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The Morrigan, A Dark Omen. (Updated to Patch 4.2)

February 25, 2017 by TheMrRay06
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Farthus | February 9, 2017 4:39am
Spear of Desolation Now overcaps your cdr if you have Pythagorem's Piece. So what I would build now is either Bancroft's Talon instead and keep Spear of Desolation as your last item. Now to solve the cdr problem early game : Buy Sands of Time as your starter item and sell it lategame to buy Spear :)
TheMrRay06 | February 10, 2017 1:43am
Thanks Farthus, I love when people try to improve my build ^~^ but unfortunately the build you are talking about is outdated :/ I'm still updating my guide to season 4 x) Takes time since I plan on having more visual explications for the guide as well (videos and obviously more bb-coding) ! Don't worry the next build for season 4 already takes in consideration the items you mentioned :3.

I'll write that the build is outdated somewhere else than the title :P.
Branmuffin17 (228) | February 7, 2017 1:45pm
Hey Ray,

So like I said, I'm totally not familiar with a proper build for The Morrigan. I'm probably not going to comment on that aspect at all.

So, corrections, coding, organization, and additional things you can add to your guide...this is going to be long, so I'm putting it in spoiler form.

Griffitie | February 3, 2017 12:09pm
I agree with TheMrRay06 having polynomicon on mages is normally a really good item, but since morrigan is so squishy, having pythagorem's piece not only has more power and life-steal but has the aura to allies.
Sobek-Ra (5) | January 19, 2017 2:48pm
Why not run Poly over Pythag's? Your burst is so much higher
TheMrRay06 | January 20, 2017 1:38am
That's an interesting question so let's compare them :

........ Polynomicon ........

+ 75 Magical Power
+ 300 Mana
+ 10% Magical Lifesteal
+ Using an ability gives your next Basic Attack within the next 8 seconds +75% of your Magical Power as additional Magical Damage. The effect can only apply once every 3 seconds.
....... Pythagorem's Piece .......

+ 90 Magical Power
+ +30% Magical Lifesteal
+ +10% Cooldown Reduction
+ 30 Magical Power and 15% Magical Lifesteal to all allies within 70 units.

So let me start with this, this build primary concern is to reach max CDR and have at least some sustain since The Morrigan is extremely squishy.

First of we lose 10% CDR (for some people it's not that important but there's more) then for sustain we go from 30% lifesteal to a mere 10% :/ again The Morrigan is really squishy so that lifesteal can come really advantageous. Further more Pythagorem's Piece gives more flat damage plus this build's mindset it to be a maximum of use to the teamfights, 15% lifesteal and 30 Magical power is given to them with it's passive ^~^.

Now Polynomicon's passive is what let's you get that "huge burst" you said, but as The Morrigan playstyle is mostly poking from afar you won't hit that AA often which is pretty useless since the main perk of this item is the passive.

But here's a question I get asked regularly, why ranged ? Well she could be played as an assassin right ? Her kit has ganking possibilities ? But whats the difference between an assassins and The Morrigan :

- Assassins have gap closer to chase enemies while she has only movement speed (which is preferable to escape).
- Her burst isn't enough to kill someone 1v1, after using your main combo Dark Omen+ Deadly Aspects (plus going close range with The Morrigan is extremely dangerous and you will most likely die)...
- Her ultimate is situational and preferably used in teamfights ...

To sum up only 2 real damage abilities where only one of them is close ranged, playing safely and from afar while poking them will often create situations where going for "The Suprise" combo will secure you at least one kill.
ZodiacMephiso | January 19, 2017 6:53am
Hey! Amazing Guide! And thx a lot!
Itz_Ti | January 19, 2017 12:55am
Nice Build
Bullfrog323 (27) | January 17, 2017 6:31am
Here is another thing I found during my tests.

It is maybe a bug (with all the bugs that she had, it would not be surprising), but it worths noting :

Dark Omen's debuff does not apply to minion. In fact, it only applies to gods.
Therefore, casting Deadly Aspects, a second Dark Omen or your 3rd basic attack won't trigger the damage of Dark Omen a second time.

Dark Omen will apply the debuff only if the target does not have it.
If your target already has the debuff and you cast a second Dark Omen on them, the trigger will occur, but it will NOT apply a new debuff on the target.

Ex :
Let's say you cast 4 Dark Omen in a row on a god (thanks CDR)
- First one does damage x1 (cast) + apply debuff
- Second one does damage x2 (cast + trigger) + remove debuff
- Third one does damage x1 (cast) + apply debuff
- Fourth one does damage x2 (cast + trigger) + remove debuff

So, if it is intended and they don't fix it, you probably want to update your guide in that regard.
TheMrRay06 | January 17, 2017 8:52am
Hmmm for the minion damage buff I think it is a bug after all, I tested myself and seems like it's supposed to trigger the bonus damage but it doesn't, or it does but the damage doesn't change ?

For the Dark Omen debuff it is confusing since I tested it myself before and it was applying on the second time you hit Dark Omen ? Maybe it was a bug and it got fixed or it is not applying anymore and that's bug ?

As you know i'm in an important exam week so I'm drowning with homework and studying but I will probably log in later tonight to buy the Celtic event :3. I will try then and if it's true I will change my description till it's fixed (and will probably add a disclaimer) ^~^.
Bullfrog323 (27) | January 16, 2017 7:15am
A little correction in your item description.

Pythagorem's Piece
The Core build cost would be : 6300g

Spirit Robe
The Core build cost would be : 6360g

Obsidian Shard
You will be bursting down gods, right.
You won't be bursting down tower with The Morrigan, no matter what item you buy.
TheMrRay06 | January 16, 2017 9:13am
Thanks ! Seems some things still need to be checked on xD and yeah for the Obsidian Shard I probably wanted to type "objectives" (as FG/GF/Phoenix/Titan) but wrote towers... My fault for being careless :P
Farthus | January 13, 2017 1:55pm
The Morrigan's auto attack passive Doomsayer does not do AOE damage if you don't hit a target with it as you stated in you build.
Bullfrog323 (27) | January 13, 2017 2:11pm
I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think what TheMrRay06 wanted to say is that you don't need to hit your 2 first basic attack in order to progress your chain.

So that you can throw 2 basics and don't hit anything and still benefit from the 3rd hit AoE effect for your 3rd basic.

Of course, you still need to connect with your 3rd auto, since it remains a basic attack.
It does not acts like Sol Stellar Burst for example.
Branmuffin17 (228) | January 13, 2017 2:31pm
That's the way I interpreted it too, bull.
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Bullfrog323 (27) | January 11, 2017 8:18am
Hello TheMrRay06,

this is a pretty good guide, and I'm pleased to see that you are willing to improve it according to the feedbacks you received. For that reason, I'll try my best to contribute to its success.

The build

By itself, this build is good, we can't deny it.
I see you focus on 3 main points :
1 - Full 40% CDR (which is mostly for her ult)
2 - Lifesteal
3 - Penetration (Because it's mandatory if you want to deal damage)

However, I think it could be improved a bit

CDR options

Papa Murmz already covered that point, so I'll skip it.

Rod of Tahuti

Rod of Tahuti is just so strong that it should not be taken out of your build.
However, to include it, you need to replace one item.

First option : remove lifesteal from your build and replace Bancroft's Talon with the rod.
You will deal more damage but would rely mostly on your Mail of Renewal for your sustain.

Second option : combine your lifesteal and CDR by picking Pythagorem's Piece instead of Mail of Renewal (like you already suggested) and replace Bancroft's Talon with the rod.
This would make you completely squishy though.

Third option : keep only 30% CDR and replace Mail of Renewal for the rod.
Again, this would make you squishy.

Item cost

I understand the reason why you want to pick Spear of Desolation 4th item.
By its stats, it is an amazing item, however it cost you an arm and a leg to buy it.
Plus, its Tier 2 Enchanted Spear is pretty weak compared to its final tier.
Which means that as long as your item is not completed, your abilties are still weak.
When you will have completed it, other players would mostly have 1 more item than you.
For that reason, I would suggest you to pick Spear of Desolation as your 6th item.

Skill order

I would have thought that your 2nd ability Dark Omen would be leveled up first.
It's your main wave clear, your main poke ability, and it safer to use than Deadly Aspects.
If you prefer to level Deadly Aspects first, it's fine, but maybe you should explain why in the description the abilities.


This is to correct false/misleading information in your guide.
Perhaps you didn't know, perhaps it's just a mistake or sort of unclear wording.

Ultimate on a 40s CD

This is totally misleading, because Morrigan's ultimate, Changeling, cooldown starts at 160s and decreases down to 80s at level 20.
So, the 40s CD is only if all these points are true :
1 - You are level 20
2 - You have full CDR
3 - You have Spear of Desolation
3 - You ult, but didn't use the ultimate of the god you picked (or if you did, his or her CD was lower than 80s)
4 - You get a killing blow during AFTER the ultimate is finished while the passive of Spear of Desolation is still up. (Which means if SoD passive is up and you get a killing blow while in your ult, the passive will be used uselessly)

As you can see, it's pretty much only a late game scenario.
Mid-game, you may have full CDR, but your ult will probably be still at 140s or 120s, which means anywhere between 72s and 98s
That means you should NOT "waste" your ult only to get a Chang'e heal (unless that's the only way you could survive).
It means that your ultimate will mostly be used for something that will be very effective for the situation (most likely involving CC).

Bancroft's Talon

First, 12% magical lifesteal is not very high, since AoE abilties reduces lifesteal by 66% and you only have AoE abilties.
Therefore, it's not enough to make you feel as sustainable as Hercules, but it's better than nothing.
However, the "can be doubled in case you lose 25% of your health" is incorrectly worded.
It should be either
"can be doubled in case you lose 75% of your health"
"can be doubled in case you are at 25% of your health"
Which makes Bancroft's Talon less powerful that you might think.
If you are at 25% of your heath, which is around 550hp at level 20 with your build, you should not stay in the fight, as anyone can 1 shot you at that point.


Finally, here are some suggestions you could include in your guide to improve it, aside from what is already in your To-do list.

Ultimate tips

Sure, you can't even think about listing all the possibilities you can do with her ult.
However, there are some tips that are nice to know about the use of her ultimate that maybe not every player has figured yet.
Since it's a guide on how to use Morrigan it would only make sense to include those tips here.

If you need help for your guide, don't hesitate to ask here, we are all willing to help.
Hope this will help you with your guide.

P.S. Je peux aussi t'aider en français si tu préfères, c'est également ma langue.
TheMrRay06 | January 11, 2017 11:06am
Bonsoir Bullfrog;

Tout d'abord je tiens à te remercier d'avoir écrit autant de conseille marque une analyse poussée de mon build en un premier tant mais aussi de te remercier d'avoir écrit tout cela en anglais pour nos amis anglophones ! Ainsi la question se pose, est-ce qu'on devrait continuer en français pour faciliter la communication et arriver à un build améliorer efficacement ou continuer en anglais pour que les lecteurs puissent suivre la progression et être témoins de l'évolution du guide ^~^ ?

Par sécurité je continue en anglais car c'est une langue qu'on parle ***ez correctement (sauf quelque maladresse que tu as pu lire) et donc par rapport à la majorité anglophone voila ma réponse :

I'm going to answer chronologically so I won't make it more confusing xD.

The Build :
As you said, I focus mainly on sustain (so not lifesteal only but it can also be from protection or more health regen/recuperation after a teamfight) and since it's an "over-all" build penetration was the best option as the a tank per composition meta in Smite is pretty much the only viable composition :'(. Of course CDR was one of the principal objectif of the build as sooner have your abilities availible higher the potential of being useful to either yourself (escapes or chasing kills) or team (active during teamfights adding to the damage output of the team) will be. So far you got me all right which implies again that you analysed my guide thoroughly, so let me thank you again :3 !

You are right about Rod of Tahuti but as I failed to mention in the build I tried this build only in Clash where gold is easier to get than conquest (and I mainly play Joust as well) I still didn't have time to test it on the long term (je fais une petite parenthèse en français pour te faire part d'un petit detail que peu de personnes pourront comprendre, toute la semaine prochaine j'ai bac blanc x) donc les jours à venir je risque d'être quelque peut moins actif sur le site :/) so I should suggest this build only to either Arena and Joust or Clash since they are gamemodes where gold isn't the main concern.

Always with Rod of Tahuti, from the different option you gave me we have :
- Remove lifesteal and go for the Rod of Tahuti (while Spear of Desolation is still the 4th item, but I believe it is a problem gold-wise)
- Using Pythagorem's Piece as 3th item that gets us the 40% CDR and more Magical Power and lifesteal (with the aura for the team that should not be neglected !) but being more squishy making The Morrigan a glass canon
- Just replacing the Mail of Renewal with the Rod of Tahuti, we will lose the 40% CDR.

I think that the second option is the best option as it doesn't really change from any mage playstyle (who are mainly glass canons) but who knows maybe there's an even better option or build than this one where having at the same time 40% CDR while being of use to the team and having as well some good sustain on The Morrigan is plausible ^~^ !

The gold problem persist tho, so far it's :
Shoes of Focus/ Chronos' Pendant/ Pythagorem's Piece/
Spear of Desolation/ Obsidian Shard/ Rod of Tahuti
Here the 4th item and 6th item are expensive but buying a expensive item end game isn't really a problem while in midgame it is. So maybe put Spear of Desolation as 6th like you suggested and Rod of Tahuti as 4th but here the penetration will be of use only end game (now the question, is it bad to be have penetration late game since tanks aren't really priority kills mid game but later ?). I doubt having Rod of Tahuti 4th item would be too heavy gold-wise.

Skill Order
Yes. My fault (;_;). It is in fact better now that I think of it in a laning phase point of view. I should divide the guide in two, Conquest and Arena/Joust/Clash, I would appreciate your Conquest knowledge to help me if possible :) ?

So here's the real problem xD (j'ai quelque peu exagéré, tout en restant dans le véridique, les possibilités du build afin de le "vendre" un peu au lecteur pour qu'il soit impressionné, c'est surement mal mais je reste dans les limites :P et pour ma défense j'allai en effet changer tout ça après une certaine période où le besoin d'embellir le build n'est plus) The description of Changeling needs to be updated.

Regarding Bancroft's Talon, as seen before this item is going to be replaced by Pythagorem's Piece so the item description shall be removed completely and replaced, sorry.

It was supposed to be in the To-do List I'm ashamed :'( I did say that there are too many possibilities but of course some are more profitable than others (for example the enemy team have a Thanatos and a Nu Wa and their ADC, support and bruiser are really low and escaping the team fight, here it's either Thanatos to chase down their carry or using Nu Wa's ult to potentially secure those kills (Sanctuary timed right is a powerful relic trust me) of course those two possibilities aren't on the same level and one is obviously better than another :P. Or another example, few god ultimate that can change the tides of a teamfight drastically when you aren't supposed to have it in your team, best example is Ares or Xian Tian ultimate where your team had to buy Purification first relic and the enemies not necessarily, so using their ultimate as The Morrigan guarantees you a fruitful ultimate with kills and assists.

P.S. Voila voila x) un call sur n'importe quelle plate-forme de communication vocale m'aurait permis de te transmettre tout ça plus facilement :P Il est toujours possible que pour le reste de nos échanges, qui ont pour but d'améliorer ce build pour la communauté, sois faite dans la simplicité d'un call (Skype/Curse/Teamspeak/Discord) pour cela et seulement si tu l'accepte nous pourrons en discuter en PM ^~^ Merci encore !

Cordialement, Best regards, Ray.
Bullfrog323 (27) | January 11, 2017 12:35pm
Hello TheMrRay06,

Again, I'm glad you receiving our feedback with such a positive mind.
Of course, we'll continue this thread in english, so that everyone can profit from it.
I just told you I spoke French too if you wanted to continue in PM, since it could potentionally become a huge thread, of which only the final result could be useful.

I'll try to keep this response short, maybe not in chronologically order.

So, as I guessed, your build was not aimed toward Conquest.
I guessed Arena, but with Clash, I wasn't really far.
If you really want your guide to be top notch, you should have a division for the different modes, but that's probably not the next point on your To-do list.
Also, you asked help with my Conquest knowledge ... lol, that was funny.
I never play Conquest (but this might change with Season 4, who knows), so I'm not the best placed to help.

About the Rod of Tahuti at 4th item, the same reasoning than with Spear of Desolation remains.
It would be better to pick Obsidian Shard
About the Rod of Tahuti point, all your suggestions are good, but would mostly depend of the game mode and the playstyle of the player.
So, because of that I would personally suggest the build you came with, with 1 or 2 switch possibilities and the reason behind them.

For example
Shoes of Focus
Chronos' Pendant
Pythagorem's Piece
Obsidian Shard
Rod of Tahuti
Spear of Desolation

This makes a glass canon build.
Then, if you want, you can replace Pythagorem's Piece or Spear of Desolation at the cost of damage.
And then list some items that can be used, why and when.

For example
Replace Pythagorem's Piece with
Spirit Robe : Keep your CDR, lose your lifesteal, get more tanky.
Mail of Renewal : Keep your CDR, lose your lifesteal, get more health, get both sustain.

Replace Spear of Desolation with
Warlock's Sash : Get more health, lose a bit or power and penetration, it is long to stack though.

Finally, about the tips on ultimate, that is not what I had in mind.
Yes, you could probably show a list of "priorities" that would likely be a kind of tier list about which god to copy "in general".
But if you plan to do so, you would probably have to test all the "what if" implications, and that could take alot of time.

What I meant was more general tips like (but not limited to)

- You can press your ult button to show the god selection, but can still continue to move (and throw basic attacks ? I'm not sure), even while in stealth.
- Once shifted, you cannot come back to your origial form until the end (10s). Therefore, if you picked a god without an escape, you are stuck with it and Confusion cannot help you.
- As soon as your ult ends, every ability you have cast will stop as well. If you throw Ra's Solar Blessing at the 9th second, hoping to get healed back in your original form, the pool will have disappeared.
- If you pick Kali (late game because she's an hyper carry or before to get her Oh**** button), remember than you need to select her passive target too. Therefore, your ultimate will require to select 2 gods in a row, which can be confusing.
- When you select the god, have in mind that you will copy the stats of the god. If you picked the enemy Ares that is feeding and is 1-8-2, you probably won't be as tanky as you'd think. The same goes if you pick Poseidon that is running a full attack speed troll build, your ultimate won't do that much damage.
- When you select the god, have in mind that your 3rd ability will have only 1 point until level 15. So if you plan to go for the kill with a full combo of an assassin, picking Loki, Fenrir or Bakasura is not very effective.
- Probably other points that I have in mind, but haven't tested yet (I played her only once against bots to get the feeling).
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Zilby (132) | January 11, 2017 8:27am
I would comment more on this site if it wasn't for people like you taking all the words from my mouth :P

But yeah, this is some really nice feedback
Bullfrog323 (27) | January 11, 2017 9:46am

I don't comment often on guides, and when I do, I can't only do so in a few words.
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Lilokyodai | January 11, 2017 5:47am
Ohhh quel beau guide mon amour :3 je t'aime
N1ght1m3 | January 10, 2017 4:56pm
Hello TheMrRay06. I have a very nice build that I tested many times. I love my build, but I don't have time anymore to go into detail about my guide anymore :(. May I reference your guide part of your guide and tell my guide viewers of The Morrigan to go check your guide out with a link? I will give credit to you for the guide, and I will give a disclaimer to my viewers that the guide isn't mine. Thx for the help!
TheMrRay06 | January 11, 2017 5:43am
Hey N1ght1m3, thank you for letting me now x) nowadays most people just steal your work and you can't do nothing about it :'(...

Of course you can use my guide as a reference in your video I will be much pleased ! The guide in the first place is here publicly for everyone to use :) Only one condition ! Link me the video so I can add it in my credit parts of the guide as an appreciation for being thoughtful about crediting my guide (which to be honest gives both of us advertisement that is most welcomed ^~^)

Thank you again, Ray.
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