite because she is really strong with a jungler).

(Mid lane) : Just farm and try not to waste your mana, you have to stay longer than your opponent.

(Right lane) : Try to tell your partner not to play aggressive because you're not powerfull at the beginning.

To sum up in each lane : Don't waste your mana!!

After lvl 5 (Before getting Gem of Isolation) :

(In each lane) : Farm to get the 80 stacks of
Warlock's Sash. Try to put their tower down.

(Right/Left lane) : If needed, help your mid.

(Mid Lane) : If you killed your opponnent easily, try to help side lanes.

When you get your 3rd item :

It's teamfight time. Now, how to proceed?

Before attacking an enemy, always use your "Hinder (Dark Stance)" and then get closer and use your "Repulse (Dark Stance)" and then your "Decay (Dark Stance)". If they are more than 2 in front of you, wait for your tank to engage.

In teamfight, stay away from everyone, wait for the enemy engage and use your "Cleanse (Light Stance)" to dispel everything. It's the first thing to do when you're playing Hel in Teamfight. With "Cleanse", you can dispel lots of spell like Ymir's
Frost Breath, Hades's Pillar of Agony or Anubi's Mummify!

Don't get caught first. If someone stuns you, you won't be able to use your "Cleanse" and you'll die quickly, so wait for the engage and watch the teamfight.

Another important thing : don't get caught in Odin's
Ring of Spears because you have nothing to escape that! Furthermore, if they have a Zeus, you'll have like an instant death. Odin + Zeus = Please never get caught!!! :-P (By the way, you can't dispel Zeus' Overcharge)

How to react against ... ? Cleanse, Teamfight and 1v1 Theory!

It's gonna be a huge chapter in my guide. This part is really important because even if you have my build, you have to know how to use it and evolve in the map against others Gods. I arranged Gods & Goddess in alphabetical order. That way, it's gonna be easier for you to search what you want. :-)

How does it work, for each Gods :
- Cleanse : What you can dispel in GREEN, what you can't in RED
- How to beat him in 1v1
- How to play against him in Teamfight

Important fact : If enemy god has Gem of Isolation or Frostbound Hammer, you can dispel the slow with "Cleanse".



Cleanse : 1v1 : Against Agni, you have to look after his Noxious Fumes. It's his only way to put you down. When you see it, try to get out of his circle. If you can't, use Cleanse and get out of here. That way he won't stun you. When he spent this spell, slow him with "Hinder" and use "Repulse" + "Decay", then switch to Light Stance and use "Restoration". If he hurts you a lot with his Ultimate, try to avoid his spell and auto attack and heal yourself with "Inspire" & "Restoration". You have to move fast around him, try to avoid his Flame Wave.

Teamfight : You have to be behind your mates. Wait for Agni combo Noxious Fumes + Rain Fire and use Cleanse to dispel it from your friends. If one guy in your time success to stun/slow him, use "Hinder" to boost Friends's magical power and kill him!



Cleanse : 1v1 : One essential thing : don't be stun by Impale. You have to avoid every walls. Fighting him in the jungle is not a really good idea. BUT, if you wan't to kill him in the jungle, you have to be faster than him. Use your cleanse before he uses his "Impale". If he uses his Impale when you're under "Cleanse", he won't push you. But the best way to use "cleanse" against him is when he is trying to escape with his "Shifting Sands". Important fact : "Cleanse" stands 3sec and his "Shifting Sands" stands 7sec so try to have a good timing.

Teamfight : The only thing you can do in teamfight against him is to use Cleanse when one of your mate is stunned. Also if your hole team is slowed by his "Shifting Sands", use it. But don't waste your Cleanse, if he stuns someone and you think your friend won't die, don't spend it.



Cleanse : 1v1 : Don't get caught in his "Mummify" spell and don't stay in his Grasping Hands (when this spell is lvl 5, it really hurts :p). Before starting attacking him, be sure he has wasted his "Mummify" and then start to attack him. Engage with "Hinder", then "Repulse" + "Decay". If there is an Anubis in your game and if you want to kill him 1v1, make sure you have grabbed Purification Beads. It's more safier to get this ability in 1v1.

Teamfight : In Teamfight, you have to dispel the first guy in your team who will be caught in Anubis' Mummify. If you don't use "Cleanse", your mate is probably going to die. Make sure to save him with "Cleanse" and maybe use "Hinder" near him if ennemy's team is on him.


Ao Kuang

Cleanse :
  • Slow from Squall
  • Knock from Spirit's Tempest but you still get hurt.
1v1 : Don't stay in his "Tornadoes", "Cleans" his "Squall" if i try to slow you. Ao Kuang is gonna be hard to kill without "Gem of Isolation" because your "Hinder" slows him for 25% and his Slither allowing him to move 31% faster. Once you have this item, use "Hinder" then "Repulse" & "Decay". Try to look in the sky sometimes because of his Ultimate. He can really put you down quickly with Tornado + Ultimate. So be aware.

Teamfight : The only thing you can do in teamfight is healing your mates. When they'll be in the Tornadoes, make sure to heal them.



Cleanse : 1v1 : Arachne will be hard to kill if you don't have Pythagorem's Piece because she really hurts. When she jumps on you, if you're near a tower, try to put her under tower. That way she'll be attacked. If you're in jungle or far from any towers, don't stay near his little spiders. They make a bunch of damage. Kill them fast or escape. Try to kill her with the combo "Hinder + Repulse + Decay". If you see that she is better than you, just escape with "cleanse" and slow her with "Hinder" or any spells you want (if you have Gem of Isolation). Important fact : You can kill her eggs before it pops with only a single auto attack. She'll have less damage if you destroy her eggs.

Teamfight : In teamfight, she'll want to get someone with Cocoon so use Cleanse and heal your mate.



Cleanse : 1v1 : The second you see that she is using her Ultimate, use "Cleanse". You have a really tiny time to use "Cleanse" so be fast. Otherwise, it depends on how is she fed. If you have Breastplate of Valor, she won't kill you but if you don't have that and if she is fed... probably not a good idea to 1v1 her. If you put his Ultimate down, kill her with "Hinder + Decay + Repulse + Restoration" combo.

Teamfight : When she uses the Pig, dispel everyone who is stunned. But make sure not to be in the radius of her ultimate. If you're stunned, she has succeeded her Ultimate.



Cleanse : 1v1 : If he is under Ultimate, don't think about killing him in 1v1. The only way to kill him is when his Ultimate is down. Slow him with "Hinder" when Bakasura uses Regurgitate and get out of here. After that, use the classical combo to put him down. :)

Teamfight : When he uses "Regurgitate" in Teamfight, use "Cleanse" on every people who are hurt by creeps from "Regurgitate". Heal them if they need, after that, put him down with your mates.



Cleanse :
  • Slow from Nine Tails
  • Slow from Cat Call
  • Razor Claws
1v1 : It's not a good idea to try the 1v1 against Bastet. But if you're crazy like me, i'll give some informations about the fight. When she uses her Ultimate, use "Cleanse" to get out of here. It's a bit like Bakasura, you mustn't get near them when they use their Ultimates. When Cat Call is down, use your spell to put her down. Slow her as much as possible with every spells you've got (you should have Gem of Isolation).

Teamfight : When she uses her Cats, put "Cleanse" on everyone who are affected by them. Cats really hurt so please, don't stay close to them.



Cleanse : 1v1 : You have to move around him, that way he will have troubles to use his "Heart Bomb". Don't be too close, don't be too far. When he uses his Ultimate, use "Cleanse" and get out of there. Just after that, use your combo to slow him and put him down.

Teamfight : Use "Cleanse" when he uses his Ultimate or when he is trying to stun someone. In Teamfight he'll use his Ultimate when 2-3 people will be in there. So help your mates to get out of it and that way they'll be able to kill him quickly.


Guan Yu

Cleanse : 1v1 : Use "Cleanse" before Guan Yu reachs the last shot of Tactician's Advantage. That way he won't stun you and you'll be able to respond. Move around him when he uses Taolu Assault. It's his best skill and it makes a bunch of damage. Don't use "Cleanse" on Warrior's Will if Guan yu has is Ultimate.

Teamfight : Pretty much the same than 1v1. Use "Cleanse" near people affected by the Third shot of Tactician's Advantage. Use "Hinder" to reach him and then kill this Chinese dude!!



Cleanse : 1v1 : Use "Cleanse" ONLY against Pillar of Agony. If he catches you with his Ultimate and your "Cleanse" is not available, you're screwed. If he slows you with "Death from Below", just heal yourself and try to avoid his Auto Attak. Try not to be affected by "Blight" because he is better when "Blight" is on you.

Teamfight : Stay far from the teamfight and wait for Hades to engage. Don't be caught in his Ultimate, you're the only way for your teammates to get out of here. You can still use "Cleanse" when you're in his Ultimate but you'll take damage you could avoid. Use cleanse in the radius of Hades' Ultimate and heal everyone.


He Bo

Cleanse : 1v1 : Try not to fight him in the jungle. He is quite strong in a small corridor. You have to dodge his spells, he is kind of hard to kill when you are Hel. So if he slows you with Flood Waters, use Cleanse. Try to slow him too, it's the only way to catch him.

Teamfight : If there is a teamfight in the jungle, use "Cleanse" when He bo uses "Flood Waters". Heal your teammates a lot because He bo huuurts!!



Cleanse : 1v1 : Hel is vulnerable when she used "Cleanse", try to see when she uses it. Also, you have to move around her and avoid her Decay / Restoration. If you succeess your Decay/Restoration and she failed, than you gain the advantage. Hel makes damage quickly so don't forget to heal yourself.

Teamfight : In Teamfight, Hel has to be focussed first. That way, she won't "Cleanse" anything and you'll win the teamfight thanks to that. Try to slow her with Hinder, that way, your teammates will be able to catch her.



Cleanse :
  • She has no slow/stun, so ;-)
1v1 : Avoid her Ultimate ( Frenzy). You won't be able to slow her and she'll be near to you. Don't try to fight her if she is fed or if she has her Ultimate. Kali is a strong pick against Hel because she is fast and she isn't vulnerable to slow when she is under her Ultimate.

Teamfight : Slow her after she has spent her Ultimate. When your teammates are under Frenzy, just heal them.



Cleanse : 1v1 : If he is fed, forget that! Ring of Spears is the one of the best Ultimate against Hel. If he succeed to catch you in his Ultimate, try to move around him, you won't be able to do anything because he is not vulnerable to slow or stun. Move around him and heal yourself. After his Ring of Spears, if you have enought HP, put him down.

Teamfight : It will depend on who is with Odin. If Odin is with Zeus or Ao Kuang (by example), don't get caught in. Important fact, if you're out of the ring, you won't be able to heal people inside the ring. So try to think what's the best : being in or being out.


Cleanse : 1v1 : Ra is a strong pick against Hel. He is fast, makes bunch of damage and can slow you. When he uses his Divine Light, use "Cleanse". Try to dodge his other spells by moving around him. Slow him as much as you can.

Teamfight : Just heal people under 30-40% health because they can be One-Shot by Ra's Ultimate.



Cleanse : 1v1 : Dodge his skills and use "Cleanse" when he uses his Ultimate. Don't be in the radius of his Lurking In The Waters because it makes lots of damage. Slow and move around him. Then kill him. :p

Teamfight : Use "Cleanse" ONLY when Sobek uses his Ultimate. That way, your teammates will be able to escape those damages.


Sun Wukong

Cleanse : 1v1 : Use "Cleanse" before he uses his "Ultimate". It's kind of hard but if he jumps on you, he'll probably do that so use it when he jumps on you. Slow him, he mustn't stay close to you or you'll die. Try to move around him and get out of his Ultimate when he uses it because it makes damage (Damage + Fear).

Teamfight : Use "Cleanse" when your friends are in his Ultimate. As always, stay far from the teamfight BEFORE he puts his Ultimate on the table!!



Cleanse : 1v1 : Try to slow him and move around him. One thing about Thor, he can't be slow when he is using Berserker Barrage so use your "Hinder" wisely. Use your "Cleanse" after he leaps into the air. Don't be stunned by his Ultimate because he ca really put you down quickly with it.

Teamfight : Don't be trapped into Thor's wall. Try to have some distance with him and help your teammates. Important fact : You can heal someone who is behind the wall.



Cleanse : 1v1 : Basic strategy : Move around him and try to slow him. You can't slow him when he activates his Ultimate so think about that. Another important thing about his Ultimate : don't attack him when he uses Colossal Fury because it will increase the duration of his spell. So to sum up, avoid his Ultimate and then kick his ***!

Teamfight : "Cleanse" people who are slowed and heal your friends. Don't focus Vamana in a teamfight unless he is the last.



Cleanse : 1v1 : If you want to kill him, keep your "Cleanse" against his Ultimate. If you want to leave, use "Cleanse" against "Frost Breath" or "Glacial Strike". If you use your "Cleanse" with a good timing, Ymir won't be a threat for you. Slow him and move around him, that way, he'll get some troubles to slow or stun you.

Teamfight : Wait for his ultimate and use "Cleanse" to get everyone out of here!



Cleanse : 1v1 : Never stay under his Ultimate or you'll die. If you have 3 bolts on you, swith to Light Stance and prepare your "Inspire". Important fact : Zeus can't be slowed when he used his shield Aegis Shield. Don't let him stack his bolts, if he is, he'll kill you hard. Slow him and move around as usual!!

Teamfight : In teamfight the only thing you can do is healing your friends who have 2-3 bolts/under Ultimate.

Stats, Maths & Golds!

This part is about numbers! I'm going to show you Hel's Stats when she is Level 1 & 20 with and without my build. That way, you'll understand why i picked those items and it'll help you to make your own build if you think that she should get anothers items!


Level 1 - Starting stats with no items

As you can see, Hel is really weak early game. She has 12 Physical Protection (PP) and 30 Magical Protection (MP). For a mage, her MP is not that low but she really needs some PP.

That's why i choose to take Reinforced Boots lvl 2. With those boots, she now gets 12+15= 27 PP, 45 MP and 15 HP5. Even if you're a beginner or experienced, i really recommend you to grab these boots. Also, you have to know that Creeps make Physical Damage so you will take less damages from them. :)


Level 20 - Ending stats with no items

In Dark Stance

+60 Magical Power from Ultimate.

In Light Stance

+35 MP5 from Ultimate.

Thanks to the last 3 screenshots, we can see that Hel needs :
  • Health (1685 is not enought)
  • Mana (She needs a huge pool of mana, thay way, Meditation will be really effective)
  • Magic Power (Even in dark stance, 60 is really bad)
  • Cooldown Reduction (You can't have more than 25% CD reduc but 20% is fine)
  • Physical/Magical Protect (Respectively 61 & 30, it's not enough)
  • Spell Lifesteal (To be healed with Dark spells)

Spell Lifesteal and Cooldown Reduction are more situational because you could need it or not. I choose to take Pythagorem's Piece and Breastplate of Valor to balance my build but don't be afraid to replace them.


Level 20 - Full build up (6 items, no elixir or buff)

In Dark Stance

+60 Magical Power from Ultimate.

In Light Stance

+35 MP5 from Ultimate.

Here a quick reminder of my build : Reinforced BootsWarlock's Sash

Before starting, you have to know that your mana pool can't reach further than 3050. My build reachs your mana pool to 3100. To sum up, you waste 50 Mana with my build, it's not a big amount but if you think that's not viable, be free to change one item!
  • Health : +710 (460 from Warlock's Sash & 250 from )
  • Mana : +1610 (Theoretically, it's +1660 but you can't reach 3050. From Warlock's Sash, , and )
  • Magic Power : +315 (Dark stance=365 & Light Stance=315. From Warlock's Sash, , and )
  • Cooldown Reduction : +20% (from )
  • Physical/Magical Protect : +100/+85 (From Reinforced Boots, and . Now you're strong)
  • Spell Lifesteal : +15% (In Dark stance, it can really save your life. From )


To sum up, what can we say about this build?



  • Perhaps too much Mana
  • Situational carac such as Spell Lifesteal & Cooldown Reduc

This is a build which can be made in every games. It will be very effective but maybe you can replace some items like Breastplate of Valor to be more "Snowball" and be - maybe - more effective. It's all about testing. :-)


If you have any questions about Hel, ask me! I will try to answer as good as I can.


Question :

- In early game, you said that you'll max
Repulse / Inspire first but I've got some troubles to farm with it because people are attacking me during the process. How should I do?

Answer :

- One important fact about this spell is that you have to play very defensive. I'm not personnally an aggressive Hel in early game UNLESS your mate is a jungler or has a good harassment potential. You have to be under tower to use this spell. With the first wave of creeps, just use your auto-attack to kill them and then wait for enemy creeps to come under tower and then, use "Repulse". If they are really aggressive and attacking the tower, use "Repulse" to make them bleed!! :D But you have to know that with Reinforced Boots, you're quite strong early game and you have HP5 to help you out! :)

Another important fact : Let enemy creeps attack your creeps and then use your "Repulse". If not, they're gonna hurt you very hard.


This is the end... beautiful friends, the end!

First of all, i want to apologize for every spelling mistakes i did. I'm learning english so it's not perfect, i hope you won't be mad at me!! Just send me a message if you see huge mistakes, that way i could correct them and improve myself.

I hope you have enjoyed my guide. Don't forget to give me some feedback about my build! I would be happy to see if it works for you or not. :)

I'll update my guide each times there are some changes. This guide is not finish yet, i have to give you more informations about items and also the way to play Hel.

Thanks for reading. :)

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Aidiakapi (2) | August 3, 2013 6:42pm
First of all let me state that I actually like the guide, but I dislike the item build.

These are some highlighted stats from the complete build (at level 20):

MP 300
MLS 15
Mana 2940 < Maybe overkill
MP5 14 < Maybe a little little? Not that that insane mana pool is gonna run out
CDR% 25

PProt 161
MProt 105
Health 2235
HP5 29
MS 441

Total cost: 14945

A build from the currently second-top rated Hel guide (Shoes of Focus, Breastplate of Valor, Focused Void Stone, Hide of Leviathan, Bancroft's Talon, Rod of Tahuti) has these stats:

MP 481 < Increase by 181
MLS 12 < Decrease by 3
Mana 2440 < Decrease by 500
MP5 29 < Increase by 15
CDR% 35 < Increase by 10

PProt 181 < Increase by 20
MProt 125 < Increase by 20
Health 1935 < Decrease by 300
HP5 14 < Decrease by 15
MS 413 < Decrease by 28

Total cost: 14745 < Decrease by 200

You sacrifice some mana and HP, which is compensated with extra MP5, extra protection and extra CDR for an extra heal. Overall the second build is already way better, mainly because of the massive increase in MP. One thing I'm not considering is debuff that the Gem of Isolation applies. I'm ignoring the aura on Pythagorem's Piece because it's not that significant (the MP is nice, but magical lifesteal doesn't do much).

All with all I like the guide, but some more experimenting with items is useful.
TormentedTurnip (96) | July 3, 2013 9:15pm
As someone who plays Hel in arena, your guide, especially the cleansing section, is very interesting to me because of how the priorities shift.

For example, you have Ymir's ultimate as a higher priority than his Frost Breath. In arena, it's likely that his ultimate will have a 360 degree escape route, possibly only slightly hindered by his wall. In conquest, however, almost all escape routes are locked out, so any choke points are easily ascertained and focused down with slows/cc. And as well all know, Ymir's ultimates is can be one of the most devastating ultimates in the game due to its incredible zoning power and damage.

More situations like this make playing a game of conquest a very different experience as Hel, so I'm therefore very grateful for this guide as I will be help me to adjust to the different playstyle whenever I feel like playing conquest.
Technotoad64 (45) | August 6, 2017 7:28pm
Here we see Turnip's first post.
RIP TormentedTurnip
June 27, 2013 - June 11, 2015
Bernardozomer (33) | August 6, 2017 7:33pm
You are a very busy person for sure.
KaKaKarrotKake (1) | June 24, 2013 7:05am
I know that everyone has their own opinions, but i think that pure ap Hel is the way to go. in one of your responces to a comment you say "If you are looking for a champion that can 2 shot people lv2 go play something else." But thats the thing about Hel - you CAN two shot people if you build pure damage, and you also say in your right lane suggestion "Try to tell your partner not to play aggressive because you're not powerfull at the beginning", which i highly disagree. I believe that Hel's early game is one of the strongest in game if you build pure damage, because everyone is super squishy early and with a damage build you can dish out tons of poke damage before going in for the kill. Also with a pure AP build you have lots of sustain because your heals are so much more effective, as long as you have meditate/ later game MP5 with your light stance you can stay in lane for days. In conclusion, even though your build may be a more tank/ supporty Hel build, if you want to be a more effective damage dealer, support, team fighter and duelist, i would suggest building pure AP.
Kecleon45 (1) | May 12, 2013 1:54am
Nice guide. Maybe add an additional section/build for support or duo and mid so others can have a clear idea of what to use as they play. Very detailed and very informative with lots of color though, thus making it one of my favorite hel builds! +1 :)
bigaowii1 | April 1, 2013 6:40pm
I loved
H0riz0n | January 8, 2013 12:20am
Really nice guide enjoyed it alot give me wnough trust in my skills in hel to make my own spell build that i tried to max her first spell to give a little harrassment ranged poke in diffcult sitation for you i give you a nice +1 vote :)
Amazing Monkey (5) | December 23, 2012 5:53pm
Mad props on the guide! I especially like the detail!

I went ahead and gave you an (Up-vote =3), but I will have to take some time in reading through it later. Oh, and I won't pick on the build so much, with the new item system and all.....Probably after Christmas.

Jingle Hels, and Happy New Year =3
Baaaa | November 14, 2012 7:02pm
Very good guide, one problem though. You mention Hel as a "He" when it should be "She". Other then that, I love it.
Lersayil | November 1, 2012 9:09am
Nice guide with detailed info on everything one might need as Hel. +1
As for the build itself i disagree with the naysayers. It's a decent and balacned build for cases you dont want to (or cant) be a glass cannon or meatsack. Decent but not stellar dmg and healing, and you wont be twoshot within 2 seconds if you run into some trouble.
Xanthious (5) | October 25, 2012 11:37pm
MEditation is useless on her. <p5 is clearly the way to go. No rod of tuhiti, polynomicon over pythagoeryms piece all day. Warlock sash outh. Get some magic penetration....Poor poor build but good effort. Decay should be first spell you take followed by repulse. Repulse maxed first. If you attempt to use repulse on first few waves of minions only do so on melee creeps otherwise ur toast. decay is far better starting ability to allow you to stay at range from creeps. poor item choices though, needs revision.
Re4per | October 15, 2012 4:45pm
Hi, honestly, this build quite confused me. I've barely played hel and I don't mean to sound arrogant but isn't maxing Q a better option? And the meditation seems fairly useless. I didnt have any mana issues at all on her. Just swap to light stance everytime ur not blasting spells and ur fine imho? ( in the 8 seconds ur Q is down u can swap easily ) As for the skill sequence: her Q seems like a much better poke? If ur enemy is standing behind the archers, u can simply hit them with the aoe. It one shots archers as soon as level 2 as well I think
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