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Mercury, Messenger of the Gods

August 9, 2017 by Polymos
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Ranked CQ Build Recommendations

Smite God: Mercury

Item Purchase Order

Full Build aka One Punch Man

Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Wind Demon
Build Item Titan's Bane
Build Item Deathbringer
Build Item Bloodforge
Build Item Hydra's Lament


Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Sundering Spear Build Item Belt of Frenzy

Starter Items

Build Item Bumba's Mask Build Item Death's Toll


Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Chalice of the Oracle Build Item Potion of Physical Might Build Item Elixir of Power

God Skill Order

Made You Look

Made You Look 1 4 6 7 10 key bind

Maximum Velocity

Maximum Velocity 3 8 11 12 14 key bind

Special Delivery

Special Delivery 2 15 16 18 19 key bind

Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

Mercury, Messenger of the Gods

August 9, 2017


Hey guys, I'm finally back after a long break and now I'm entering the rank scene and I wanted to make a guide for 1 of my most played diamonds, Mercury. A Thanatos guide will come later as he's my primary pick for jungle even though all you people say he's a poor choice against many of the other picks.

Many people already know that Mercury is a late game jungler that will snowball the hell out of you if you allow him to, but people forget Mercury plays such a big role in early game to set up kills for his allies so he can snowball later.

This will be updated every once in a while when big changes come and when better ways to build him comes to light.

Lets get started.

Pros / Cons

[*] Insanely high single target damage when built properly
[*] Good kill setup/secure potential with his 3
[*] Passive helps make him the One Punch Man
[*] Great mobility and escapes
[*] Has one of the best ultimate to engage or disengage a fight

[*] Very squishy
[*] No Sustain unless you build life steal
[*] Easily countered with Shield of Thorns, Shell Spikes, or Hide of the Nemean Lion etc
[*] Bellona counters the hell out of Mercury and she's a common pick.


Passive - Fastest God Alive

The passive works well especially early game if you can manage to get it to stack up to 100. Every jungler will run away after that first basic to their face if you manage to crit it.

1 - Made You Look
Your most annoying poke ever. You will max this first as it is your best range poke and will act like a free crit from afar if it crits. You will not engage fights with this though. I highly suggest you engage with your 3 so you can secure them into a wall then toss your 1, or the other way around if you prefer. You can even dodge abilities if you can't get away in time, just aim your 1 somewhere out of the enemy ability's area and you will be able to dodge it if the timing is right. Either way, max this first.

2 - Maximum Velocity
Your bread and butter made to chase down every single god in the game and make them fear your mighty fist. Done right, you won't even need 2 seconds to 100-0 a squishy. Tanks will even run away fearing you. Max this 2nd.

3 - Special Delivery
You see something trying to run away? Go get em. This can be used either to engage a fight or disengage. Be careful on how you use it as it has a high cool down especially during a fight, 15 seconds will feel like a while if your team begins to die. That's why you have that 2 to 100-0 all those squishes to end a fight just when it begins. You can use this as well to dodge skill shot.

Ultimate(4) - Sonic Boom
The best ultimate you can find to engage any single god. It packs a wallop too. Use it to either engage or escape, preferably engage though. Single out the squishy and aim for them.


Before we start this section, there are other ways to build Mercury but as of right now(8/8/17) I find this build to work out extremely well in rank and casual.

These are the best starting items for Mercury. I highly suggest getting 3 Healing Potions and 1 Mana potion because Mercury doesn't really use a lot of mana given you don't spam his abilities 24/7, because you have no need to, it's Conquest, not arena. Everything is self-explanatory after that.

First Back:
Warrior Tabi

Your first back item, by the time you back to fountain for the first time, you should have more than enough for a Warrior Tabi, if you don't then you are doing something wrong. Mercury's passive allows further increase in power due to any item that increases movement speed, Mercury gets a 25% total increase of all MS items or abilities. You should be able to duel people with this boot, you won't shut them down right away but definitely will pack a wallop.

Second Back:
Wind Demon

Why the heck are you rushing crits so quickly, Poly? Well my friend, Mercury works the best with crit because he's a auto-attack oriented god. No other way will produce enough dps for you to 100-0 someone in a fraction of a second, and obviously that's the goal here. Wind Demon provides the necessary crit, attack speed, power, and not to mention that additional 20% MS and AS if you happen to get a crit. It builds the foundation for when you get Deathbringer.

Some Pen:
Titan's Bane

The 33% Pen works amazingly well against tanks, you don't need it for fighting squishes, but it's preferred to have at least 1 pen item on Mercury to kill Tanks and of course squishes easier.
The God Items:

Oh holy mother of all sh*tickles. Ever noticed that 1 assassin that keeps on snowballing even though his team is behind? Yeah that one, that's because they have Deathbringer. The crit, power, and crit damage this thing gives makes Mercury a deadly foe to face in the battlefield.


Why are you getting Bloodforge this late in the game? Because crit is more important than this. This will keep you snowballing late game after people are more grouped up and ready to CC anyone who gets near the squishy. The health shield this thing gives with its power is just impossible to pass up. Not to mention lifesteal.

Hydra's Lament

The final item you get on this dude because it turns you into One Punch Man indefinitely. Just engage with your 3 and you will smack anyone down. I don't need to explain why you would get Hydra on Mercury, unless you completely don't understand what Hydra does...

Team Matchups

Mercury works extremely well with a lot of support gods, but I find Ymir to be the best even though there are much, much, much better picks. He has a wall that can last forever to someone who wants to run away and that wall is like the Great Wall of China, Mercury will just 100-0 anyone that gets cornered.

She works well with Mercury as well with all the CCs she has and ability to increase your movement speed with her ultimate which increases your damage further.

There are many other gods that works well with Mercury but then there's also a lot of counters to him, just Kuzenbo with his 2 that will stop you in your tracks.

This thing makes Mercury cry like a little girl so avoid fighting anyone with it unless you are with a team.

If you see anyone pop this relic, then wait til it finishes before you re-engage them because you will die to it.

Final Words

Mercury is a very interactive and agile jungler so you need to be on the look for possible picks when enemy invade your camps. Remember to ward your speed buff because someone is going to invade it eventually. He has a somewhat bad clear when you start out but once you get in a little further he becomes much easier to use and gank. During a team-fight, you shouldn't always focus on being present in the middle of it. If it's a 5v5 fight then you should disappear and go around it to take down their back line, don't run up to them when the frontliners sees you, it's stupid and will get you killed. Go around and take out the back line quickly. They won't know what hit them til it's too late.

Warding is key in Conquest so keep warding objectives. Merc can solo the Gold Fury after you get Deathbringer so just try to take down the Gold Fury every chance you get alone after purchasing DB of course. He can also solo the Fire Giant after full build or after getting Bloodforge but I suggest you do the Fire Giant with your team just in case they decide to dive you.

Good luck my boys. Happy Mercing.

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