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xmysterionz's Blog
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December 11, 2018

Hard Carry Hard Fail

Views: 958 xmysterionz
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kukulkan  |  conquest  |  xbox  |  match
I just want to put this match here and make some comments.

First of all I want to complain about Nemesis. What kind of Jungler says "Attack" then immediately retreat letting you die then returns to get the kill? Plus she wasn't able to secure a single kill without die, so congrats to all your kill steals. Not happy with everything she just left the game staying base, a game that was possible to win due my hard carry (I'm Kukulkan). Congrats kid, one the worst junglers I've met.

Second, what is in the mind of this Baron Samedi? What kind of support build like this? Do you want to support or steal kills? And congrats to miss all your skills in teamfights too.

Third Congrats to Chiron always trying to split push and not helping with anything losing a FG while he could ult to secure it.

As Ratatoskr would say "It's hard to find good help these days"

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June 07, 2019

An extremely frustrating match

Views: 508 xmysterionz
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tyr  |  solo  |  match
I don't usually talk about my matches, but here goes a story of probably, the most frustrating match I've ever played.

Yesterday I was playing this game as usual. I stared with this ranked game where for some reason the guy banned Hun Batz and let Hera open. Results: Hera carried the game. Plus I was tilted 'cause I was always or killing Cernunnos or removing both aegis and beads and the team were doing nothing. Ok, not so frustrating, just a ranked with idiots, it's normal. Especial comment: Arachne tower dived a Geb at level 2 and died when she clearly would no be able to kill him. Next match.

I was using and abusing of my new Thoth skin in this match here and duo lane ****ed the game feeding a Chiron who started to rotate and carried the game, plus Cerberus tried to fight alone against him 4 levels behind and quited the game when he died. Results: Surrender. Next match.

Again Thoth mid in this match with a Merlin jungle who bought the entire Shaman's Ring as first ite…
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