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Athena, the sexiest tank

June 7, 2013 by TheAmazingComicBookGuy
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You're sexy and you know it!

Smite God: Athena

Item Purchase Order

Starting items

Build Item Mark of the Vanguard
Build Item Reinforced Greaves (Deleted)
Build Item Healing Potion

Physical defense

Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Hide of the Nemean Lion Build Item Wall of Absolution

Magical defense

Build Item Stone of Gaia Build Item Void Stone Build Item Magi's Blessing

Magical power

Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Chronos' Pendant


Build Item Hand Of The Gods (Old) Build Item Girdle of Might Build Item Aegis Amulet (Old) Build Item Purification Beads (Old) Build Item Blink Rune


Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Ward Build Item Ward Build Item Ward

God Skill Order

Preemptive Strike

Preemptive Strike 2 15 16 18 19 key bind


Confound 3 7 11 12 14 key bind

Shield Wall

Shield Wall 1 4 6 8 10 key bind

Defender of Olympus

Defender of Olympus 5 9 13 17 20 key bind


Hello, and welcome to my second smitefire guide! This time it's about the one and only Athena! She is the latest added god as if for 5-6-2013 and the only female tank. She fits the role of a second tank and is probably one of the most fun gods to play with.
I currently have a high win rate with her and I think I can teach something to you as the reader.

Just to clear this out, this is not the bible and you don't have follow it word by word

Gameplay video

/smite/god/he-bo-15 WitherMcSpoon, go check him out for some quality videos! Drybear's vids are always very high quality, just go and check him out ;)

Pros and Cons

- Her ability to taunt gods and absorb hits is unique amongs tanks and is a very awesome skill
- Global ult
- Her ability to protect teammates is unmatched
- Her basic attacks can be ranged, which is vert handy
- Tanky, but hits very hard
- One of the hardest gods to chase
- Ult can be hard to hit
- Pretty low CC compaired to other tanks
- Early game could be better
- Can be manahungry at times
- Struggles to solo inditate fights
- Abilities can work against her

Overall, Athena is a very strong and tanky bruiser who is worth taking a look at


Key Bind: Passive

After using any ability, Athena's next basic attack is a ranged attack, hitting all enemies it passes through, and dealing additional magic damage. Damage: Basic Attack (+50% of your magical power).
A very nice passive to get the most out of your abilities, try yo use it strategically. This can help for clearing the wave or poking enemies.

Preemptive Strike
Key Bind: 1

Athena powers up for a dash. While dashing, Athena will pass through minions and stop and hit the first enemy god she encounters, dealing damage and slowing all she hits. If she hits an enemy, Athena gains one stack of Block (max 3), absorbing the next basic attack from any god that hits her. Damage: 80/130/180/230/280 (+50% of your magical power). Slow Amount: 25%. Slow Duration: 1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0/2.25s. Cost: 60/70/80/90/100. Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11s.
This is a very bad dash, but can let you absorb basic attack hits. It can absorb a lots of damage for you and should be used wisely. Pick it up first to escape or inditate and max it last
Key Bind: 2

Athena releases a shockwave of power from her shield, taunting enemy gods, and forcing them to fight or chase her. Taunt Duration: 1.0/1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0s. Cost: 60/65/70/75/80. Cooldown: 18s.
This ability has a lots of uses and can help your teammate survive, keep people in nasty places or screw the enemy over (you should focus on squishy gods first and not the tanks in a fight. Pick this up third to protect your teammate and max it second
shielded wallShield Wall
Key Bind: 3

Athena summons a group of Athenian warriors who do damage upon arrival, and after 2s strike for additional damage. Initial Damage: 40/75/110/145/180 (+50% of your magical power). Secondary Damage: 80/150/220/290/360 (+50% of your magical power). Cost: 60/65/70/75/80. Cooldown: 14s.
This ability can be great for clearing a lane, but is also your main damage spell. Because it has a delay between the placing and the big damage you should place it so it's unavoidable or use your 2 with it. Pick this up first to clear a buff camp and max it first for its damage potentional
Defender of Olympus
Key Bind: 4

Athena picks a single allied god anywhere in the world, and launches herself up into the air, landing next to that god 4.2 seconds later. During that 4.2 seconds, the allied god mitigates 50% of the damage it's taken. Enemies nearby when Athena lands take damage. Damage: 350/500/650/800/950 (+100% of your magical power). Allied mitigation: 50%. Cost: 80/90/100/110/120. Cooldown: 90s.
This ability has a lots of uses for different situations, it can be your escape moove, your inditation after your Hades or Ares ulted, or you can guard your teammates with it. It is hard to hit, but it has great damage. Try not to waste it, if your teammate dies while casting your ult is wasted. Put points into it at levels 5, 9, 13, 17 and 20


  • Starting items:
    Mark of the Vanguard: This item is a must for any tank/bruiser, because of it's early game stats. You can easily tank a buff camp or survive some punishment. This item might be great early game, but I suggest you sell it late game.
    Reinforced Boots: This is a great item for maintaining the lane, and it gives exactly what any tank needs early game.
    Healing Potion: I have tried both healing pots and mana pots, but these just seemed to work out better. This is a matter of preference, and you could pick a mana pot if you want.
  • Physical defense items:
    Breastplate of Valor: Typical early game defense item, gives you mana sustain, defense, nice cooldown reduction AND it's cheap!
    Hide of the Nemean Lion: Get this item early game, because it's cheap and will pay off mid game. When some random carry tries to kill you they can just kill themselves without good lifesteal.
    Wall of Absolution: I really love this item for it's stats. It is nice that it gives magical power, good protections and extra protections when hit by basic attacks.
  • Magical defense items:
    Stone of Gaia: Gives you very good sustain, I just swear by this item ;)
    Void Stone: This is a great bruiser item, and it helps your mages out a LOT!
    Magi's Blessing: Because your 1 makes you absorb basic attacks this works pretty decent on Athena and it has nice stats.
  • Magical power items:
    Gem of Isolation: This item gives you some nice magical power and hp, but that isn't everything. It helps you hit your 3 because of the nice slow on it.
    Bancroft's Talon: I wanna clear out that I don't recommend this item for it's lifesteal (it is nice tho), but because you get in the middle of action all the time. You are gonna be targeted a lot, and this helps you with dishing out damage as you get lower.
    [Chronos' Pendant]: Pick this up if you didn't go with any cd reduction, you will need it ;)
  • Abilities and Potions:
    Hand of the Gods: If you decide to buy this, than I suggest getting it as soon as you can, and you need SPAM this ability as you can. Get level 2 and 3 of it when objectives become important.
    Girdle of Might: This can make a difference in fights. If you have someone like Anhur as laning partner, than you need to use it when he does his combo. This should be used to help your teammate and not you. Use this in teamfights.
    Aegis Amulet and Purification Beads: Pick these items up when you are struggling. Try to defend yourself with these. These items should be picked up when the enemy has an [[Ares] or something like that.
    Blink: Great items for a tank, it helps her with inditating.
    Wards: As a tank you should be the one buying Wards.
    Healing Potions: As you won't need mana pots late game you should buy Healing Potions. I suggest having 3 at times, because I don't like running out of them.

You have to be in synergy with your team! (Laning and Teamwork)

  • Laning
    When laning you have to go left/right (THOU SHALT NOT MID WITH A TANK) and pick someone to go with. You are best paired with a god that is constantly in the action, like Thor or someone who really appreciates you for distracting your opposition, like Loki
  • Teamwork
    While laning you will most likely won't be seeing other teammates than maybe your mid if he decides to gank or you meet eachother at the base.
    This, changes mid game. You and the enemy team will both group up and teamfights will start. Tanks will often be the one inditating a fight, but you shouldn't, because you ulting in will give a better advantage. Try ulting when someone like Ares Hades or Guan Yu ults ant than you go in.

Your foes and your Nemesis

In this chapter we will look at enemies that you would love or hate to face, let's get this going.
Enemies that you would love to face!
You would love to face these gods, because mages really can't do anything abainst you and it is a plesure if they focus you. As for assassins they won't burst you down in 2 seconds and if any of the two get close to your teammates, than they WILL die. Try to lure them into abilities ect. There is no way that they survive a teamfight if they get focused
Ne Zha
Ao Kuang

Enemies that you will have troubles with
These enemies are all situational, but someone like [[apollo] actually takes ADVANTAGE of your 2 try not to attack these unless you got some boss protections

The minimap is your best friend! (Global presence)

As Athena has a global ult it's your RESPONSIBILITY to constantly stare at the minimap and help your allies. You can easily help someone who has pushed up to far or is about to be ganked by someone.
Because you are a tank you should also Ward the minimap. I have a picture of it and you should:
Ward the blue x if lanes get ganked very often. You should also ward the enemy sides late game, because pushing becomes risky
Ward the red x when gold fury becomes important (~10th minute) and ward the firegiant when that becomes important (~20th minute)

Strategy in domination and arena

- Teamfight simmulator
- You can protect teammates
- Your ult is an awesome edition in arena

- Your ult can help with protecting obelisks
- You can taunt the minions, so they won't attack the obelisk
- You can profit from hopping in and out of action with your ultimate


Thanks for checking out my Athena guide, I hope you enjoyed it and learned something. I think that Athena will definitively be a top tier tank (first pick/first ban) and that people really need to think about her. Congratulations if you really came so far and remember: WARDZ


Guide published!
Added second vid and changelog, also edited some typos

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