August 08, 2016

Bran's Newbie Adventures in ConquestLand - Episode 11

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I'll mostly summarize on this one. I've found my new Support main, who is an old drinking buddy.

Now that I've gotten used to how aggressive/conservative I need to be in the early game, the added mobility, strength of initiation, and general disruption of Bacchus is fitting me nicely. The added damage naturally provided within his kit also makes me feel like I'm doing something (though I could be deluding myself). The biggest help to this is having teammates that generally know what they're doing. That allows me to be a god that doesn't have quite as much pure support CC ( Athena' taunt, Khepri's pull and life-saving ult) and be an additional threat.

First, though, I unlocked Fafnir and played a round in a losing effort, going 3/3/15. Not bad for a first-go, but boy, did I feel like he fell off hard in the late game. I built pure support, with Traveler's Boots (why, I dunno, his mobility is actually quite nice but I didn't know that going into it), Hide of the Urchin, Breastplate of Valor, Bulwark of Hope, Mantle of Discord. His early, easy wave-clear ability is a pleasure to use, and damn, that gold income...I finished with 2nd highest gold on my team, second only to Taco as Odin in the Solo lane. Incon says he's top tier right now...maybe building some damage would be good and I could be effective with him. I dunno.

I next had 2 Bacchus Support games, a Ra Mid, and another Bacchus Support. For the Support games, I went:
  • 4/0/6 (18 minute win). This was a duo queue, just Ducks and me. I outdamaged our Jungler ( Mercury) AND our Mid ( Isis) in this game. Ducks was his usual, dominant self, going 6/2/2 with Ullr.

  • 2/3/7 (25 minute win). Another with Ducks. This time, we were out-dueled in our lane. Kumbhakarna just brings too much CC...very difficult to play against him. That said, I still out-damaged our Jungler ( Hun Batz) by a large margin...almost double his damage. Seriously, so happy with Bacchus' damage.

  • 6/5/25 (43 minute win). Got to play this one with a larger crew, with Taco as my ADC ( Ah Muzen Cab), GGF as our Jungler ( Serqet), and Zilby as our Mid ( Isis). Again had middle-of-the-pack damage, dealing out 26k, which seems very solid. My level of participation was definitely improved...the most combined kills/assists on the team, which usually doesn't happen that way. Better group/team play, and seems like I was where I needed to be more often than not.

As for the Ra Mid game, it was a fairly quick one, but a comfortable one (for the most part). Since the last time I played Mid, which was a while ago, I still didn't have the normal things down...rotations for camps, etc. But as much as he lacks escape, I never felt overly pressured. Didn't do a whole lot of damage...about the same as Hercules (Taco), and 5k less than Neith (Zilby), but I was still feeling things out, and I didn't hit even 30% of my ults. Which, by the way, I need to say, Zilby is a horrible, terrible person, and a god-awful braggart. F him and his "Ra's ult has a huge hit-box." I hate him and his aim-bot ways. HATEHATEHATE.