November 10, 2023

Hi, I'm new here!

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Hello everyone, my name is Rachel and I'm new here.
I wannna share with you some thnings about smite! I'm playing since July 2023 and I'm in love with this game. I'm main Pele in solo-lane, yes I know, Pele is mainly jungle but, ngl she's wonderfull for solo lane, but with a special strategy:

Pele is weak at early game, so I recommend first take a defensive build after starter. You must have some knowledges about the gods of this game and their roles, bc that information will be very important for your gameplay. You must deduct who is gonna be your enemy in solo lane and press tab key to look if he's phisical or magical. When you know, after your best starter for you(in my case warding sigil is good) you have to take or phisical defensive build (contagion) or magical defensive build (oni's H.G.) after that, you must take offensive build, specially with cooldown reduction (I recommend: heartseeker, soul eater, the crusher and jotunn's vigor).

For late-game, you should replace the defensive build from early game (contagion/oni's) for cooldown reduction + health, the perfect build item for that is relic dagger.

At level 20 you know, level up starter and buy power's potions like a crazyy hahahah.

Best relics: magic shell and wing shard (replace cloak of meditation)

Good luck!