November 29, 2018

All Guardians

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Hello everyone,

I played an Arena match last night with a few friends, and our last match of the night was against a team of all guardians. Puke. I think it was Bacchus, Ymir, Kumbhakarna, Artio, and Xing Tian.. the typical all guardian team..

This was the second time I've had this happen.. I'm pretty sure against the same group months apart..

I was really surprised at how effective going full tank on Fenrir was against this comp.. Usually I'd expect to get steamrolled, but with our double tank comp ( Fenrir, plus Geb) I think we ended around 40 or so tickets behind.

That being said, we night've won if we hadn't queue'ed with a Loki that apparently had never heard of Titan's Bane before... Lol he fed hard.

Anyways, that's it for my daily rant. Enjoy your day.