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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Tyr, the Hand of Justice!

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Smite God: Tyr

Build Guide Discussion (44) More Guides
Bruiser (His only real role)
Bruiser (His only real role) Jungling/High Initiation Sequence (With Jungle's Main Build)

Purchase Order

Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Voidblade Voidblade
Build Item Frostbound Hammer Frostbound Hammer
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Shifter's Shield Shifter's Shield
Build Item Ankh of the Golem Ankh of the Golem


Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer
Build Item Midgardian Mail Midgardian Mail
Build Item Runic Shield Runic Shield
Build Item Soul Eater Soul Eater
Build Item Qin's Blades Qin's Blades
Build Item Hydra's Lament Hydra's Lament
Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi

Active Possibilities

Build Item Aegis Amulet (Old) Aegis Amulet (Old)
Build Item Combat Blink Combat Blink
Build Item Creeping Curse Creeping Curse
Build Item Girdle of Inner Power Girdle of Inner Power
Build Item Purification Beads (Old) Purification Beads (Old)
Build Item Restoration Shard Restoration Shard
Build Item Meditation Cloak Meditation Cloak
Build Item Heavenly Wings Heavenly Wings
Build Item Eye of Providence Eye of Providence

Tyr's Skill Order



1 X
2 12 16 18 19
Power Cleave

Power Cleave

2 A
1 8 11 14 15
Change Stance

Change Stance

3 B
3 4 6 7 10


4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


Greetings! I'm DecimusBrutalis, and have been a MOBA player (namely League of Legends) for quite some time. I've found a nice fit in with Smite, a purely skillshot based game, which I find more fun and skill-requiring to play. With a past in these kinds of games, two guides that were on homepage for a very very long time( //, I seek to construct the perfect guide on Tyr. Tyr is a bruiser, much like Thor, and is not meant to be a one-shot assassin, nor a full tank. His good base damage, combined with good scaling, make him a very good terror to follow behind your tank, absolutely brutalizing and disrupting every member CC'd by your tank. He is an amazing duelist, with a combo that leaves an enemy disrupted for long enough to finish with auto attacks, decimating mages that are simply not tanky. He has late game sustain, mobility, damage, survivability, built in cc reduction, and disruption. He is terrifying.


Disruption with Fearless and Power Cleave
Very high base damages
Adequate scaling damage for a bruiser
Minimal Sustain on Guard Stance's Power Cleave
Cooldown Resets on Stance Changes, effectively yielding a 5 ability combo
RIDICULOUS mobility with 2 Fearless and Lawbringer
Unyielding gives built in CC reduction
Good late game waveclear
Passive on Stances provides unique teamfight interaction and versatility.

Very little early game sustain
Very slow waveclear early game
Susceptible to chain CC's, as passive doesn't prevent that
Mobility absolutely ruined by cripples ( Poseidon, Ares, Cupid, etc)
Hard to learn to aim the abilities
Beginners will knock targets away from team, effectively saving the enemy (Similar to Freya's Banish saving targets)
Stance management is complicated

Effectively, His Pros vastly outweigh his cons.

It comes down to, he has low early sustain, has a high skill floor, and is ruined by cripple. These are all easily manageable, and as such, Tyr is a terror late game.


Tyr cannot be Stunned, Taunted, Feared, or Mesmerized for longer than 1 second.
This is a wolf in sheeps clothing, as some people would at first glance think "CC immunity past one second". This does not include chain CC, and there are many CC's that either are simply short, or do not fall into this category.

For example: Bindings/Immobility/Slows/Knockbacks/Knockups/Banishes/etc are not reduced. Very few CC's go past 1 second unless an ultimate. Finally, Chain CC's are not prevented. Say Athena Taunts you into a Hades Fear into a Thor Wall into an Apollo Mesmerize. Nothing can be done there.

However, Hun Batz will have a terrible time facing you, as his fear will not have nearly the effect it normally would.

Your initiating tool solo/into a teamfight. I generally prefer initiating in Assault Stance, then swapping to Guard stance for the long haul. This ability, in Assault Stance, will hit anyone along the way, bringing them with you in a suppression-like CC, then knocking them up. This hits twice during the effect, doing a fair amount of damage. In Guard Stance, it hits once and knocks the targets up and to the side. This ability is good for initiating, swapping stances, then fleeing with the second charge. It's mobility is amazing, however cripples, well, cripple you from using it.

Note that as of most recent patch, the first rank of this ability has been nerfed by 10 damage. No other rank - they'll still do the same, just first rank. Tyr is unkillable and apparently unnerfable.

Power Cleave
Your damage. This is literally your damage. In Assault Stance, anyone knocked up (Namely by your Fearless), will be knocked away. Note that if this is done into a wall, they will fly up along the wall, but still be hittable from the ground. This is RIDICULOUS for killing mages one on one, as they will lose most of their health during this 1-2 combo. In Guard Stance, it does not have this effect, but it heals for a decent amount for every enemy hit, up to 3. This ability is your main damage dealer and waveclear. The amazing heal and damage scaling it has, along with the CDR each rank, are why it's maxed second.

Change Stance
This is what makes Tyr, Tyr. The passive grants bonuses depending on what stance you're in (Power in Assault, Protections in Guard), and allow you to swap stances. It also resets the cooldown on your abilities when used, effectively making your Fearless-Power Cleave combo a Fearless-Power Cleave-Change Stance-Power Cleave-Fearless combo. However, this also means you must manage how you want to enter a fight: Do you want to be safe entering, then use the damage of Assault to finish up, or initiate with a lot of damage on a team with the knockup+knockaway effect, and then swap to Guard Stance to sustain any leftover damage and heal with its Power Cleave effect. It's what makes Tyr have a high skill requirement.

Tyr's ultimate is like the quicker, weaker version of Thor's ultimate. It has roughly the same radius, and similar damage, but it's got about a Celestial Beam like distance, does not send you into the air in an immune state, and does not stun, but slows. However, you are CC immune during channeling. It is both an escape and a chaser, and it, combined with 2x Fearless, are what make Tyr so ridiculously mobile. It's great for finishing off that low health, frustratingly low target.

Skill Order

> > >

Get Power Cleave level 1 for the waveclear or you'll be pushed to your tower from the very start in conquest. Then pick up Fearless level 2 for the possible first blood, as level 2 is known as the very volatile moment where base damage is ridiculous and max health is very low. A single combo could land your opponent in your tower and dying. Pick up Change Stance level 3, and you now have your full combo ready (explained below).

From here, the order is Lawbringer for the CDR and Damage scaling, Change Stance for the passive bonuses to help your normal attacks (since your abilities already have good base damage), Power Cleave to reduce the cooldown and increase the damage as your best scaling ability, and Fearless last since the cooldown is not reduced. (This is not in any way your worst ability though, it's just the most pointless to level up)

***If you want to Jungle or High Initiation***
Due to many people who are EXTREMELY split on skill orders, there is basically no preference order that has not been done. Some like what I've posted based on base numbers. Some like to max 1 for initiation. Some like the tankiness and sustain of maxing 2. Some get one point in ult and nothing until the last 4 levels. It's very varied. As such, as a W.I.P., I'm adding other builds here.

Lawbringer > Fearless > Change Stance > Power Cleave

This moves Fearless into 2nd, and pushes the other two back. I prefer the CDR on the other two abilities for teamfights and the utility gained each rank. However, Junglers and people who prefer to trade, not sustain, have been taking Fearless first. This gives you very, VERY high base damage on the ability, which in Assault Stance, followed by a power cleave, lets you do a LOT of damage, knock them away, and get out. It could also instant gib mages in mid lane early game. While this hurts you vastly in a very long fight, for a simple gank, or for the trade, this is not a bad idea. Just know that maxing Power Cleave last, in Guard Stance it will heal for very very little. As such, until your Eye of Retaliation, you have almost no sustain whatsoever. I suggest moving the item up before Frostbound Hammer, to get the sustain.

Skill Combo

**In Assault Stance** (Few Target Annihilator)
Fearless -- while in air -- Power Cleave -- Autoattack -- Change Stance Power Cleave Fearless -- Auto Attacks // Lawbringer depending on situation and ability to catch target.
This initiates, knocks up the targets you catch, and knocks them away or up a wall. Autoattack for the Frostbound Hammer slow and the increased damage, then change stances, heal any damage taken with it's Power Cleave, and knock them away for most likely death. Then auto attack the target if it's near to continue the fight, use Lawbringer if they have escaped since then for a finisher, or flee after a successful trade.

**In Guard Stance** (Several Target Disruptor)
Fearless Power Cleave -- Auto Attack -- Change Stance Fearless -- While in Air -- Power Cleave -- Auto Attacks // Lawbringer depending on situation and ability to catch target
This initiates alongside or without tank, as you are tanky with your passive protections and can stand a hit. It knocks away any targets you hit, seperating them from each other. You power cleave as many as possible to heal up any damage you took while trying to initiate, and auto attack for the slow on the target you are now going to finish off while your teamfight ensues. You use your Fearless charge on the singled out target, wait for the knockup, and Power Cleave to possibly finish them, or knock them back. Engage the low health, if they live, target, and auto attack spam with a Frostbound Hammer slow. Lawbringer can now be used to either finish them off if they escape, or reengage the teamfight if still occuring for massive AoE damage.


Warrior Tabi

This item fits a bruiser perfectly. It has Physical Power, Attack Speed to get off his 1x/.5x/2x progressive chain, and Movement Speed. Tyr does not need Reinforced Greaves as his passive reduces CC reduction already.


Ninja Tabi

Since the most recent patch, it now gives Cooldown Reduction instead of crit chance, making it a very good item for bruisers. If you don't think you're going to use Hydra's Lament, I'd pick it up. If Smitefire hasn't updated yet, ignore it - this item gives CDR, not crit.


Again, a core item on any bruiser. It gives you the protections needed to engage and remain in teamfights, the majority of any physical penetration you will achieve, and the physical power to get a nice start on your early game damage. Penetration, Power, and Protection. The Tri-P-le stats of a bruiser. If you have an Odin or Vamana that builds this, or any assassin/adc hell-bent on building this item, just get the Focused Voidblade version. In general though, it's better you get the AoE version to help out your team, since you need to be near enemies for the aura to work, and you're melee.

Frostbound Hammer

I find on many Champions, Gods, etc in any MOBA game, a character with much mobility usually lacks a root or slow. Tyr fits this perfectly. He has all the mobility in the world to catch someone, but very little to STAY on them. When weaving in the auto attack into the combo-attack I have listed above, and the following autoattacks afterwards, the Frostbound Hammer provides the sticking power Tyr desperately needs. It also helps him stay on targets which are simply FASTER than him, for even if he can catch them, they'll still outrun him ( Poseidon and Ao Kuang come to mind). It gives some nice power and health too, and what bruiser hates that?

Jotunn's Wrath

Short and sweet, it gives Power, even more Penetration, and Cooldown Reduction. Since Tyr resets his cooldowns on Change Stance. You want that ability up as often as possible. It also reduces his Smite, Lawbringer, cooldown. So why not?

Eye of Retaliation

Eye of Retaliation/color]

You're a bruiser. You WILL take damage. I don't care how good you are, if you do not take damage, YOU ARE NOT DOING YOUR JOB. You are the frontline that charges in alongside the tank. This item provides you your sustain - all the lifesteal you will ever need. Combine this with a ridiculous amount of power and scaling power the lower you get on health, it gives you a ridiculous amount of damage and lifesteal needed to win any trade. This is why you're a better bruiser than Fenrir, who has built in lifesteal - You can get it artificially, and still sustain as well as him, WHILE taking damage.



Ankh of the Golem

My preferred 6th item. It gives Attack Speed, Health, and Power based on your Health. When considering the Frostbound Hammer, Tyr's natural health, and the Ankh itself, this power will be a nice little addition, while making him tanky, and able to progress his Swing Chain easier with attack speed. Get this item if you're going to get Ninja Tabi


If you're so fed, that you do not need to worry about dying much at all, and just want more damage to finish people off, this is your item. It gives crit, damage, and more crit damage. That's just a lot of damage waiting to happen. Remember though, it's your basic attacks that crit, and as such, it can be wasted. I suggest being very cautious about buying this item. Ankh is much better for a bruiser.

Hyrdra's Lament

Honestly one of my favorite substitutes for Ankh. This item gives CDR EACH LEVEL, an amazing passive considering Tyr, as a bruiser, has very very high base damage, and a solid amount of power. It's everything he needs. Get this item if you're going to get Warrior Tabi Just remember, you desperately need to follow my combo if you're going to make this effective - if you don't weave in that auto attack it's going to be pointless to get this.

Bulwark of Hope - If their mages are giving you a hard time, this gives you health, magic protection, and a nice passive to keep you alive at low health. I'd suggest swapping out either Ankh or Eye for this. Swap out Eye if you don't need lifesteal (if it isn't helping you to begin with), to partner the health with the Ankh Passive, or swap it out for Ankh if you find yourself with too little damage but in need of health and magic protections.

Midgardian Mail - Generally only a tank item, if you're being kited by someone like a Neith, Apollo, or Anhur, this will slow them down, and let you take the hits they're dishing out, long enough to catch them.

Runic Shield - Same as Bulwark. This is if you want power to mix with the protection, but the passive does not work for all damage, only magic damage. As such, you don't get reduced damage from every source, only mages.

Qin's Blades - Choose these if there are seriously that many tanks. The attack speed helps you get through your progressive swing chain faster, it has health, it has a ridiculous passive, it's overall not bad.

Soul Eater - as per suggestion, I've listed it here. I would never pick it over Eye of Retaliation, but if the health is that important, and none of the other melees have it, you could be doing your team a favor with the aura.


Restoration Shard - Good for the Mana and Health sustain, and almost required in assault. It's not as good for mana as meditation, but the heal is nice, and it's cooldown is short to start stacking it again.

Aegis Amulet - Get if they have someone like a Freya or Loki whose ult will burst you. Useful in any ult situation not solvable through beads. Poseidon, Ra, Ao Kuang, etc.

Purification Beads - Useful with ults like Ares, Hades, or any ult that has a detonation time. It's better than amulet, even if you still take a tad bit of damage, in the sense that you practically reset cooldowns upon use, and it has a shorter cooldown. Do NOT prioritize over aegis if they have someone like Freya or Loki. You can't cleanse death, and these two are still scary enough late game terrors to ruin a Tyr.

Meditation - Nice mana regen, as Bruisers will build a grand total 0 items that give mana or mana regen. Practically required in assault, as you will be very mana hungry early game.

Sprint - good to chase, retreat, hit and run, anything. At rank 3 you suffer NO penalty for attacking while running. It's like Flash vs Ghost in League of Legends - longer, more distance, or instant blink? Which brings me to

Combat Blink - Useful for repositioning and getting out of a situation. It needs to be combat, because regular blink can't be used as an escape. Useful for getting out of Hades ult easily, or getting over walls.

Girdle of Might - If you're so fed that you don't need sustain, don't need to worry about a nuke, and just want to kill people easier, pick this up. If you are a team player and teamfights happen often, get the regular girdle. If you want to be a one-man show, get the Girdle of Inner Power. It's better stats, but only for you.

Creeping Curse - If you are not a big Frostbound Hammer advocate, or want to just make sure nothing moves faster than a snail on horse tranquilizers, this is an amazing slow. This is a useful pickup if you don't need sustain (have a healer), don't need Beads or Aegis, and just want something to help land kills.

Eye of Providence - this new item is good for jungling to know where the enemy jungler is at all times. I don't personally jungle often, but placing this can very well mean landing a kill on their jungler and instantly shutting them down. Put it near a Damage buff or Gold Fury to know when the team is going for objectives, and squash them when they do.


Refer to the Skill Combo situation for what to do mechanically, but as for strategy, you are not the frontline. If you choose Tyr and you do not have a tank on your team, you will do very very poorly. Tyr is a bruiser much like thor, but as susceptible to dying as anyone else, as the protections you do get will let you live on the frontlines, but not alone. So let your tank initiate, and be the follow up man. One on one, you beat nearly any god you can catch (which is practically everyone). In a team, you wait for the initiation, then you disrupt, and single out an unlucky target.

Example: Ymir freezes team. Does your team have follow up that needs them together? (Like Release the Kraken?) If no, then use Fearless]. Split them apart, and force them to scramble and be disorganized. Then, using your combo, pick a target, and take them completely out of the fight due to your disruption and damage. You should have successfully won the teamfight, due to the Ymir initiation, your follow up disruption, and your team taking advantage of the chaos to simply burn their abilities straight into the disgruntled team, whilst taking no damage themselves due to your [[Fearess being a terror to run around in lane.


Tyr is the best bruiser in the game. I sincerely believe this, as Hercules has poor mana issues and not much if he misses a single one of his abilities. Thor simply can't match your tankiness and disruption. You fit well with any team, but particularly ones that don't require a bunched up group. All in all, Tyr fits in very well with SMITE, and will do well with his utility.

So that's my guide. I hope it was a helping hand in finding the perfect build.
Oh come on, you have to hand it to me, I laid off the hand puns until the end of the guide.
Good luck! And have fun DESTROYING gods like Chang'e before they can even activate an ability!

FAQ/Suggestions/Community Videos (W.I.P.)

As this is a very brand new god, PLEASE provide comments with any questions I can answer, suggestions, suggested videos, etc. I am NOT high and mighty and infallible. I want the community to rate, comment, anything at all, so I can provide reasonings and help this guide be the best it can be.

Update Info

8/8/2013: Guide Created
8/10/2013: Added different skill orders based on role. Added jungle build. Added 2 more actives.
8/13/2013: Added BB code to make certain things stand out/easier to read.
8/14/2013: Updated guide for last patch - mostly just Ninja Tabi

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T KRETT | March 27, 2015 4:44pm
that frost hammer seems to be what I need. enemies simply run away as I hit them.
Moustashe | February 16, 2014 9:00am
Personally, I would not max my 3 first as maxing your 2 would give you (way) more damage and healing. The protections and physical damage you get from your 3 only increases your basic damage and lowers your cool-down... But why would you need lower cooldowns if your abilities don't do


The increased heal on your 2 negates the need for protections, as why would you need to migrate a little damage when you can just heal yourself up! Tyr is Heavily ability based. You maxing your 3 makes your basic attacks hit a tiny
bit harder... If it was a mirror match, you would get out damaged because you. CAN'T. DO. ANYTHING! 'CAUSE YOUR WORTHLESS!

This was a pretty good read, up vote from me :)
DroboBrandegee (2) | February 6, 2014 8:24am
Thanks very much Raventhor for this Tyr build, its helped a lot for me being new to using Tyr.
yoavsnake (5) | December 8, 2013 4:13am
Tyr is AWESOME at assault..
Ecgxdante (1) | October 23, 2013 2:54pm
nice build, btw i use combat blink to initiate, get behind the enemy turn 180 degrees and spike them towards my team :)
Depot | October 13, 2013 4:46pm
lot of stuff to read but i use the build thanks
Raventhor (157) | October 7, 2013 1:47pm
Oh ok I understand, it just seemed like a little broken english (not that there's anything wrong with that!)

And sorry I couldn't lead you to victory. After his minor nerf to juggle time and damage on his fearless, it's a tad harder to start the snowball =/
Ahimenes | October 7, 2013 11:54am
what you're saying

I mean that i can not play by Tyr (participated by him over 30 matches, everywhere im "crab"), even 100% follow this guide, however by Guan i play best in 1st match, immediately after purchase him. WTF paradox? (I play in Smite between 1week)

P.S.: If you dont understand this post too...i dont know what else...But folk-wisdom: "If All around the smell of ****, maybe it's you defecate?" ;)
Raventhor (157) | October 6, 2013 11:21am
Ahimenes wrote:

I didnt know how to play Tyr. I play him at over 20 battles...and only 1 normally - 10kills, and ~15death. But my first and lovely hero - Guan, i rage for him already at 1st play 0_o And do 15-20kills/2-5death every match.
When i play Tyr, i sense myself like a crab =( But play for Guan - like a FatherOfSmite)))

Little confused by what you're saying xD
But I'm glad you like Guan Yu!
Ahimenes | October 6, 2013 9:24am
I didnt know how to play Tyr. I play him at over 20 battles...and only 1 normally - 10kills, and ~15death. But my first and lovely hero - Guan, i rage for him already at 1st play 0_o And do 15-20kills/2-5death every match.
When i play Tyr, i sense myself like a crab =( But play for Guan - like a FatherOfSmite)))
Raventhor (157) | August 12, 2013 11:38am
uTridentu wrote:

I've been researching the base stats on all bruisers and apparently, TYR has the lowest average.

Fact is, his scaling AND his attack power are higher than the other bruisers, A.K.A. he is very uncommon, as you need to keep constantly stance changing...
I wonder if a build like this would work: Focused Voidblade, , , Eye of Retaliation, ,

It seems crazy but, I focused CD Reduction items, and to compensate the lack of a heavy damage item, i added transcendence (imo a very underrated item) so both jotunn's and breastplate wouldn't have useless mana. Why boots change? well if you can farm Transcendence you wont be needing that damage or penetration, plus you have voidblade and jotunn's for that, eye of retaliation for that extra sustain and to make you dangerous.

Don't take it as a serious build, I just made it based on theory.

Sounds good on paper, and it's a guide that would probably fit in if you didn't listen to me and picked Tyr without a tank xD
It gives him the Physical Protection and damage reduction needed with breastplate, greaves, and Voidblade. It's sad there's no frostbound though - he'll be very very squishy against mages. All in all though, it looks good! Let me know how it goes and I'd possibly put it in as another build
uTridentu (2) | August 12, 2013 5:06am
I've been researching the base stats on all bruisers and apparently, TYR has the lowest average.

Fact is, his scaling AND his attack power are higher than the other bruisers, A.K.A. he is very uncommon, as you need to keep constantly stance changing...
I wonder if a build like this would work: Focused Voidblade, , , Eye of Retaliation, ,

It seems crazy but, I focused CD Reduction items, and to compensate the lack of a heavy damage item, i added transcendence (imo a very underrated item) so both jotunn's and breastplate wouldn't have useless mana. Why boots change? well if you can farm Transcendence you wont be needing that damage or penetration, plus you have voidblade and jotunn's for that, eye of retaliation for that extra sustain and to make you dangerous.

Don't take it as a serious build, I just made it based on theory.
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