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In Depth High Damage Chang'e Conquest MID

68 12 115,400
by LunaPixie updated September 12, 2021

Smite God: Chang'e

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Chang'e Build


Build Item Conduit Gem Conduit Gem
Build Item Lost Artifact Lost Artifact
Build Item Multi Potion Multi Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion


Notes For almost every mage I build Rod of Tahuti first now that shoes are out of the game. Let me know in the comments if you'd rather it be in core or not.


For almost every mage I build Rod of Tahuti first now that shoes are out of the game. Let me know in the comments if you'd rather it be in core or not.

Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Chronos' Pendant Chronos' Pendant
Build Item Spear of Desolation Spear of Desolation
Build Item Gem of Focus Gem of Focus

Relics & Consumables

Notes i'll be watching you Ward.


i'll be watching you Ward.

Build Item Elixir of Speed Elixir of Speed
Build Item Potion of Power Potion of Power
Build Item Ward Ward
Build Item Sentry Ward Sentry Ward
Build Item Aegis Amulet Aegis Amulet
Build Item Purification Beads Purification Beads

Magical Penetration & Damage

Build Item Divine Ruin Divine Ruin
Build Item Rod of Asclepius Rod of Asclepius
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Spear of Desolation Spear of Desolation
Build Item Warlock's Staff Warlock's Staff

Defence Items

Build Item Lotus Crown Lotus Crown
Build Item Tyrannical Plate Helm Tyrannical Plate Helm


Build Item Soul Reaver Soul Reaver
Build Item Ethereal Staff Ethereal Staff

Chang'e's Skill Order

Crescent Moon Dance

1 X Y
Crescent Moon Dance
1 3 6 8 11

Moonlit Waltz

2 A B
Moonlit Waltz
4 14 16 18

Moonflower Dance

3 B A
Moonflower Dance
2 7 10 12 15 19

Waxing Moon

4 Y X
Waxing Moon
5 9 13 17 20
Crescent Moon Dance
1 3 6 8 11

Crescent Moon Dance

1 X
Chang'e flings a crescent moon that hits all units in its arc, dealing damage to all enemies in its path.

Ability Type: Arc
Damage: 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+60% of your Magical Power)
Cost: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80
Cooldown: 6s
Moonlit Waltz
4 14 16 18

Moonlit Waltz

2 A
Chang'e performs an evasive spin dance, unable to be hit for 1s. For each tick of damage from an ability that was avoided, Chang'e restores mana to herself and her allies.

Ability Type: Area
Mana Restored: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 per tick avoided
Cost: 60
Cooldown: 20 / 18.5 / 17 / 15.5 / 14s
Moonflower Dance
2 7 10 12 15 19

Moonflower Dance

3 B
Chang'e twirls, scattering flowers around her which heal herself and all nearby allies while damaging nearby enemies. Her Moonflower Dance also reduces the healing of all nearby enemies.

Ability Type: Area
Healing: 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 (+30% of your Magical Power)
Damage: 85 / 110 / 135 / 160 / 185 (+60% of your Magical Power)
Healing Reduction: 50%
Radius: 30
Lifetime: 4s
Cost: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80
Cooldown: 12s
Waxing Moon
5 9 13 17 20

Waxing Moon

4 Y
Chang'e's Waxing Moon dance is captivating, with this dance dealing damage and stunning enemy gods in front of her. Each subsequent god that is stunned is stunned for longer than the previous one.

Ability Type: Line
Damage: 160 / 225 / 290 / 355 / 420 (+70% of your Magical Power)
Stun: 1s + 1s for each god already stunned
Cost: 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120
Cooldown: 90s

Chang'e Threats

Tap each threat level to view Chang'e’s threats



Hey i'm Luna and welcome to my Chang'e guide!
This was my first ever guide and i absolutely fell in love with Chang'e and one of the first god's i picked up when i first started smite.
It has been updated to Season 8 and will be updated if she is buffed/nerfed throughout the season!

This build focuses on mostly magical power and harassment during laning phase.Chang'e is extremely squishy and uses a heavy amount of mana early game. She is often bullied in lane by baiting her abilities and mana consumption. If you want to play Chang'e try this guide out.:)
Tweak the build as you'd like, a tanky Chang'e is a happy Chang'e.


  • Change's (2) Moonlit Watlz should be rarely used unless it is needed as the cooldowns are really long and she is vulnerable without her (2) Moonlit Waltz.
  • Change's ultimate (4) the Waxing Moon is a 1 second stun that increases by one second for each enemy god hit. Her ultimate helps set up team fights and escape from enemy gods. Change's ultimate is really powerful and should never be unused, use it every chance you get as it really helps the team.
  • Chang'e relies heavily on her abilities as her auto attacks do little to no damage and slows her movement speed. Her passive is the Jade Rabbit which gives 25% movement speed when using her dances.

Items to consider

iv'e done quite a bit of research on this item and found many negative comments about it. There are a few items that could be better but its an item ive been loving so far.

Note: Anyone have any thoughts on this? comment in the discussion.
  • slowly build more Magical power during laning phase
  • 150 health
  • 200 mana
  • 10% magical penetration
  • Need 75 Stacks to complete item
  • Worth 2650 gold

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to disengage in fights.
  • Hard to chase down (she's a fast gal).
  • Literally never leaves lane. I'm not joking, having you really ever seen a Chang'e leave lane?
  • Her passive allows you to buy/sell items??? That's whack.
  • Her (2) Moolit Watz is a built-in Aegis Amulet & Purification Beads.
  • Mana hungry early game.Try to save your abilities for jungle and/or support rotation.
  • Items are only purchased one at a time.
  • Most targeted by enemies as she's very vulnerable early game.
  • Needs to rush items to survive mid/late game.

Tips, Tricks & Combos

  • Use your movement speed to your advantage, you can bully your opponent in lane early.
  • The basic combo for Chang'e is Moonflower Dance (3) to heal yourself and damage your opponent while also reducing their healing, Crescent Moon Dance (1) to maximise damage output and Moonlit Watz (2) if you have taken too much damage and want that quick escape.
  • Team fight combo:
    Waxing Moon (4), Moonflower Dance (3), Crescent Moon Dance (1), Moonlit Waltz (2)
  • Chang'e early game is VERY mana hungry which can cause an issue during the laning phase. Always stock up on mana pots and try to take the mana buff as much as possible.
A short list of items that counter Chang'e:

Game Stages

  • Like most Gods, Chang'e is very vulnerable early game, especially without her mana buff. Try to take advantage of her passive (Jade Rabbit) to gain XP and almost never leave lane.
  • You'll be vulnerable to ganks so make sure you Ward and save your Moonlit Waltz for an easy escape.
  • By now Chang'e should have a few items to get her going and be able to leave unwanted fights. Chang'e will be able to do more Magical Power by mid game and get a few kills.
  • Farm, Farm, Farm.
  • Rotate bot side a few times, especially if they have heaps of wards so you can get vision on incoming enemies.
  • Chang'e go BRRRRRRR. Literally. She hurts. At this point the enemy team hates you.


To conclude, this is such a fun build but i do recommed building extra protective items if your team isn't doing so well. Chang'e literally never leaves lane which is super annoying for the enemy team to defend. If a fight doesn't interest you, simply Moonlit Waltz out of there. Hope you like this guide, im open to any suggestions to improve the guide in the future.
Don't forget to comment and like/dislike.
Have fun!

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Kriega1 (126) | June 27, 2020 3:49am
Your new 1st example build overcaps CDR (you only need 30% in a finished mage build in most cases), also the layout you used for them is kinda confusing, I’m not sure which items are supposed to be boots / Blessing replacements.
LunaPixie | June 27, 2020 4:14am
you can use any items you'd like to replace boots/blessing but thanks for the feedback i'll work on the layout!
Kriega1 (126) | June 25, 2020 5:42am
A couple of things:

1. Meditation is a noob trap relic, stop building it. It gets some use on Chang'e in SOLO over Teleport Glpyh but in no circumstances should it be built in Mid. In Mid the go-to relics for mids are Aegis Amulet and Purification Beads in 95% of cases (other 5% being Blink Rune and Magic Shell on some gods / matchups). Not only does Meditation scale poorly late (especially compared to upgraded Magic Shell ), but it is just asking for it to be countered since you're already building it on a mage healer, where most players worth their salt will build antiheal against you.

2. Your Start is impossible. You can't start tier 3 shoes + tier 1 lost artifact, you either start tier 3 shoes doing the boots rush, or you start tier 2 boots + lost artifact + a multi pot. However, I wouldn't recommend either, and since the Mage's Blessing buff a few patches ago I would in fact recommend going Mage's Blessing, Lost Artifact, 2 Mana Potions and 1 or 2 Multi Potions (or Healing Potions).

3. Warlocks isn't core. It's a pretty bad item right now, especially when unstacked. Only Baba Yaga potentially can use it fine because she stacks it quickly-ish. I would recommend Ethereal Staff instead.

4. You shouldn't need Book of Thoth for "mana issues" if you have Chronos Pendant and Mage's Blessing. Pretty underwhelming item right now, and outclassed by Doom Orb for most mages except maybe Kulkulkan and Baba Yaga.

5. Build could do with some flat pen options if you want to be damage focused.

6. I don't think Gem of Iso is worth on Chang'e, you don't have DoT abilities nor do they really control a large area.

Suggested Build:

Start: Mage's Blessing, Lost Artifact, 2 Mana Potions and 1 or 2 Multi Potions (or Healing Potions).

Build: Shoes of the Magi > Chronos' Pendant > Divine Ruin or Spear of Desolation (could just get Lotus Crown here though if you want) > Soul Reaver > Obsidian Shard > Ethereal Staff > Elixir of Speed and sell boots for Rod of Tahuti or Mantle of Discord.

Other possible build paths:

(Doom Orb Rush):

Start - Mage's Blessing, Lost Artifact, 1 Healing Potions and 2 Mana Potions.

Build - Shoes of Focus > Doom Orb > Divine Ruin or Spear of Desolation > Soul Reaver > Obsidian Shard > Rod of Tahuti / Staff of Myrddin > Elixir of Speed and Soul Gem or Mantle of Discord.

(Early Divine and Deso):

Start - Mage's Blessing, Magic Focus, 1 Healing Potion, 2 Mana Potions OR Mage's Blessing, Lost Artifact, 1 Healing Potions and 2 Mana Potions (basically you would get Lost Artifact early for this build path for MP5, and finish it later in the build into Charon's Coin).

Build - Shoes of Focus > Divine Ruin > Spear of Desolation > Soul Reaver > Charon's Coin > Rod of Tahuti / Staff of Myrddin > Elixir of Speed and Staff of Myrddin or Mantle of Discord or Ethereal Staff.

With Mid Season patch coming in a couple of weeks with new balance changes (Warlocks getting a buff), items/builds may see some shifts, although PTS Client may change some of the new item stats based on feedback, making final patch release slightly different. But my advice regarding builds will apply for until that point.
LunaPixie | June 25, 2020 7:05am
also may i ask why build those relics when they're practically her 2 ability? when i first started playing Chang'e i was told to never go aegis or beads as its one of her abilities. would be helpful if you explained that a bit more :)
Kriega1 (126) | June 25, 2020 7:51am
Just because she has a damage / CC immune period during the cast of her 2 doesen't mean you shouldn't build it (at least in Mid). Her 2 can be baited during a fight, leaving her with no escape or self-peel outside the ult, and during that downtime especially is where Beads/Aegis come in. E.g. Lets say you were jumped on by a Da Ji in a lategame fight, she uses her 3 - Auto - 1 - Auto combo to initiate (this combo should do about half or more with your health if the Da Ji built properly) but you used your 2 to immune some of that damage, Da Ji now has free reign to use her ult to pull / burst you with the Paolao chains.

Also her 2 doesen't immune some Hard CC she is already affected by (e.g. if you were stunned before casting your 2, you can't cleanse it with your 2 while under the effect of the CC), which is another reason you need beads.

Granted, in some matchups in high level play, e.g. against a Kali jungle on enemy team, some pros have built Magic Shell for the upgraded version in place of Aegis Amulet for the block stacks, but generally it's a situational pickup, and usually you see Aegis Amulet and Purification Beads on most mids.

Some SPL examples from when Chang'e was played last year in SPL: (Game 1) (Game 4)

Edit: So in summary I would say add Aegis, Beads as relic options, remove Meditation, maybe keep Blink if you want (also go Beads if you go Blink).
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Gulfwulf (81) | June 25, 2020 7:27am
They're for when her two isn't up or you cannot use it (like when wrapped by Anubis).
Load more comments (6 more replies) →
LunaPixie | June 25, 2020 7:01am
ohh i love these suggestions, i love warlocks staff and its quite easy to stack (in my opinion) but yes ive heard its not that great of an item. You Start with Tier 1 boots and build into Shoes of the magi as soon as you can, i guess i should've been more clear in the guide.ive also heard that its decent on Chang'e. As for mage's blessing i havent had much luck with it and prefer to rush my Shoes.thanks for the tips though! im still updating the guide and really appreciate the feedback from more experienced smite players.
LunaPixie | June 25, 2020 7:02am
i think i'll give yours a try and make some changes!
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