June 07, 2019

An extremely frustrating match

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I don't usually talk about my matches, but here goes a story of probably, the most frustrating match I've ever played.

Yesterday I was playing this game as usual. I stared with this ranked game where for some reason the guy banned Hun Batz and let Hera open. Results: Hera carried the game. Plus I was tilted 'cause I was always or killing Cernunnos or removing both aegis and beads and the team were doing nothing. Ok, not so frustrating, just a ranked with idiots, it's normal. Especial comment: Arachne tower dived a Geb at level 2 and died when she clearly would no be able to kill him. Next match.

I was using and abusing of my new Thoth skin in this match here and duo lane ****ed the game feeding a Chiron who started to rotate and carried the game, plus Cerberus tried to fight alone against him 4 levels behind and quited the game when he died. Results: Surrender. Next match.

Again Thoth mid in this match with a Merlin jungle who bought the entire Shaman's Ring as first item then the entire Chronos' Pendant and only after it, bought a boot. While I was forcing Scylla to play aggressive, keeping her in front of my tower waiting for a gank, he didn't gank me. Only after I fought with her and she totally cast all her skills and relics (killing me in the process) he came (after finished one of the mid camps while a mid laners fight was happening right in front of him), pressed "1" in ice stance and got a kill (the only kill he got in the entire match). Of course we tried to surrender but as always not matter how bad the PC player is playing he didn't surrender with Guan Yu, who was a happy guy saying have fun, who did absolutely nothing in the match except steal kills. Probably a kid, and both kept voting no, even seeing clearly that they couldn't win, so Serqet joined me and we both started to do other things like split pushing and avoid as much as possible fight. Of course we lost, with this Guan Yu and Merlin there was no way to win. When I questioned him why not surrender he said: "I never give up"...that's ****ing ridiculous, next match.

But now comes the REAL FRUSTRATING MATCH, the match of the matches. I will post the link in the end :p

I got solo and of course got my favorite warrior: Tyr. I was against a Chaac who didn't play very well, he seemed to not look his health and mana bar so I got an extremely stupid kill (he kept fight with me and minions early game for absolutely no reason). Ok then I was ganked that's ok, I almost killed both. Then Fenrir started to say "Ward left" (3x), serious, I'm a tyr, I don't need wards since both are physical and I already had blackthorn, my HP bar was always full. Again ganked, no problem, both ultis skills and I got out using my ulti. Returned to base and Fenrir ganked my lane (finally). He wasted all his skills (got the guy with his ulti, missed his jump, missed Brutalize and didn't got him with basic attacks) and Chaac got out walking. Ok. 10 minutes and Thoth went to my lane and stayed there for 2 minutes, yes the ****ING MIDDLE LANE CAME TO SOLO STAYDED THERE FOR 2 ENTIRE MINUTES AND NOBODY, ABSOLUTELY NOBODY PUSHED MID OR CAME TO HELP. Then suddenly, all my entire ****ing team was there, yes, 5 GUYS sharing XP and GOLD from 6 minions. I got really pissed, spammed some vgs and got out of there, I went to duo who lost their lane (nothing new). There I farmed from 15 to 20 minutes got 3 levels ahead of anyone in the match, took down both towers with their full hp bar, and they were there in solo and all of died and they took my tower 1 anyway. Then I went to mid, pushed it, took down tier 1 mid tower while the enemy team was there at solo and took my tower 2. Then the rest of the match was a disaster, our mid laner never, never, NEVER, got out of solo again, and stayed there the entire match pushing that lane. My team were buying non-sense teamfight ("teamfights tortas" as we say in PT) and I returned to right lane (duo) to split push again, and believe or not I took down their entire phoenix alone.
Then the rest of the match were exactly the same thing tank the enemy damage for absolutely nothing 'cause they were all dying even with the enemy casting everything in me.

And at the end of the match the Hel """"""Support""""""" send a message to me saying I didn't do anything, and I was reported. Of course I stated to discuss with her and she said thing like: "oh you took 20 minutes to take down a phoenix", "we were together a large portion of the time with no help from u", "our team "fats" (fights) were **** because of u" to justify their bad performance. Now, see the match and specially the builds: https://smite.guru/match/940322433

Now I ask for you, do you agree I was the wrong person? Should I stopped try to push objectives and fight with enemy for absolutely no reason? With that amount of mitigate damage, I was not helping in teamfights? I was the problem in that match?

Well this is what disappoints in this community, you ARE SEEING THAT BOTH OF YOUR FRIENDS IN THE PARTY ARE A REAL TRASH USELESS IN THE MATCH BUILDING **** BUILDS BUT YOU HAVE TO BLAME SOMEONE THAT LITERALLY CARRY THE ENTIRE EARLY/MID GAME FOR YOUR DEFEAT. It wasn't Hera 3/13/3 or Ullr 7/13/8 or the Hel ""support"" with Doom Orb and Bancroft's Talon, the problem was me.

Sometimes this game is ****ing disgusting. Plus I got Aphrodite disco skin, just to make things even worst.

EDIT: I guess I wrote more than Devampi or Bran in his explanations :v