May 13, 2020

Myst, where have you been?

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Well, you guys probably didn't notice my participation on the site and/or discord has been very few lately. That's because I'm quitting the site like every Vet does after get this title XD.

Jokes apart, @Boogie and @Bran already know it but the rest of you don't, so here it is: I created an Youtube Channel.

There I basically do what we do here. Talk and Theory-Crafting about Smite, but in my native language, Portuguese!!!
So all my attention has been driven to Channel and my personal Discord Server. I'm sorry if I wasn't able to participate as much as I wanted lately but these things are taking a good amount of my free time. I know you didn't noticed that I'm not complaining, or just flooding your feed however I thought it would be important tell why :P

If anyone wants to support the channel subscribing, even though you don't understand a word there I would be very happy :)
Same for the discord server. That's it guys, thank you!!!!!