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YOU ROCK! (Full Build and Guide for Conquest)

September 19, 2018 by DeathclawDisco
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Conquest Rock Star

Smite God: Geb

Item Purchase Order

Starter Items

Build Item Guardian's Blessing
Build Item Glowing Emerald
Build Item Ward
Build Item Healing Potion

Ideal core items

Build Item Shoes of Focus Build Item Gauntlet of Thebes Build Item Sovereignty Build Item Heartward Amulet

Situational Others

Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Genji's Guard Build Item Spirit Robe Build Item Shogun's Kusari Build Item Oni Hunter's Garb Build Item Pestilence Build Item Midgardian Mail Build Item Celestial Legion Helm Build Item Winged Blade Build Item Relic Dagger Build Item Witchblade

God Skill Order

Roll Out

Roll Out 4 14 15 17 19 key bind

Shock Wave

Shock Wave 1 3 7 9 11 key bind

Stone Shield

Stone Shield 2 6 8 10 12 key bind


Cataclysm 5 13 16 18 20 key bind

YOU ROCK! (Full Build and Guide for Conquest)

September 19, 2018


Hi Everyone.

This guide existed previously but it became corrupted or whatever, so here it is again:

I now have Geb at diamond + a pretty, shiny star - that's what, between 200 and 300 games or something?
If you'd like to add me on Xbox, I'm OP7wist3rL0lly
Geb is my fave god because he can take it, because he's not a hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a massive blummin' rock.

I'll show you the core items for the ideal situation, then the situationals for your 5th and 6th choices - something I've finally ironed out with experience.

I'll also go into how I use Geb - how I believe he's meant to be played, as the #1 sheriff of Support Town.

I always appreciate feedback so please let me know if the setup I'm about to go through could be made better. And if you found this useful, I'd love to hear from you.



Stone shield is OP
Great true support god
Hard to kill
Anti-crit passive
Snowman skin has one of the best voice packs in the game
Used well, can give your team confidence to get stuck in
Fun to roll around (or fly with the robot skin)
Good area control


Not going to 100-0 someone
No built-in heals
Doesn't have a meatball skin (he should)


You shouldn't need to change much at all here. Of course, if you want to swap an item out, go ahead. Hey, you may even be able to improve this build.
As it is though, it's very useful.

Core items:

Always start with Guardian's Blessing
Geb isn't clearing the waves before his ADC so standing near your charge as they clear the minions grants you xp and gold.
Let your ADC get their stacks and save your abilities for enemy gods, should they approach (and they will)
You should be near your teammates as much as possible so using this item as they clear minions is very beneficial (Later on, you'll be sharing waves for your own benefit and will sell the blessing)

Gauntlet of Thebes
This is the true support guardian's core item. We start with an initial 200 health and 15HP5, then the stacking starts. Every assist on a minion gives you 1 physical and 1 magical protection. When you get 50 stacks, you have 50 phys and magical protections, just for being near dying minions! Not only that, at 50 stacks you gain an aura that grants you and your allies within 70 units 10 phys and magical protections. So for simply owning the item and sticking with allies, you get 200 HP, 15HP5 and 60 protections, while you're giving your allies a free set of damage absorbers as long as they're nearby.
For $2400, this is a must for Geb, and as early as you can too.
Match this with your Guardian's Blessing for best results.

Shoes of Focus
My choice over Traveler's Shoes due to the 250 mana and the really useful CDR boost. Movement speed from Traveler's is nice for other Guardians but we're going for decent CDR (at least 20%) so we need the mana. Oh, and Roll Out gets you back into lane more quickly and help rotations, so we don't really need the quicker boots.

If you're going to go with Breastplate of Valor then it'd be fine to change the boots out for Reinforced Shoes and get these first, before the Gauntlet.

As your enemy ADC is doing more damage than their support, your own carry will benefit from your physical protection aura and the HP5. It's likely your enemy jungler will be an assassin too, so more reason to start your auras with physical protections.
* You can choose this before Gauntlet of Thebes if your duo lane enemies are both physical damage gods (I've seen that enough times to mention it)

Heartward Amulet
If your enemy support is doing a lot of damage (nod to Ares, Ymir feel free to pick this up before Sovereignty
*You can pick this up before Gauntlet of Thebes if your duo lane enemy comp is a Guardian and a magical ADC like Freya or Sol

Those are your core items. I know, I know, 4 core items. Not much room for changing things, but we won't normally need to.
Next are your situational items. Add these to your custom build page.
At the point of buying your 5th item, you'll know who you're up against, who's doing the most damage to the team and who's most likely to kill you . The items below are all worth considering for the last 2 spots in your build.

Other Items:

Spirit Robe
10% CDR, 40 of each protection and a valuable pick if you're getting hit with CC often. Every 30 seconds, you can brush off an extra 15% off the damage whilst under CC.
Combine this with Winged Blade for damage mitigation and an escape.

Breastplate of Valor
65 Physical protection and 300 mana will be valuable now. The enemy team are almost certain to have a hunter or assassin. Probably both and maybe more than one of each. They may also have a warrior.
You want some more physical protection. Your allies are probably going to appreciate your shields more often by now as they hunt those kills down and fend off the enemy, so the 20% CDR will help you protect them more.
If the threat is more magical, choose your magical defence before this.

Genji's Guard
One of my new fave items. This thing is pimp, y'all!
Straight in with 70 magical defence and 150 HP. Add those to 10% CDR and a massive 40 MP5 and you have a quality defensive items against them there magic mans and womans.
It does have a passive, and a darn tasty one too:
When you take Magical Damage from Abilities your cooldowns are reduced by 3s. THREE SECONDS! It has an internal cooldown of 30 seconds but realistically, if you're a guardian, you shouldn't be in trouble twice per minute.

An alternative to the popular Bulwark of Hope. with 80 magical protection and 200 health, pick this is you're after some more magical defence and the enemy team are helaing up a lot (s5 is seeing a lot of healing items and gods being picked)
This is a very useful item - add it to your custom items screen ;-)

Winged Blade
Are you getting hit by slows regularly? There are so many in the game right now and while not all pose a threat to Geb, if the enemy team is capitalising on a well-timed slow and you'd rather not have the hassle, pick up the blade. The health it gives will push you over 3000 HP if you're not there already.

Relic Dagger
Health, movement speed and importantly for Geb, cooldown reduction. If you're needing more frequent access to your Magic Shell or any other relic, there's room for this item.

Midgardian Mail
Don't think of this as a selfish pick. Yes, you do get the benefit of the protection and the health, but the passive isn't just for you. Picture your ADC or Mage bumping into a particularly hard-hitting enemy hunter or assassin. You manage to get in front of your ally and take the hits for them and Midgardian Mail procs, the attacker is slowed for 2 seconds. This 2 seconds can give your ally a window big enough to do some heavy damage with less coming back on them. Also, more selfishly, as Geb has an anti-crit function in his kit but nothing to stop penetration, this can help.

Celestial Legion Helm
An interesting one here, and not one you see in every support guide. It's not an aura item but we'll have enough auras flying around that we can be a bit selfish now.
It kinda works like this: After 5 seconds not taking physical damage, you start stacking physical protections. When you eventually take phys damage, the stacks absorb some or all of the damage and then disappear. Worth getting late game if you want some anti-hunter/assassin kit and don't fancy Hide of the Nemean Lion

Mantle of Discord
Geb's going to be in the action more at this point with the mana and health he's built up so a 10% CDR is very nice. More protections too with an impressive 60 each. A good item to take if you're looking for more defence and have a mixed enemy team.
And why not add another tasty passive bonus - if someone takes your health below 30%, you let out a shock wave stun not too dissimilar to Cataclysm. Two ultimates? I think yes!

Stone of Gaia
This is a really nice one, not usually mentioned for Geb but I'm finding it an amazing addition when up against certain gods.
A whopping 400 Health? Check. MP5 and HP5? Check. So not only is Geb now harder to kill, he'll regen mana and his health will reappear at a disturbing rate. And there's more! The passive regens 2% of your health every 5 seconds, so at this point, Geb can potentially have 3500 health which means he'd regen 70 hp every 5s - that's 14 health per second and I reckon that's pretty snazzy.
Oh and there's a second passive too - the reason you will want this item:
Has Awilix been knocking you up? Khepri's pulling you around? Or has Fenrir shown a liking for running away with you? Nah m8 - our new passive turns knockups, grabs and pulls into even faster HP regen: 15% of your maximum Health over the next 10 seconds
*add - I found this works with Ares' ult too. So if you have this AND purification beads he'll usually leave you alone towards late-game unless he's having success pulling you into his team.

A solid defensive utility pick if you have more than one Hunter, or Hunters and a Freya:

Shogun's Kusari
Let's start with 60 magical protections and 10% cooldown. Not enough? Have 20% crowd control reduction and 20 MP5. That's nice, isn't it. But you want a passive. You want a passive that turns your hunter (or Freya) carry into a gatling gun: enter the 20% attack speed for all allies in 70 unites of you.
Your hunter will be able to forget an attack speed item and go for a power or crit one instead, knowing they'll have the attack speed for free!
When I play hunters, I always check if a guardian on my side has built this and if so, i stick to them like glue.

Attack Items:

IMO Geb shouldn't be buying any damaging items but if you want to, you should consider those with HP and a decent passive.

Gem of Isolation
A whopping 90 Magical Power and some health (250) makes this a great attack item for a guardian.
The passive is great too - Enemies hit by your damaging abilities will move 25% slower for 2 seconds. This allows your buddies a slower-moving target after you've hit them with your 2 or Ult. #CCmachineGeb

Ethereal Staff
Similar to the Gem of Iso' with 90 Magical Power and 200 Health but with a different passive: Every 10 secs your abilities deal bonus Magical damage to enemy gods equal to 5% of their max Health. You will notice the extra dmg if you're hitting an ability combo.


Magic Shell
Though you can (and I sometimes) buy Meditation Cloak, I prefer Magic Shell as it acts like a second Stone Shield whereby you cast it on an ally as they're about to take lethal damage and they get, well.. a shield. It doesn't need aiming as it covers all allies in close porximity. I prefer this over the cloak because (correct me if I'm wrong) Meditation Cloak has its healing reduced by anti-heal items, which are common in season 5. The upgrade to the shell gives 2 stacks of block to basic attacks to all allies in range too, which can be so usefull later on.

Blink Rune
This one depends entirely on how you want to play Geb
There's a lot to be said for Geb's Blink==>Ult combo and if you time it well (with your allies aware you're doing it), you can set up a team attack. I suppose you can use it to get somewhere else more quickly if you really want to but you'd mostly pick this up on Geb if you wanted to initiate.
*If you're not getting much response from team mates, maybe you don't put yourself in danger by blinking in, only to find your team didn't follow you in.

Phantom Veil
For those Odin spears only, IMO.
Don't bother getting it just for Ymirs wall or Cabrakans thing; just try and help out with your shield and some CC.

Horrific Emblem
This would be picked as your second relic if you're up against a particularly efficient basic attacker (Hunter or Assassin or Freya)
You can use the emblem to slow them right down and give their target (your buddy) a chance.
It's also very handy for slowing an escaping enemy for your allies to catch and delete.
*If you do pikc this up and use it successfully, you're a very naughty boy/girl, just saying ;-)

So that's my set of Geb items to choose from/ I do find I die a couple of times now and then but I think that's down to my own decisions, pushing when I shouldn't, jumping into crowds to save my allies or when I'm not tough enough yet etc. And (why am I telling you this?!) accidentally pressing my blink and diving into a tower and being blocked by minions and dying.
However I'm more than happy to take a death if it means keeping more dangerous allies alive so they can finish someone off.
Geb's (unofficial) mantra: 'Body-blocking for my peeps and taking a fall for them is better than hanging around while I wait for them to respawn'

If you find this useful, let me know, and if you can offer an improvement, please tell me.


Geb's tools and how they benefit him and his charges.

Passive - Hard as Rock - Crits only do +25% damage to Geb, rather than the normal +100%.
Hahaha, go on, build your crits up. Geb doesn't mind.
With crits being in fashion right now, this is an amazingly handy perk.

1 - Roll Out -
There are a few uses for this, two obvious, one maybe not so much.
Is your team in a fight and you're just leaving the fountain? Roll out and join in quickly. It's a bit like Jing Weis passive and gets you into lane more quickly than just walking, but can be used from anywhere to help rotations.
It's also a decent escape if you get into trouble.

Tip - Fancy separating an enemy from their team and getting them rekd? It's not easy to do due to positioning, but you can roll out behind them and knock them towards your allies. You can initiate a very quick God kill by doing this, especially followed up with your 2 to punch them further into your team. Be careful trying this as Geb drops out of the ability when he hits the god, so if he's at the front of a group, his allies will target you (think of a missed Sobek grab)
Build this last
Another tip - It's amazing how many enemies will launch abilities at you as you roll across their front line. Simply rolling across no-man's land before a team fight can be all it takes for the enemy to waste a couple of useful abilities and your team to spot an opening.

2 - Shock Wave -
This is pretty good for pushing the enemy team back a little and can be used when trying to prevent an ally from being chased or to knock an enemy back into danger when they try to escape. If nothing else, it provides a reminder to the enemy team that you're always there, slowing their attack and getting in the way.
Use straight after Cataclysm for extra knockup, silence and annoyance.
Build this first or second, player's choice

3 - Stone Shield - Geb
Geb's life saver. It's what he does. It lasts up to 5 seconds and with a lvl 20 Geb, can potentially provide over 600 health for its duration, something your allies will love you for when they're about to die. It also wipes any CC from them, allowing them to run away from nasty things like a Hades Ult, Poseidon's pool or a Xing Tian Swing.

You shouldn't need to use it on yourself much at all, so always keep an eye on your teammates and have a shield ready for them. Your mana and CDR will help you provide shields regularly but don't just throw it out when it's up - watch your team and try to keep them in range so you can prevent a death.
You know when you just miss out on killing that fleeing enemy? They just make it out of range and you're all like 'that's too bad'? Well the enemy team is going to experience that a whole load with Geb's shield used properly :-)
Note - from time to time, you'll be near a boxing match and both gods are dying quickly. Your shield can give your buddy that confidence to stay in the fight and get the killing blow before they take one themselves.
Build this first or second, you choose

* Ultimate * - Cataclysm -
This is a gr9 ability, providing a bit of damage and a stun. It's great for silencing the enemy for a second during an intimate team fight or dropping when protecting an ally; that second of stun (and over a relatively large area) can change a fight for your team as well as initiate one if you spot an opening. Rally your team and use a well-timed Blink Rune & Cataclysm combo for a guaranteed 'nice job!'
Mid to late game, your team will get confidence from seeing a full-health Geb standing by them and will happily follow you if you decide to start something ;-)

Play Time!

Early game Geb -
You're not yet the brick wall you'll become later so don't rush into battle, just provide a deterrent by being present for your ADC and use your shock wave and shield. Always keep your eyes on your ADC - if they know Geb, they'll want to attack a low-HP enemy and your shield will allow them to push that little bit further than normal. It'll also help them get to the safety of your tower if timed right.
Hold waves for your ADC when they're not in lane; they benefit from the stacks more than you do at early game and you want the assist to stack Guardian's Blessing You'll get the gold and xp you need so don't worry about the minions; you can farm later.
Warding - Do it and do it often. Your ADC won't likely buy wards and your mid-laner may rely on the jungler to do it for them. Bear in mind that if only you and your jungler are warding early on, that's only 4 wards. Your jungler will ward to the left and right of the mid lane. Your wards both go in the duo lane jungle - preferably one at the junction just below the Gold Fury and one just above it, or further in towards mid lane. Basically at any junction the enemy jungler will pass through to get to your lane.

Typically stay with your ADC and hold lane when they back to the fountain. Take the purple buff when possible and keep an eye on your mid lane and jungler; if the jungler is helping solo lane or is in the fountain and your mid laner could use a hand, feel free to rotate or help them get the red buff, whatever you can do to help. For now, your solo-laner will likely be fine on their own and with occasional help from the jungler.

Mid game Geb - Now you're getting more involved and finding your shield is used a lot more often, so you'll need to be present. As you get more health, protections and mana, you'll be out in the battlefield more often and need to make yourself known. Always try to be with an ally; there's no reason for you to be on your own anywhere except in the fountain.
If your ADC has taken a tower down, they'll look after themselves a lot more easily without the pressure of pushing too much, so you can roam. If mid-lane is ahead, they will help out by rotating too, and your jungler and solo-laner should now be seen a lot more too.
If a lane needs help, go and help. Don't feel pressured to be everywhere at once and don't blame yourself if you rotated to help out and your carry dies. Yes, it's your job early on to protect but you can't stick to them the whole game (the enemy team will notice you're not present anywhere else).
You're now grouping up more, seeing more of the other lanes and helping where you can.
*Wards - we need wards. Put them where the enemy is likely to go and if you can, place them near the Fire Giant and Gold Fury (which your team should be going for in mid game)
If you hear the Gold Fury drop and you know your ADC is in his/her lane, warn them immediately that enemies are incoming and get over there to help in case they don't/can't retreat.
*Be the front line tank and remember that it's better to die yourself and save an ally than run away, letting them die and miss out on gold they need to attack late game; you're there to keep your team in the fight, not wander around while you wait for them to respawn ;-)

Late game Geb - The wall. Geb is no longer just a deterrent, he's an obstacle and a damn big one. Your team will now know to stay near you and that you're watching them, but the enemy will always have one eye on you as they try to make their assaults - because by this stage, they really dislike you. Prepare to be focussed down if you're having a good game and take it as a compliment.

Wards - If you have the gold, grab a Chalice of the Oracle Three wards every time you visit the fountain. Keep warding where needed:
If your tier 2 tower is down, the Phoenix is going next so place a ward where you'll see a sneaky enemy approach (and call them out to the team)
If the Fire Giant is up or nearly there, you want it warded.

Stay with your team and remind them to 'group up'. They're doing the damage and you're keeping them alive. Don't get carried away and try to solo anyone or take a tower down alone - you need your team as much as they need you.

If you have the gold and your kit is finished, consider if any of your earlier items could be swapped to counter the enemy more efficiently. If not, upgrade your relics.

As I said earlier, don't worry if you die whilst protecting your team. Your KDA at the end isn't what makes Geb (or any support), it's how well you protected your team so they could get the objectives down. You aren't a hunter or a warrior, your role is to assist your guys by helping them fight longer and not spend time in the fountain waiting to come back to life while the enemy takes advantage of a quiet map.
OK, your team will know their roles and get kills/objectives anyway, but they'll always appreciate a decent Geb having their back. Get ready to hear 'Thanks' and 'You Rock' a lot. *thanks, guys. You rock too now let's take that Titan!

Last Words

A few quick ones to finish (nearly done, I know I wrote a lot)

*Don't be disheartened if you go 0/7/14 if you know you did everything you could to protect your team. If you win and you played as well as you could, your stats don't matter (Ask the pros, they'll tell you the same)
*Don't get down when you save a team mate from certain death and you took the fall so they could escape - and they didn't say 'thanks'. Some players don't use the emotes, some don't know how to and some just don't realise what you just did for them. Support is the under-appreciated role but ironically, everyone knows that, so hey - don't worry - you're doing a good job and your team are lucky to have ya ;-)

* If you notice one of your team dying frequently (and they're not intentionally feeding) it's OK for you to offer a bit more support to them so they can catch up. We all know how hard it can be to get back in the game when you've had a poor early game. Example - I was playing as Kuzenbo a while back and my teammate in mid was being harrassed every couple of minutes by a well-piloted Bakasura We needed our mid Agni to be powerful (and confident) for late-game so I focussed a lot more of my time on being nearby. Two or three failed Bakasura attacks later, he left Agni alone and our team all went on to finish well. #teamwork #makesthetowersfalldown

* Don't blame teammates for your deaths. If you died, ask what went wrong. Was it your positioning? Should you have a counter item already?
If your teammate made a mistake and you had to die to try and save them, it's OK, maybe they're having a poor game or maybe they're new to the game ;-)

*Don't react to negative in-game calls like 'you rock', 'cancel that' or 'awesome' when you die. Focus on your game and keep going, adapting to the game. Oh and certainly don't respond if you get any negative PMs :-o
If you are seeing negative language amongst your team, be the one to say 'no problem', 'have fun' and 'you rock'. It's amazing how much a simple emote can spoil or energise your performance.

Thanks for reading, I know that was a lot but hopefully this has helped or offered some kind of idea for your own build.

Let me know how I did :-)
Thanks for reading.
Good Luck
Have Fun
You Rock

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