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Serqet: Last Breath

August 11, 2017 by thepacer77
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Main Build

Smite God: Serqet

Item Purchase Order


Build Item Boots
Build Item Bluestone Pendant
Build Item Chalice of the Oracle
Build Item Chalice of Healing

Boots: Choose Attack Speed or Damage

Build Item Ninja Tabi Build Item Warrior Tabi

All the Crits, All the Days, get them all

Build Item Rage Build Item Deathbringer

Cooldowns for Days, Get both

Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Hydra's Lament

Final Pick: More Crits, Sustainability, or penetration

Build Item Malice Build Item Titan's Bane Build Item Bloodforge

Relics: Situational or anything you like

Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Meditation Cloak Build Item Bracer of Undoing

My Preference

Build Item Ninja Tabi Build Item Rage Build Item Deathbringer Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Hydra's Lament Build Item Malice

God Skill Order


Deathbane 1 4 6 9 10 key bind

Cobra's Kiss

Cobra's Kiss 2 7 11 12 14 key bind


Ambush 3 15 16 18 19 key bind

Last Breath

Last Breath 5 8 13 17 20 key bind

Serqet: Last Breath

August 11, 2017


Welcome to this simple guide on the friendly Scorpion Queen, Serqet! This build/guide is focused on getting a kill and getting out, with exceptional speed, not long sustained team-fights.

Pros / Cons


    High Damage and DOT
    Ridiculous escapability
    Escape is Futile

    CC hits like a brick


Serqet's passive is an excellent finisher, dealing bonus damage based on the poison effects of your 1,2, and ultimate abilities

This ability is Serqet's bread and butter. It is your main source of damage, your best escape, and the dread of millions. It reduces protections, does lots of damage, and can Crit, which is what we are banking on with this guide. After doing the math with my preferred build, the damage of this ability(before protections), comes out to just under 2000 damage, if all three strikes hit and crit. Max this ASAP

This ability is a lifesaver, cutting of chasers and sowing discord among the enemy ranks with its confuse. Initiate with this, then immediately follow up with a 1 ability while they are CC'd, and watch the health drain away. Max this Second

Your 3 is your stealth ability, use it to set up ambushes, chase down an enemy, or escape. BUT, be wary that if you are hit with a hard CC while stealthed, you are screwed. Max this Last.

Serqet's ultimate, and this guide's namesake is a fantastic finisher, that will kill most Gods that are under half health, with the only exception being if they make it back to the fountain, or are a tank. This ability also can be used as an initiator, dealing damage and displacing an enemy, followed by your 2 ability for CC and your 1 ability for a finisher


Ninja or WarriorTabi?

I prefer Ninja Tabi, as it adds in attack speed and an initial mana boost, which helps to stay out longer in the early game. But if you prefer to have some extra power warrior would not be a mistake, and I would recommend replacing ninja with warrior in the later game for that bit of extra oomph.


Crits crits crits, crits crits crits crits, CRITS CRITS!


CDR is entirely necessary when playing an ability heavy god like Serqet. These two allow more abilities to be used more often, allowing more kills and more escapes, along with the extra added benefits of the two items, such as mana and mps, penetration, bonus power, and Hydra's nifty little extra effect that allows for a powered up basic attack after an ability, for those times when abilities put them on the brink of death, and they just need a little extra stab. If you feel so inclined, Hydra can be dropped in favor of an additional item from the last pick section.

Final Pick

The final pick is a very important part of how you want this build to go. I would recommend more crits, specifically Malice, as it adds more DOT to the build and allows for lingering deaths, even if the enemy escapes. As pointed out to me by Newbiemj (props to him) this build is lacking a bit in penetration, so if the enemy team has multiple tanky gods, Titans Bane would be recommended. If you feel you should have some lifesteal mixed into the lot, I would recommend Bloodforge, because of its high power boost and the blood shield, which allows you to stay in the fight a little longer and go for more kills.


On to the fine details of playing Serqet. Your main focus, is to pick your targets and catch them unprepared, either by themselves, or with one extra. You can initiate your assault with either a stealth launch with your 3 ability or your 2 from a distance then walk forwards. Save your one for when you are right on top of them, as it is your main damage dealer. After the initial burst, they should be near dead or near death. Basic attack to finish them off, or if that won't cut it, use your ult. Be aware of your surroundings at all times: nothing hurts worse than the fury of an entire team coming down on you.

Another approach would be to hang around the edges of team fights and pick of the stragglers trying to escape. Be wary of latecomers to the fight and the movement of the fight itself, as it is never good to find yourself in the middle of the fight.

One last and incredibly important part: KNOW YOUR LIMITS! Don't try to chase someone too far into enemy territory; know when to cut your losses and escape while you still have the chance.

Final Thoughts

Thank you all very much for looking at this guide. This was my first attempt at such a thing, and any feedback, advice, hate-mail, praise, or adoration would be approved and encouraged. Have fun crushing the life of your enemies!

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