October 06, 2020

Fun modes aren't as fun

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Assault  |  Omnipotence


So I've been playing a lot of the "fun" modes to cooldown in between getting my butt kicked ranked but Assault feels like it's not fun at all. These modes used to be fun but people take them way too seriously now. The way the map is designed it absolutely encourages teams to camp under towers as there's no way around them. The first team to try to push out is usually the team that loses because they weren't playing lame. I honestly feel like the map desperately needs Gold/Oni Fury or Demon King PvE options to force teams to leave the safety of towers.

Furthermore if you get a Hunter you're immediately at a disadvantage due to the items. The game bans every single starter item for them. I get Transcendence and Devourer's Gauntlet are powerful items but those are the core items for Hunters. Mages don't get anything banned for them except Warlock and Book of Thoth which aren't even used often in many mage builds. Mages can still go their full lifesteal route with rings, Bancroft's Talon and so on which is rather unfair given there's no option to return to fountain for healing so lifesteal builds on mages are extremely good. Plus Mages still have their good starting items like Chronos' Pendant. Hunters can go Asi, Soul Eater and Bloodforge but without their starting item they're builds always suffer.

Found it funny how Ullr gets re-rolled and traded in Assault because without Trans he's not even viable. Does maybe 2 combos and his mana is gone. As for ADCs without Devo they can get dived on the entire game since they don't have the sustain. This encourages the tower camping even more. The mode is supposed to be fun but so many try hards take the fun out of it by camping towers.


This mode is only fun when there's no healers on either team. I completely avoid it simply because it does not have a ban feature. In a mode with 80% cooldowns if your team doesn't have Aphrodite, Chang'e or Hel you instantly lose. It's not even a matter of skill, those 3 gods are required to play on a team. If you want to play as a Hunter or Assassin and do a fun build but your team doesn't have Aphrodite, too bad you either pick Aphro or lose. Anti-heal doesn't even work since their cooldowns are so fast it completely negates the anti-heal as they can spam their heals to make up it.

When you don't get any healers the mode is a lot of fun. It happens rarely but when there's no healers teams trade back and forth between team wiping till someone wins. That's where this mode actually feels fun. But thanks to try hards once again people often go with the cheesy gods for easy wins. This mode desperately needs bans.