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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Nemesis - You rock, but don't get cocky (Jungle)

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Smite God: Nemesis

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Purchase Order


Build Item Rage of the Gods Rage of the Gods
Build Item Death's Toll Death's Toll
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion

Core Items

Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Qin's Sais Qin's Sais
Build Item Asi Asi

Mid-Late Game Items

Build Item Rage Rage
Build Item Bloodforge Bloodforge
Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer

Defensive Items

Build Item Magi's Cloak Magi's Cloak
Build Item Hide of the Urchin Hide of the Urchin
Build Item Shifter's Shield Shifter's Shield
Build Item Midgardian Mail Midgardian Mail
Build Item Runic Shield Runic Shield
Build Item Void Shield Void Shield


Build Item Weakening Curse Weakening Curse
Build Item Greater Sprint Greater Sprint
Build Item Greater Purification Greater Purification
Build Item Fist of the Gods Fist of the Gods
Build Item Combat Blink Combat Blink
Build Item Aegis Pendant Aegis Pendant

Optional Items

Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Titan's Bane Titan's Bane
Build Item Heartseeker Heartseeker
Build Item Malice Malice

Nemesis's Skill Order

Swift Vengeance

Swift Vengeance

1 X
2 15 16 18 19
Slice and Dice

Slice and Dice

2 A
1 3 6 7 10


3 B
4 8 11 12 14
Divine Judgement

Divine Judgement

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


I n t r o d u c t i o n

Hey, my name is fabSTARRR and this is my first guide ever. I simply chose Nemesis cause i love her kind of gameplay and how she differs from the other assassins in the game. Maybe she is not the top Jungler out there (in my opinion Thor is underrated as hell here), but she is really fun to play and if you figure her out you will kick ***, i promise.


I think in general that the Pros and Cons are pretty obvious if you know the Skills of Nemesis, so there is no further explanation needed.

+ Awesome Slow
+ Good Chase/Escape
+ Crazy late game
+ Good in 1v1 situations
+ Squishy
+ Weak for CC's
+ Weak early game
+ Good timing needed (Shield)



Every time you hit an enemy with your basic attack, you steal 3% of your target's item power for 5 seconds (if physical) or steal 1.5% of your target's item power for 5 seconds (if magical) up to 3 stacks. So the first thing you wanna do is to get some Attackspeed so you can get your stacks even faster.

Swift Vengeance

Well this ability is what makes Nemesis a great Chaser and Escaper. You can dash twice if you want (within 2 seconds) or only dash once and abort the ability. In case of chasing you dash for example once, abort the ability if you are already near your target and hit them with your basic attacks. In case you want to escape just dash twice and you're safe. You don't really use this ability to do damage, just sometimes if it is enough to finish your enemy or if you are killing mobs in the jungle (be careful and watch your mana!).

Slice and Dice

Wow. This is AWESOME. This is what you want to max first (after Ult obv.), this is what makes Nemesis to the real 'Goddess of Revenge'. As you can see in the picture, you swing your blade at almost 180 degree while dealing the most damage in the center. Also, if you hit an enemy in the center, the enemey is slowed by 50% (at max level). So this is your first move when you gank or engage or chase or everything. Remember: First Slice and Dice, then turn out the lights (i just wanted it to rhyme, i don't know why haha, slice and dice -> hit with your basic attacks).


This one is maybe the most tricky ability of Nemesis. When you hit you're 3, you activate a shield that protects you from damage (500 damage at max) and reflects 50% damage (also at max) of damage from gods while also healing you for 50% of incoming damage. Remember: You can NOT remove or prevent CC's. What i learned is: Don't use this ability inflationary, it has 18s cooldown after all. Don't activate asap when someone hits you. You have to read your opponents game and predict when he will do the "big" damage with his ult or his abilities. THEN you hit you're 3 and boom he stands there and thinks wtf happend?

Another great way of using this shield is in the early game. Let's say you gank the solo line and the enemy manages to get into his tower area with low hp, you can dash to him, finish him, and activate your shield to get out so the tower doesn't kill you. Works great! There are many ways to use this, you will find out for yourself, i promise.Though, the damage reflection doesn't really help you much because the 50% relfected damage also is reduced by the protections of the attacking god, but this shield is a great plus for survivability.

Divine Judgement

Oh you will get your justice and decide about the destiny of the enemy god! As you can see in the picture below, you choose a single enemy god. You reduce their health by 50% (at max) of current HP, reduce their movement speed by 25%, increase your movement spead AND steal 50% of their protections for ****ing 8 seconds.So the first thing that should come in your mind is who to focus. Right! The Ymirs, the Sobeks, the Gebs etc., the gods who have the most protection and are the most tanky ones. Lets say you ult a god with 300 physical protections and 2000HP, that means you deal 1000 damage(50% of HP) minus his 300 protection, which means you deal 700 damage and STEAL 150 physical protection. So at the beginning we had the enemy god with 300pp and 2000HP, now he has 1300HP and 150pp. This ability is awesome to melt down tanks but you don't have to always use it on them. You can also use it on squishy mages or assassins but you have to keep in mind if they have zero protections, you gain zero protections. You basically just deal 50% of their current HP and reduce their movement speed while increasing yours.

Skill Order / Combos

Skill Order

First priority is always your ult, Divine Judgement. Just skill it as soon as it is possible. After that, you want to max out your Slice and Dice first to deal damage to the jungle mobs. Also this helps you ganking a lot since you slow down the enemies. Next, you go with Retribution. Why that before Slice and Dice? Cause it will get you some protections you can not afford to spend on items (especially as a jungler and in the early game). Furthermore your Slice and Dice isn't really your damage source, this is just your escape- or your chase-skill.

Another little thing to mention is that you also can change your skill order a little bit. When you reach level 8, you can save a point. Why? If you do it this way, you can spend your points at level 9 for Divine Judgement and Slice and Dice, otherwise you have to spend your point at level 8 for Retribution. This just gives you a little bit more damage in the early-mid game. Nothing big, but works out fine!

Skill Combo

This is just one possibilty of many! After Slice and Dice you normally start with your basic attacks. If the enemy tries to escape, you try to chase him with Swift Vengeance, but keep in mind that this ability is not really used to deal damage, it is mostly used for movement. Also, do not forget to use Retribution if you need to prevent some damage.

The Skill Combos you can use aren't that hard to learn. It is pretty situational, but you'll get the feeling for that. Normally you start with Slice and Dice to slow your enemy. Then you hit the basic attacks. He wants to escape? You go with Swift Vengeance to keep up and Slice and Dice him again. While in combat you can always activate Retribution when you feel that your opponent is going to do burst damage/ ult etc. in a second. Another opportunity is of course to start with Divine Judgement. I would always recommend that when it is ready. When to exactly use Swift Vengeance, Slice and Dice and Retribution is just a question of practice. When you play Nemesis as a Jungler you will get in so many different situations that after a while you can handle all of them.


Starting Items

This is your first pick. I know many people suggest Bumba's Mask, Potion of Physical Might and Hand of the Gods but i experienced that there is no need for Bumba's Mask if you do your early game right. You can sell it after you have about 4-5 items.

Well this item just helps you clearing the minions and the jungle mobs in the early game. On Level 2 this item has only 60s of cooldown. You should use it for the Buffs most of the times but you can also use it for lane minions or for the xp camps. (For example Speed and Blue Buff aren't respawend yet, you go to xp-camp, use Rage of the Gods and go gank a lane or switch jungle side etc.)

Core Items

This should always be your first pick. It has everything you need as an assasssin and a jungler. Power, Penetration, Attack- and Movementspeed. Just awesome.

I tried a lot of different item builds, especially for my early game. For example Devourer's Gauntlet or Heartseeker etc. etc. But i have to say, nothing is better than Qin's Sais. This extra damage from the 5% of the enemy's max HP is big! It is constant and really helps Nemesis to get the beast she will become when in late game.

This item is so great because it is so cheap! It gives you another 30% Attackspeed and a little bit of lifesteal and some extra penetration. Perfect for Nemesis.

Somewhere inbetween the mentioned early game items, you should max out your Rage of the Gods. I usually do this when i can kill the jungle mobs pretty easy and fast by myself but you also have to watch your budget. I'm sure you will find the right timing.

Mid-Late Game

You already have solid power, penetration and attackspeed. What you need now are items for the big numbers! Rage is perfect, because it has the crit chance you need. Also, the Passive combined with your attackspeed is awesome.

I really like this item on Nemesis, i tried a lot of Item-Combinations but the lifesteal thing is great! Combined with your Scales of Fate, your Asi and your Retribution you are nearly impossible to kill in a 1v1. I also had 1on3 situations which i won due to my shield, my lifesteal and my Fist of the Gods.

I think i don't really have to say anything about this item. Everyone loves it, everyone wants it, everyone gets it. This is the ****!

Defensie Items and Actives

In this chapter i don't want to say too much. As a Nemesis jungler, i would always go full on damage. BUT, if the enemy team has much CC, you can rethink and for example buy Magi's Blessing. Example: You gank duolane with Magi's Blessing. There is an Ymir and an Artemis. You go in, Divine Judgement on Ymir, but you focus on Artemis, Ymir try's to stun you with Frost Breath and BAM Magi's Blessing. You are not stunned, you terminated Artemis and got out with Swift Vengeance.

The defensive items i chose are just my preference, you can feel free to buy other defensive items if you like them more. But generally i wouldn't buy defensive items while playing jungler. Nevertheless you can't have that ONE build with which you will always win. You have to adjust your items to the enemy gods and sometimes a defensive item can make the big difference for a jungler.

Same thing goes for the Actives listed above. They are just my preference. First of all Fist of the Gods is absolutly your first Active. The second one you get depends on the enemy gods. For example Weakening Curse is a great item if there is a Ra or Hel in the enemy team and if you want to support your team. I recommend to have a look at the Actives of your mates, so if no one has support items, you can support a little bit.This really helps you and your team in the end game team fights. Greater Purification helps you to escape the CC from gods like Ymir, Ares etc.! Greater Sprint and Combat Blink is nice to escape or chase. And when it comes to Aegis Pendant which i like more than the other Aegis because you can move while activated: You can get this to dodge the ults from Anubis, Ao Kuang etc.!

Optional Items

Here are some Items which are also great and work good with Nemesis.

Obviously this is for cooldown reduction. It is not absolutely necessary but i really like it and the little extra mana is also pretty sweet, especially in early game. Also this item brings you solid power and penetration.

When everyone is almost level 20 you can get Titan's Bane. This item helps you to kill the tanky gods or the bruisers. BUT, i think it isn't the best choice for Nemesis since you got your Divine Judgement. I experienced that there is just no need to get the 33% penetration.

As i said before Heartseeker isn't my prefered starter item on Nemesis, i think it is always a bit risky. But you can try yourself, if it works out great for you, good. If you are confident enough to play Nemesis without loosing your stacks, this item is BIG.

Malice is also a great item, but only for late game. You need to have enough crit-chance so that Malice is worth it. This is why i recommend to get Rage before getting Malice. All in all it will boost your damage, but in my opinion you already have enough damage so i like the lifesteal better on Nemesis. And if there are bruiser gods and tanky gods, i definitely prefer Titan's Bane over Malice.


Early Game

First of all you want to go with the guy who plays solo lane. The solo lane is always on the side where the distance between the towers is the shortest. If the solo lane is on the left side like shown in the picture below, you first get the speed buff (1) for yourself, afterwords you get the bluebuff (2) for the solo lane player. Then, you help to push the solo lane (3) a little bit or try already to get a first kill on the solo lane. When you are level 3-4 you can leave the solo lane and go in the jungle. You clear the xp-camps on the left side (4) and then you have to look at your mana and gold. If you have enough mana you can clear the right jungle or help the middle lane a little bit. If you don't, go back (5), fill up your mana, get the boots as far as you can and go to the right side of the jungle to clear the xp-camps (6) and get the buffs. Important in my opinion is: Try not to gank until you reached level 5 and have Divine Judgement.

The other possibility is that the solo lane is on the right side. In this case, you first clear the red buff and then the blue buff. Then you do the same thing as explained above. Easy.

Mid Game

First rule of mid game: Don't spend toooo much time in the jungle. Help your mates, gank solo lane, mid lane, duo lane. Best thing is when your team tells you when they need help or a gank, otherwise you have to stay on top of the things. As a jungler you need to have a good overview. If you stay too long in the jungle you can fall behind, the middle player is level 17 and you are level 12. So: Move, gank, help, push lanes etc.! When you gank, try to concentrate on the squishy gods. Best scenario is: Go in, get the kill in some seconds, get out.


How do i gank succesfully? Well there are some points you always have to keep in mind. As i said before, you have to get a good overwiew over the map. To achieve this, your team should buy and place plenty of Wards.But that is not all. The most important points you have to check before ganking are:

Which god am i going to gank? Try to focus the squishy ones! (especially in early game)
How much mana / hp does this god have? Get this mapoverview!
Where exactly is this god? Just look constantly on your minimap, it's worth it!
Is another god from my team there to help me? Try to predict your teammates action!
Does the god have his ult ready or did he use it already? Ask teammates or observe and keep in mind!

If you follow these few steps and play concentrated you will get your kills. And one thing is really important, i've seen this plenty of times in conquest. DON'T gank full hp gods when they're near their own tower. They can escape.. you lost the mana and the time. Try always to be most efficient as you can be. You have to get a feeling for the right timing. Gank if they push your tower, you hit them with Slice and Dice and there is no way they can make it back to their own tower.

Late Game

Stay with your team. Try to win the team fights. Don't underestimate the enemy but if you got the items already, you are a beast. Stay together and get a feeling for team fights. Who are the enemy gods? Where are the enemy gods? Who will they focus most? Who should you focus? Who could engage? You'll also get a feeling for that!

Team Fights

What you wanna do when it comes to teamfights in the late game is to roam around the teamfight at the beginning. You can try to catch people out of position, or maybe get in a 1v1 if there is a chance. So, your position is either at the side of the teamfight or behind your teammates (behind the supporter and ranged gods). What happens now? One Guardian god will engage. If you're standing by the side, lets say in the jungle (while the combat is in middle lane) you have now the opportunity to gank a squishy god from the side (try to pick the squishy one who carries, if you are sure to get the kill). But watch out for CC's and stuns. If you get stunned, you are probably dead. If you succeeded with ganking from the side, get back to the jungle and then to your teammates.

If you're standing behind your teammates or didn't have the chance to get a pick from the side you basically wait at the beginning of the fight.You wait until the mid-end of the fight. Then it's your job to finish the remaining enemy gods. They probably already used their ult and shouldn't be max hp anymore, so chances are high to get some kills. If they try to escape or back up, you just use the usual combo. Swift Vengeance and then Slice and Dice. What i always do (if i stand behind my mates) is to use Divine Judgement on the enemy guardian if he engages. It's a great support for your teammates, they will burst him down quickly. Another thing you can do is to use your Slice and Dice for support. If you see an enemy god pushing towards your group before the teamfight started, let's say Poseidon tries to cast his Whirlpool, you can hit him with Slice and Dice to slow him. Your teammates are probably going to stun and kill him. But watch out, you just Slice and Dice and back up immediately. Try not to be in range of CC skills like Yimirs Frost Breath.

If the teamfight was one-sided to the enemy team, you don't push anymore, you just retreat and try to hold the tower / phoenix. So remember, you're doing a lot of damage but you are also pretty squishy. This is why i named my guide 'You rock, but don't get cocky'. Don't try to play the hero and jump in. Play smart, wait for your chance, observe the enemy gods and remember who already used ult or his abilities.

God Matchups

God Matchups

The following god matchups are just for Nemesis playing as a Jungler. They're not the same in Arena or something like that. Since i can't mention every god because that would take me about 13 years to finish i want to mention the roles you play again. And for each role i will try to give one example. This is only my opinion, you have to make your own experience to go in a 1v1 with confidence. Let's start with the Mages.


Generally i think that you have it pretty easy against Mages as Nemesis Jungler when it comes to ganking or 1v1 situatons. (This differs from team-fight scenarios though!) Your biggest Problem are Mages who can stun you or have CC. Here are two examples.


First thing Ao Kuang will probably do is to cast his Tornadoes on you. If it hits, you activate your Retribution. At this point you shouldn't have got a lot of damage. Next thing he can do is to try to slow you with Squall if he didn't already use it. So what can he do next? He will try to get away from you with Slither. If you Slice and Dice him, he isn't faster than you so you can hit your basic attacks. The goal is to kill him before he can cast his Tornadoes again. You should have enough damage output to do this already at mid game. If he has his ult ready he'll probably use it to knock you back or just to kill you. So always be aware of that. Still, his ult is very easy to dodge (you can literally dodge it just by listening carefully to the sounds, his ult makes the sound before it goes of). A helpful active would be Greater Sprint to chase him and not be slowed by his Squall.


Ganking an Anubis can be kind of hard. Of course it depends on the skill of Anubis but if he succesfully stuns you with Mummify you're dead. And remember, Anubis is mostly played on CDR, so he can cast and cast and cast. If he misses his stun, you can kill him pretty easy. Activate Retribution if standing in his Grasping Hands or Plague of Locusts and try moving around him while hitting to give him a hard time keeping you in range. Good thing is he can't move while casting Plague of Locusts. Purification Beads really helps you here! Another thing that helps is Aegis Pendant. If he ults, you activate Aegis, take no damage and can finish him afterwords.

Other 'EASY' gods: Poseidon, Ra, Vulcan, Zeus

Other 'MEDIUM' gods: Chang'e, Janus, He Bo, Agni

Other 'HARD' gods: Zhong Kui, Scylla, Chronos


ADC's aren't ever an easy choice for you. They got the range, you don't. That's the most important point. BUT, you can slow! In most cases they just try to escape if they're slowed. Especially in late game they can probably kill you in 4-5 shots. Therefore you have to gank at the right timing!


Ah Muzen Cab is pretty easy for you. He can't escape very well and has no big stun or something like this. He can slow you with Honey but as you should know at this point if you have read the guide, you can...

Spoiler: Click to view

You will always be faster than him if you hit Slice and Dice. Greater Sprint just helps you to finish it.


Son of a B.. Artemis!! One if not the best Hunter for Conquest ADC in my opinion. Does a ton of damage, can trap you with Transgressors Fate and can stun you with Calydonian Boar. Gank only if you are confident to get the kill really fast otherwise it can get ugly. Fist of the Gods and Greater Blink can help you a lot here!

Other 'EASY' gods: Xbalanque

Other 'MEDIUM' gods: Ullr, Anhur, Rama

Other 'HARD' gods: Apollo, Neith


Still under construction! Don't have enough time to do the rest at the moment, but they will follow in the next couple of days!

Conquest Proof



Well here we are, at the end of my guide. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I know it is not the most detailled guide, especially in points like combats and skill combos but i still hope it can be usefull to some of you! I'm always happy about your feedback and your comments. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Special Thanks to Jordenito for the great BBCoding Guide! Helped a lot :)



: Updated the sector Team Fights.

7/24/14: Changed and updated Items.

7/28/14: Added the chapter God Matchups.

7/29/14: Did some minor changes and fixes and added the chapter Conquest Proof.

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McBallonDePlage | June 22, 2016 7:38pm
Hey man thanks for that build but its been a while so i dont kmow if your gonna respond i actually read all of it because you seem to put a lot of effort in it but is it still work ? Cause i wanna play her really bad because she seems pretty cool :)
Crownife (1) | August 1, 2014 7:17pm
Nice. I find the god match ups most helpful.
fabSTARRR | July 7, 2014 2:52am
Greenevers wrote:

Nice guide. Only thing I suggest adding is teamwork-> I'll upvote it though :D

i added one chapter for team fights in 'jungling'. nothing big but should do it i think :)
davidodocola (3) | July 7, 2014 1:25am
Wow way better than my guide (the BBCoding :3)! Upvoted :)
Greenevers (105) | July 6, 2014 5:04pm
Nice guide. Only thing I suggest adding is teamwork-> I'll upvote it though :D
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Nemesis - You rock, but don't get cocky (Jungle)
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