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Mercury Jungle (Conquest Season 5) NEW !

October 10, 2018 by RonPerlas
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Smite God: Mercury

Item Purchase Order

Starting item

Build Item Assassin's Blessing
Build Item Katana
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion

First Back (Complete 1st & 2nd)
?*Note to everyone* Sell Golden Blade later on the game for something else. Probably get Titan's Bane

Build Item Golden Blade Build Item Warrior Tabi

Mid Game (3rd item)
? Rage for early stacks up to 5. You get stacks by kills or assist.

Build Item Rage

4th Item
? Asi for Life steal and penetration

Build Item Asi

5th item

Build Item Deathbringer

Last item

Build Item Titan's Bane

Final Build Ex # 1 (Tank Shredder)
?Start with Golden Blade for better clear in the early game phase amd for the nice movement speed... then sell it for Titan's Bane That's why it's in the first slot because it will replace Golden Blade I hope you don't get confused. DO NOT BUY Titan's Bane first item. This is what your final build should look like! :)

Build Item Titan's Bane Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Rage Build Item Asi Build Item Stone Cutting Sword Build Item Deathbringer

Final Item # 2 (For beginner-ish)
? Hastened Katana get this item if you are having trouble keeping up with your enemy, it's still a pretty good item.

Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Hastened Katana Build Item Rage Build Item Asi Build Item Stone Cutting Sword Build Item Deathbringer

Optional Item(s) & Defensive Item(s)
? Wind Demon is okay if you don't want any penetration, if you want to go only after the squishies by all means increase your crit. I would not advice to go after tanks and warriors when building this because you have zero pen. Most likely they will get Nemean Lion and Thorns ! be careful

Bloodforge now get this item if you are looking to stay in fight. If you ult and lets say you are picking people left and right then get this item. It will give you the shield and life steal. The reason I pick Asi over Bloodforge is that you get an attack speed, life steal and penetration for a cheap price !

Build Item Hastened Katana Build Item Wind Demon Build Item Bloodforge Build Item Talaria Boots Build Item Magi's Cloak


Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Blink Rune

Consumables & Wards

Build Item Baron's Brew Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Potion of Physical Might Build Item Elixir of Power Build Item Chalice of the Oracle Build Item Sentry Ward Build Item Ward

God Skill Order

Made You Look

Made You Look 1 4 6 7 10 key bind

Maximum Velocity

Maximum Velocity 3 8 11 14 15 key bind

Special Delivery

Special Delivery 2 12 16 17 19 key bind

Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom 5 9 13 18 20 key bind


Hi once again, I'm back again with my second favorite assassin in Smite Mercury. Now... Mercury is one of the hard hitting assassin in the game, his late game is cancerous. I just want to mention that I'm not an expert in Conquest and also English is not my first language so please try to understand me. I will try my best to explain his abilities and items. Let's get right on to the build! :)


Hello I just wanna go quickly over Mercury's build

Starting item would be Assassin's Blessing and a tier 1 Katana. Farm buffs and harpies and mid lanes, kill enemy as much as possible in early game. Then back finish your Golden Blade. Don't forget to sell this later on the game, this item only helps Mercury to clear faster during the early phase of the game. Then your second item would be Warrior Tabi Third item is of course you want to stack your Rage you want to stack as early as possible. At this point, I like to go for Asi for early life steal, attack speed and penetration for a cheap price! I would choose this over Bloodforge. Your 5th item would be Deathbringer then into Titan's Bane for final item. This build will help you go not only for squishes but you can do some damage to tanks as well.

Please click the question mark (?) in the build for explanation! :)

Choice of Relics

Now when it comes to relics, it all comes down to your personal preference or current situation. Feel free to experiment but this is what I often use when using Mercury.


Discussing his abilities & Leveling your Abilities


Summary of his abilities!

Match Ups (Do's and Don'ts)

Knowing your target when playing Mercury is really important. Here's some gods you should go after. Keep in mind, you should try to ignore going after warriors and guardians in the early game, because you probably not gonna do a lot of damage to them until later in the game. However, that doesn't mean you couldn't kill them.

Do (✓)

Don't (X)

Combos and Engaging Tips

Mercury's Combo

Tips playing Mercury!

Helpful Videos

Here's some helpful videos.

Video #1

Video #2

Pros / Cons


+High Single Target Damage
+High Mobility
+High Control
+Tower & Phoenix Pusher




My job here is done. I hope you guys like my Mercury build. Remember just keep practicing this god. He is such a hard hitting and a FANTASTIC pusher. I will probably gonna keep updating this as season goes on. Please take one second to rate my build and feel free to comment. Thank you and have fun.

Submitted: 2/20/2017


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Guide Changes (Ignore this)

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