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Thor... Hunt you down (Arena/Joust)

April 13, 2016 by Vanguard1ZA
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Thor (Arena/Joust)

Smite God: Thor

Item Purchase Order

Starter Items

Build Item Fatalis
Build Item Boots
Build Item Healing Potion

Finalized Items

Build Item Hastened Fatalis Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Heartseeker Build Item Deathbringer Build Item Runeforged Hammer

Relic 1 (pick one depending on who the enemies are)

Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Purification Beads

Relic 2

Build Item Cursed Ankh

God Skill Order

Mjolnir's Attunement

Mjolnir's Attunement 1 8 13 16 20 key bind

Tectonic Rift

Tectonic Rift 2 7 12 15 19 key bind

Berserker Barrage

Berserker Barrage 3 4 6 10 11 key bind

Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn 5 9 14 17 18 key bind

Thor... Hunt you down (Arena/Joust)

April 13, 2016


This is my first build so please bear with me... I tend to play guardian most of the time but recently found a strong affinity to the Norse assassin, Thor. I really like his ability set. This build focuses on physical power, attack speed and movement speed.


Start out with Fatalis and Boots. This will give you 20% Attack Speed and 13% Movement Speed. I like building Hastened Fatalis as soon as possible to enable chasing down low health enemies with its passive, the movement speed debuff from basic attacks. Get a Healing Potion or mana potion with the remaining 50 gold, to help with a little Health Regeneration or mana regeneration in a pinch.

1. When available finish Hastened Fatalis. The passive allows for a movement speed debuff from basic attacks to be removed.

2. Next, complete the Warrior Tabi boots.

These two items will now give you 30% Attack Speed and 28% Movement Speed and +40 Physical Power.

3. Build the Jotunn's Wrath, which will give you +40 Physical Power, +150 Mana, +20 Physical Penetration.

4. It's time to crit... build Deathbringer. This will give you +50 Physical Power and 20% Critical Chance. The passive gives a boost of 40% Critical Damage.

5. You'll finish the movement speed boost to further stay on enemies with Heartseeker. This will give you +25 Physicall Power and a further 10% Movement Speed. The Passive further helps a great deal in chasing down and finishing enemies as the basic attacks increases your Attack Speed by 3% per stack, up to 5 stacks. Your next ability will then deal an additional +40 Physical Power.

6. Runeforged Hammer is next, giving you +30 Physical Power and +200 Health. This item's passive let's your abilities deal an additional 15% Physical Power as Magical Power. It gets better when an enemy is rooted or criplled, when it deals 30% Physical Power as Magical Power.

At the end of this your items will then result in the following base items boosts:
38% Movement Speed
+185 Physical Power
30% Attack Speed
+20 Physical Penetration
20% Critical Chance
+200 Health
+150 Mana

I like how the passives work together. Hastened Fatalis makes you stay on a retreating enemy while attacking. Meanwhile Heartseeker stacks up your Attack Speed and lets your next ability when the stacks max out at 5 stacks deal additional damage. The heightened attack speed helps to get your crits coming faster as well with Deathbringer's passive that boosts crit damage by 40%. Heartseeker further helps along Runeforged Hammer which' passive let's abilities deal additional damage to enemies.

In terms of Relics I like to go with one of these, depending on who the enemies are: Sanctuary, Sprint or Purification. It's purely from a preference standpoint and I'd advise you to go with what works for you.


I won't prescribe much here but I do advise that you level up Berserker Barrage as quick as possible. This will be the ability that will give you the most benefit from your items' passives.

Pros / Cons

Great for rushing down enemiesgreat for rushing down enemies
High Movement Speed
High Attack Speed
High Physical Power
Decent Critical Damage/Chance

Low Health from items
No Protections from items
The low level of maximum health and lack of protections leaves you vulnerable
No CC reduction items further causes vulnerability.


This is a build for typical assassin play... an in-and-out approach. Dive in, deal large amounts of damage or get a kill and get out. You will however be vulnerable as there are no protections from items in this build. It's not a balanced build, trading off protections/health for damage.

I'm open for advice and opinions on improving this build. Let me know what works and doesn't work for you.

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