December 10, 2018


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Joust  |  Kumbakharna
Let me start by saying I'm not a fan of Joust for the most part.

With the 31 days of Smite event going on, I've been trying to get some FWOTD's, and my go-to's for that so far have been Arena, Joust, and Assault. I did a conquest match on Saturday, and actually won, so that was nice. But anyways, I played a Joust match last night with a buddy of mine and another rando, and we absolutely dominated this match, and it was the most fun I've had in Joust probably ever. ***bakharna is so ridiculously good in Joust it almost feels bad playing him. Lol. The match can be seen here. Also had a pretty good Assault match with Sobek before this too... Bran's Overarching Assault Guide was the main reason I stuck with Sobek and I was not disappointed, so thanks Bran. Lol

Anyways yeah, just felt like sharing. Peace.