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Marki's short guide to Mercury [Outdated]

August 28, 2014 by BestMinionEver
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mobility king

Smite God: Mercury

Item Purchase Order

Starter items

Build Item Bumba's Mask
Build Item Hand Of The Gods (Old)
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion

Early game

Build Item Warrior Tabi

Mid game

Build Item Rage Build Item Hastened Fatalis Build Item Purification Beads (Old)

Late game

Build Item Bloodforge Build Item Titan's Bane Build Item Deathbringer

God Skill Order

Made You Look

Made You Look 1 3 6 7 8 key bind

Maximum Velocity

Maximum Velocity 4 10 11 12 14 key bind

Special Delivery

Special Delivery 2 15 16 18 19 key bind

Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

Marki's short guide to Mercury [Outdated]

August 28, 2014


Mercury "Messenger of The Gods" is a Roman god and is melee physical assassin.
This guide is made for jungling and is focused on playing him as a hyper carry to deal tons of damage with you basic attacks and mobility. He can also be played with a focus on Made You Look, but to me he plays best when focused on basic attacks.

About Mercury's Skill Set

Fastest God Alive (Passive)

As the name says this passive has to do with speed. He gets 20 percent of all movement speed as physical power (so speed buff, items, actives etc.) and for every ft traveled (up to 500ft) he gets 0.1 percent more physical power on his next basic attack (50 percent fully stacked).
He also got a basic attack chain with the first swing doing x1 damage, second swing doing x0,75 damage and the third and final swing doing x1,25 damage.

tips on using the passive

Made You Look

It is an aoe ability with short cooldown and relatively low casting cost. It has a relatively low base damage and just a +50 percent of you physical power, but the big thing about the ability is that it can apply "on-hit" effects and it can do critical hits. As you put points into the ability the area of the ability increases, which makes it easier to hit.

My thoughts about the ability and how I use it

Combined with Rage and Deathbringer you just deal so much damage. It is a great finisher and is really good for teamfights. You can also use it to reset the attack chain (hit 1 basic then Made You Look to hit for 100% 2 times instead of 100% then 75%. Not that it matters much, but it gives you a little bit more burst damage.

Maximum Velocity

Steroid that gives you 30-70 percent increased attack speed (with Mercury's 1,0 attack speed it will boost your attack speed wit 0.3-0,7 attacks pr second) for 3-5 sec. It also gives you an 2-10 percent passive increase to your movement speed (witch combines great with your passive Fastest God Alive). For 60-80 mana and 18-14 sec cooldown.

My thoughts about the ability and how I use it

This is what makes Mercury a beast that he is, early game it is very good for when you are chasing kills (with the passive movement speed) and it helps a lot for jungle clearing (just activate it and jab away on the main mob and use Hand of the Gods to kill the camp. Combined with Rage the damage you can get is just so high.
Normally I activate this as soon as I'm engaging someone. The same applies to gods with slows as well, like Zhong Kui. Max it first because "Gotta go fast!".

Special Delivery

This is a dash/pull kind of like Sobeks Charge Prey, just with a shorter throw that you can aim (1 sec aiming time) and you can go through minions with it. You will dash until you hit a enemy god, then you start spinning him dealing a 4 ticks of very low damage over 1 second (40 damage + 60 percent of your physical power total at rank 1). After the 1 second you throw the enemy the way you are facing. The ability has a 15 sec cooldown on all lvls and the damage to enemy gods increases at such a low rate that I max this last (for clearing waves it might be worth maxing earlier, but I doubt it).

My thoughts about the ability and how I use it

Can we get a "OMG OP, NERF THIS SH**!!!"? No just joking, but it is at least one of the strongest abilities in the game IMO. I put a point in this first because it is so strong in lvl 1 fights (if one should occur), combined with lets say Ao Kuang's Tornadoes or Hercules's Driving Strike.
It is also very good for ganking, early game you can throw an enemy into your minion wave then have your teammate kill the enemy. When the early game is over I normally throw someone into a wall, and then move to body block them while beating them to a pulp when I gank. Unless there is some good combo you can do with your teammates (like throwing them into Artemis's Transgressors Fate or something like that, but I'll give some examples on that later).
You can also use it as an escape if something goes bad, or for chasing an escaping enemy.

Sonic Boom

This is another dash with a range that increases over time while you charge it up (you can dash as far as you want (almost), but you can't go through walls). The distance is traveled instantly and you deal a fair amount of damage to everyone you hit, and they are disoriented for 1 second.

My thoughts about the ability and how I use it

The ability can be a bit awkward to use due to the fact that you can't stop the charge up, so if you charge it up to far you have to cancel it and start the charge up again. But when you get a hang of it (you will start to know from when in the jungle you can start to charge it up depending on how far you have to travel), but normally I just start to charge it when I get to the lane etc.
I've found that the best use of it is for split pushing (using it to dash back down your lane), ganking someone who is pushing your tower (dash followed by Special Delivery into your tower, and then followed by a Fist of the Gods stun), in teamfights to dish out some damage and cc or to take down a nasty enemy 1v1.
Just be careful to charge it up enough.

Pros and Cons


High dps
Good mobility
High Attack speed
Insane early game ganks
Good splitpusher
High Lifesteal
Good utility


No jump
Medium penetration


I've made this guide with the intention to teach (to my best ability) I would recommend watching streams of "pro" players when they play him and of course play him a ton if you want to truly master Mercury. But I've at least tried to give my view on the god and how to utilize him and hopefully the guide will help you on your way to that god rank 10.

Leave a comment if there is something you think I should add or explain more in debt!
Cheers Marki

Guide Log

I'll do my best to keep the guide up to date, this is just to show what I've added/changed etc. lately.

Published (Build): 16.10.2013
Made the "Jungle Route" chapter: 16.10.2013
Finished "Jungle Route" chapter: 16.10.2013
Made the "About Mercury's Skill Set" chapter: 16.10.2013
Finished "About Mercury's Skill Set" chapter: 16.10.2013
Made the "Items" chapter: 16.10.2013

Finished "Items" chapter: 17.10.2013
Made the "Ability Combos" chapter: 17.10.2013
Made the "Guide Log" chapter: 17.10.2013
Made the "Summary" chapter: 17.10.2013
Finished "Summary" chapter: 17.10.2013

Added more to the "Ability Combos" chapter: 18.10.2013

Hasted Fatalis FTW: 27.10.2013

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