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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Ymir Guide - Support

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Smite God: Ymir

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Build Item Reinforced Shoes Reinforced Shoes
Build Item Hide of the Urchin Hide of the Urchin
Build Item Sovereignty Sovereignty
Build Item Heartward Amulet Heartward Amulet
Build Item Mantle of Discord Mantle of Discord
Build Item Stone of Gaia Stone of Gaia


Build Item Soul Stone Soul Stone
Build Item Shoes Shoes
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Ward Ward
Build Item Ward Ward
Build Item Meditation Cloak Meditation Cloak


Build Item Meditation Cloak Meditation Cloak
Build Item Purification Beads Purification Beads
Build Item Heavenly Wings Heavenly Wings
Build Item Blink Rune Blink Rune
Build Item Magic Shell Magic Shell
Build Item Cursed Ankh Cursed Ankh


Hello! I hope you are doing well today, if not, then I hope this guide makes your day a little better :) Ymir is a great support who offers a ton of CC and can really be a hassle the enemy team can't deal with. You will be able to set up kills for both yourself and teammates, while protecting your entire team. Ymir is an aggressive support that can dominate the early game and can (I believe) stay relevant all game.

Pros / Cons

Sets teammates up well
Has killing power
Great peel
High health
High defense
High sustain
Good initiator
Small chase potential
Very cheap build

Qin's Sais is your kryptonite
CC immunity poses a challenge
Slow as a turtle with no legs
No escape
Has a hard time catching up if behind in levels
Relies on a good team to be successful


Frostbite - "All of Ymir's abilities that affect enemies apply a Debuff to the enemy called Frostbite. All of Ymir's Basic Attacks against a target afflicted by Frostbite do 100% more damage. Enemies afflicted by Frostbite deal 10% less damage. Lasts for 4s."

This allows you to really punish an enemy that gets caught in your combo. Though, one might argue your damage from abilities is punishing enough...

Ice Wall - "Ymir summons a wall of ice out of the ground that blocks player movement."

Use this carefully, as you don't want to trap an ally in a bad spot! Tip: If you have some movement speed (boots), you can place your wall at your feet and you will walk over it before it raises. This is also the only ability that does not apply Frostbite. Level this up last.

Glacial Strike - "Ymir smashes his club, doing damage to all enemies in front of him and Slowing them. Applies Frostbite."

Glacial Strike is your bread and butter for damage. It is really just a bonus that it also slows. With the slow, you can hurt an enemy badly and ensure an ally can escape or catch up. Level this up first.

Frost Breath - "Ymir uses his breath to freeze enemies in blocks of ice, doing damage and Stunning them. Applies Frostbite."

At max level, this is a 2.25s freeze. Need I say more? Yes? Well, this ability makes Ymir a wonderful support. You can stop an enemy from leaving, approaching, or even living. Level this up second.

Shards of Ice - "Ymir begins to freeze the air around him, causing shards of ice to grow on his back and Slowing enemies. After a 3s channel, Ymir erupts out of his frozen state, causing shards of ice to do damage to all enemies in his range. Applies Frostbite. Cancelling the ability decreases the damage."

This ultimate does so much damage... It takes 3 seconds to charge and enemies can walk out of it, though. But, you can cancel it early to get reduced damage (which is better than no damage). Level this up third.


Starter Items

Soul Stone: I like this item on Ymir since it gives you extra power and mad mana regeneration. It gives you a base 20 magical power, but at 5 stacks, you get 60 extra power for your next ability and 20 MP5. Getting this over Watcher's Gift allows you to use more abilities and only buy health pots, which lets you buy wards from the start. As a more aggressive support with a good clear ( Glacial Strike), you can help clear, which will let you not fall behind.

Boots: This gives you some much needed movement speed.

Healing Potion: These give you health. Health lets you live. Living is good. Health pots are good.

Ward: Placed correctly, two wards will suppress the possibility of surprise ganks to a great degree. Granted, someone like Thor or Thanatos can still gank you without you knowing. But, for the most part, you will at least know the enemy is approaching.

Final Build Items
Reinforced Shoes: You can choose Shoes of Focus if you want; those work just fine. I prefer the early health over the mana since I pick up Soul Stone. The 10% cool down from Shoes of Focus is nice as it cuts 1.8 seconds off the cool down for Frost Breath. But realistically, I have found that I can wait the extra two seconds usually. But I think this is more of a preference than anything. Reinforced Shoes also offers 30% CCR, which can help if you are against a support with a lot of CC.

Hide of the Urchin: I get this first because it provides protection for both physical and magical damage as well as both health and mana. It also gives you more protection with kills and assists, so the earlier you get it the better. Some might go with the Breastplate of Valor, but I find that often times supports will do enough damage to warrant Hide of the Urchin. Think Ymir, Sobek, Ares, Xing Tian, Cabrakan...

Sovereignty: Not a popular item, but I find it to be worth getting. It give you 60 physical protection, 200 health, and 25 HP5. It gives nearby allies 30 physical protection and 25 HP5. Basically, it will keep you and your neighbors breathing a little longer.

Heartward Amulet: This is basically the magical version of Sovereignty. 65 magical protection, 200 health, and 20 MP5. Your neighbors get 20 magical protection and 20 MP5. This and Soul Stone mean you probably won't run out of mana.

Mantle of Discord: Mantle of Discord gives you good protections and cool down. It also has a handy passive that is okay, but not fantastic. Though, it does go with Ymir's desire to stop people in their tracks. This, to me, is just an efficient way to complete your protections since in one item it offers so much of each protection.

Stone of Gaia: If you are far enough into the game where you can get this, you will be far enough into the game where going back to base constantly will be a detriment. Stone of Gaia gives you 400 health, which means that at level 20, you will have over 3500 health. I think over 3700, actually. This gives you more MP5 and HP5. The passive on this also works extremely well with Ymir and this build. Say you have 3700 health. 2% of that is 74. Combined with the base 25 HP5, this item gives you 100 HP5. You will regenerate over 1000 health a minute. So, the sustain provided will allow you to stay in the battlefield long after anyone else would have died. If you get knocked down to low health, you will regenerate it quickly and be relevant once again.


Meditation: Mediation allows you to Med bait, save yourself, and save your allies. Maybe all three at once. End game when you have 3700 health, this will restore ~500 health. To you, that may not be significant, but to the assassin, mage, or ADC next to you, that is a butt load of health. Getting this early can let you and your ADC stay in lane just a little longer than your opponent.

Purification: If your enemy teams has someone with a big CC ult, this may be a good choice. If Thor ganks you, use this as he lands, freeze him then kill him to remind him not to gank you.

Sprint: You are slow. This makes you not as slow.


Shell: Not my top pick with this build, but if you and your teammates need more protection, maybe consider this.

Curse: You are slow. Now everyone is slow. You can finally catch them.

Tips and Tricks

Your full combo consists of Frost Breath, Glacial Strike, Ice Wall, then Shards of Ice. You stun them, hurt them, trap them, then kill them.

If your ult isn't up, Frost Breath, Glacial Strike, a few punches, then an Ice Wall as you run away to protect yourself.

If they are running away, give them a wall to run into, stun them, then hurt them badly.

If you know someone like Loki or Thor is trying to gank, save your Frost Breath so you can stun them and either drive them away or kill them.

As a support, you are really only as good as your team. Ymir has lots of tankiness and a good amount of damage output. But without a good team, you will fail miserably.

Wards: Try to keep two wards up. Basically, you can get vision on the junction from the nearest and middle side entrance to the lane with one ward. Same for the far and middle junction. Doing this means two wards covers three entrances.

Early game: Be aggressive and help clear. It is likely you will get a first blood. Unless your ADC is a Xbalanque, don't worry about kill stealing. The thing is, if you are helping clear the lane, CCing the enemy, doing a fair bit of damage to them, and end up with the kill, I don't know if that is a kill steal, even if you are a support. A fed Ymir is a scary Ymir. You get to dictate who dies. Of course, let your ADC get kills when you can, but don't be afraid to kill. WARD WARD WARD.

Mid game: If your ADC is doing okay, you can rotate around and help others. WARD WARD.

Late game: Tower dive, support your team, and initiate fights. At this point (and maybe even mid game), a kill is a kill. If you can kill, then do so. You are playing for objectives, not kills. You are going to be able to take a beating, but do remember that an ADC with a Qin's Sais will possibly wreck you. You are not invincible. But wandering around and jungling for a minute or so will give you back more than enough health to re-engage safely. WARD.


Ymir is a fun god to play as. You have a lot of control over a fight and you are strong enough to get kills as a support. Being a support is about helping your teammates, but admittedly it is fun to fight and kill people. I enjoy playing as Ymir and I hope you do too.

This is my first guild and I am by no means an expert or crazy amazing good player. But, I have found that this build and strategy works for me and so it might work for you. Certainly there are other viable builds for Ymir and maybe this one isn't for you. That said, if you have any thoughts on what could be better, feel free to let me know!

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masterricu (12) | July 25, 2016 7:05pm
Hello there, diamond ymir player here with a few tips to help your build.

Soul stone - I find it interesting that youd build soul stone on ymir. I used to try it on sylvanus myself back in the day, and should probably revise my guide of why I dont think its very good anymore.

In duo lane, you are not going to be last hitting minions which puts you behind in gold. You want your adc to be last hitting so their complete their build as fast as possible. Watcehr's gift helps with that by giving some of that gold back to the support so you can still build your defense items quickly.

You do have some sustain mp5 wise with Soul Stone, but watchers gift gives you health AND mana AND gold by using its passive. So if you want to be ahead, or even on par with their support, you kinda need watchers gift. Otherwise they will outsustain you; and the damage you get from soul stone is barely noticeable. Ymir is a guardian, and guardians like pen more than raw damage.

I build ob shard in my ymir build, and if im feeling super greedy Ill go pen boots, dynasty helm, and void stone.

Mobility - I see you put gaia in your build, and the reason its not popular in main game modes is how badly it falls off late game. Raw health with no protections and slight regen in whats considered a burst meta. The only time I see it being usefull is Assault since you cant back to base.

How about using Winged Blade instead. It still gives you 300 health, 10% movement speed, cc reduction, and anti slow. All for a cheaper cost that will keep you alive. Midguardian Mail is also useful if they have attack speed hypercarries like kali or apollo.

Skills - Also your guide is missing a skill levelling sequence.

Beads - you have cc immunity in your ult, so I dont see the need for purification.

But other than that, okay build overall. Just needing a few tweaks. I should really update my guide as well.
Dogasaurousrex | July 25, 2016 9:43pm
Hello! First, Awesome critique, much respect to you and thank you.

You know, Watcher's Gift is an awesome item for supports, I agree. It also, as you mentioned, gives you health and gold. So yes, it certainly works well. My choice of Soul Stone over Watcher's Gift is because it is not until Mantle of Discord that you get an expensive item. So, the extra gold is certainly excellent and can advance you further than you otherwise would be item-wise, but the extra mana (20 MP5 at full stacks) is something I find more important for Ymir. How I play Ymir, my abilities are used relatively frequently (perhaps I could work on my mana preservation). I guess that in the end, the hope is that you have gotten an assist or two more than your opposing support so the gold difference will not be great if it is existent at all. This does not always happen, I realize that. Between health pots and Soul Stone, I find sustain to be fairly decent. Also, some ADCs are not as capable of clearing as others. If this is the case, I would consider it better to help clear than get pushed under tower for the entire laning phase. As for the damage, the base 20 power plus the extra 60 if you have full stacks is certainly noticeable early game. On Glacial Strike, that is an extra 50ish damage. Now, that ability scales very well with power, so for most guardians I completely agree with you. But with an ability that adds 70% of your power, an extra 80 (20 base plus 60 extra) makes a difference early on, I think. TL;DR I think Watcher's Gift is a great choice, but I find my more aggressive approach to support to favor Soul Stone. Also, Sylvanus does not scale quite as well with power as Ymir does and so Soul Stone is not as great a choice for him as Watcher's Gift is.

Obsidian Shard on Ymir would be great. So would the other two items you mentioned. Of course, the less armor you have, the more each point matters, so against squishies, a little pen goes a long way. Of course, choosing one of those items would mean sacrificing another.

So perhaps, by your suggestion, Stone of Gaia would be the item to replace. I will fully admit, the burst meta does work against sustain. I have simply had enough running from person to person trying to protect or help them that the sustain becomes noticeble. But, Winged Blade would certainly be a good option. You mention what it gives and all those things are valuable. However, the only thing that would really stick out (over Stone of Gaia) to me would be the movement speed and the passive. The movement speed would be nice and the passive is good, but I might say that many gods in Smite would still be able to catch you.

It is indeed missing a skill leveling sequence! Though, I do mention the order to level things when I talk about the abilities. I might argue, though, that leveling Ymir's 2 or 3 first and second (either one first) is a decent choice. The ultimate can be leveled whenever it is available, which is somewhat common among gods. However, if you have a different order or opinion, I would certainly integrate that.

Yes, I agree. I usually don't choose Purification myself. However, if one feels uncomfortable using an ult to avoid CC, it can be an okay choice. I think there are better options, but I wouldn't hassle someone too much if they chose it in some circumstances.

I will update my guide to reflect your input tomorrow or some day soon. I will, of course, credit you! :) Also, I hope you update your guide; I would love to learn how to play Ymir better.
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Ymir Guide - Support
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