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Hell's hell hound season 5 build

February 11, 2018 by Gingie
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Build 1
Build 2

The Guardian of the gates (conquest)

Smite God: Cerberus

Item Purchase Order


Build Item Guardian's Blessing
Build Item Shoes
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Healing Potion


Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Reinforced Shoes

ITEM #2 & #3

Build Item Stone of Binding Build Item Hide of the Urchin


Build Item Pythagorem's Piece Build Item Spirit Robe


Build Item Stone of Gaia


Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Bulwark of Hope Build Item Hide of the Nemean Lion


Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Blink Rune Build Item Meditation Cloak

God Skill Order

Paralyzing Spit

Paralyzing Spit 1 3 6 8 10 key bind

Ghastly Breath

Ghastly Breath 2 7 11 14 15 key bind

Soul Expulsion

Soul Expulsion 4 12 16 18 19 key bind

Stygian Torment

Stygian Torment 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

Hell's hell hound season 5 build

February 11, 2018


Welcome to my guide for Cerberus, warden of the underworld!

I am a experienced player who plays mainly joust and have dabbled into the other game modes like conquest and arena .
Cerberus is one of my new favourite guardians and i believe he has a lot of potential to be one of the most dynamic guardians in the game.

Do note: the build above is my starting build i have been using and i will be updating it regularly if i make any drastic changes to the build or Cerberus himself from the upcoming updates/patches.

This is my first ever smite fire guide and i have been considering building one for a while if there is any mistakes in my build or my stats please comment and give me ideas, tips and tricks to make the build better.

Regardless, lets move on to the hound himself, Cerberus!

Pros / Cons

  • Good team fight potential
  • Great early game clear with Ghastly Breath
  • Excellent self healing and sustain
  • huge slowing area ability Ghastly Breath
  • Great ult to setup for team wipes and team escapes
  • build in life steal and anti heal Spirit of Death
  • has the potential ability to team wipe if built correct
  • Very squishy
  • Basic attacks look and feel terrible
  • mediocre escape with Soul Expulsion
  • easily visible because of character model
  • CC immunity is this gods bain
  • his ult easily avoid because of small area
  • his Paralyzing Spit needs to have all 3 projectiles hit before stun


Health: 576 (+86)
Mana: 235 (+35)

Speed: 360 (+0)
Range: 12 (+0)
Attack/Sec: 1.01 (+0.1%)
HP5: 8(+1)
MP5: 5 (+0.50)

Magical: 31 (+1)
Physical: 22 (+3)
Basic Attack
Damage: 40+1.5(+20% of Magical Power)
Progression: None


Passive - Spirit of death

Spirit of Death provides a 20% anti heal and also when enemy's heal each other or them self's you take 40% of this healing this passive is really effective against gods such as Aphrodite because they are consistently healing there team mates so allows you to not waste gold on Pestilence this is also a steady healing throughout game. I would rate this passive ability a 5/5

1 - Paralyzing Spit

Paralyzing Spit is a stun but the stun only procs if all 4 projectiles hit the enemy god each one hitting for 20% less damage then the last one this skill can be used as a wave clear as well as your Ghastly Breath because it passes though enemy gods, minions and jungle buffs Paralyzing Spit is best used when setting up a team attacks stunning the enemy god then ganking them also if trying to escape from enemy's this can be a good slowing tool to give yourself space. I would rate this ability a 2/5

2 - Ghastly Breath

Ghastly Breath this ability is a coned ranged attack having 2 sectors the middle being a slow, dealing damage overtime and the sides of the cone just dealing damage and not slowing this skill damages 7 times during its 2.4 second duration as well as doing that the move also reduces magical protections up to 3 times during the move. This is your main wave clear over Paralyzing Spit once levelled because of its damage this is a really effective move because of its many uses being able to weaken down enemy's as well and having them slowed while damaging them. I would rate this ability a 4/5

3 - Soul expulsion

Soul Expulsion this ability is a leap if you could even call it that i think this ability should be more of a jump but it still has really good add ons to this ability when using this you create souls that you can kill and get health because of this ability it lets you sustain yourself in team fights or just in lane it allows you to health of enemy gods,minions and jungle camps giving you a heal without needing to build life steal. I would rate this ability a 3/5

4 - Stygian torment

Stygian Torment Cerberus ult is a mixture of Ares -> Sylvanus because not only is it a knock up but it is all a pull which you can decide where the enemy gods get place you can use your ult then place the enemy gods behind or in front of you which can then lead into a gank because they wouldn't be able to get out unless they use Purification Beads I would rate this skill a 4/5


starter items

Item 1
Guardian's Blessing is the only starter item you need out of the the starter section it cost's little to nothing allowing you to get tier 1 Shoes as well giving you that extra needed movement speed at the start of the game. With Guardian's Blessing you can allow your ADC to get stacks while being in assist range of the minions using the item to its fullest potential getting the gold and extra health and mana from using the item correctly.

Item 2
Shoes should be picked up before any defensive items because with Cerberus movement speed he is rather slow and giving him that slight added 6% speed boost it will help getting to the minion wave faster and branching off to the buff camps.

Item 3
using Healing Potion at the start of the game is so needed for Cerberus because of his small health i am sure he has the lowest health out of the guardians and he is really squishy early game so keeping Healing Potion on you will increase your survivability throughout the early stages of the game and allow you to attack and protect for much longer before having to back.

Item 4
Mana Potion are needed just like the Healing Potion Cerberus early game doesn't feel like other guardians that can deal with having no Healing Potion and just go Mana Potion or Chalice of Mana he has no choice but to go both or else he would have to play like an assassin and stay back until he has started building his protections.

Main items


Reinforced Shoes the reason behind using these shoes is the fact that Cerberus is very squishy and does take alot of damage early game and the added stacks which cap at 18 magical and physical protections helps out alot because of being poked early game Reinforced Shoes also gives you a little extra health (75) it also gives you 20% crowed control reduction.

Shoes of the Magi helps if you are very good at your positioning and can play really aggressive because you have that 10 penetration plus the Ghastly Breath also burning down protections allows you to melt down the weaker gods like mages, assassins and hunters allowing you to deal huge damage and forcing them to have to back because of the extra damage you would do with the 40 magical power and 10 penetration.

Items 2&3

Stone of Binding is the best item for you to support your teammates and self sustain yourself becuase of its 30 protections it add's as well its passive of putting a crowed control on an enemy god to give your teammates a 10 penetrations for 5 second which allows your teammates to deal alot more damage over those 5 seconds then they would do without having the extra penetration

Hide of the Urchin this is a good item to have on all guardians because of its 250 health, mana and 30 base protections as well as this items passive giving an extra 3 protections for each god killed a max stack of 10 totally giving 60 protections


Pythagorem's Piece this item isn't just for cool down i use this item over Spirit Robe when i am ahead because of its passive giving your other team mates life steal and also giving it to yourself this allows you be a healer in a small sense because you are allowing your team mates to get life steal for the magical gods they gain 30 magic power, 12% life steal and for the physical gods they gain 20 physical power and 10% life steal.

Spirit Robe i normally buy this item if i am behind and struggling with surviving in fights and i think i am taking too much damage i would grab Spirit Robe passive allows you to gain a additional 15% damage mitigation for 3 seconds after taking a hard crowed control this would help you from enemy's trying to burst you down and let's you have a chance of making it out.


Stone of Gaia gives 400 health, 25 HPS and 15 MPS with 2 really good passives the first one being gaining 10 percent of your maximum health over the next 10 seconds after taking a knock up, knock back, pull or a grab this is really good because it will gain you around 250 health over the 10 seconds. The other passive provides 2% of your maximum health every 5 seconds this heals you when you are in and out of team fights giving you around 20-30 health every couple of seconds.


Gem of Isolation this items passive slows down your enemy's when you are hitting them with a ability makes them slower for 25% of there movement speed combining this with Ghastly Breath which slows enemy's down when they are in the middle of the cone ability this ability would make the maximum slow up to 37% which would help your team mates be able to gain on them and stop there escape.

Bulwark of Hope this ability is a really good thing to build late game because it helps you have shield that can be up to 350 after your health drops to 30 percent of your maximum health this will be able to help you escape and also survive in the team fight and stay in there longer.

Hide of the Nemean Lion is what you should build when fighting more physical enemy's then magical because 25% of there basic attacks will be reflected back to them which also counts with crits so if you are being hit with a 600 crit you will make them take back 150 damage back this helps in all situations because being a guardian you are meant to protect and take damage in the fights but while using this you are doing all 3 because you are getting physical enemy gods to hurt there self.

still in progress


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