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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Ymir Freezing the game - Solo Lane Guide

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Smite God: Ymir

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Purchase Order

Last 2 items can switch places you can replace breastplate with another protection item of your chosing if needed or Polynomicon for more burst

Build Item Warlock's Staff Warlock's Staff
Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Hide of the Urchin Hide of the Urchin
Build Item Ethereal Staff Ethereal Staff
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti

Ymir's Skill Order

Ice Wall

Ice Wall

1 X
8 15 16 18 19
Glacial Strike

Glacial Strike

2 A
1 3 4 6 10
Frost Breath

Frost Breath

3 B
2 7 11 12 14
Shards of Ice

Shards of Ice

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


Note: this is just a solo lane guide it may eventually get a jungle and support section but for now its just for solo!

Well Welcome to my first guide in a long time i used to make guides during Season 0/1 but then stopped when i heard about all the changes that were incoming and after seeing a redit post about a Guide Contest it just sparked something in me so here we go.

(Warning Format and Coding may not be awesome so sorry about that as i work on it).

some thigs i may use in the guide:

AA - Auto Attack

FG - Fire Giant

GF - Gold Fury

AD - Attack Damage

AP/MP - Ability Power/Magic Power

AoE - Area Of Effect

MIA - Missing In Action

CD - Cooldown

CDR - Cool Down Reduction

HP - Hit Points/health bar

MP - Mana Points

HP5 - Health/hit Point Regeneration per 5 sec

MP5 - Mana point regeneration per 5 sec

DoT - Damage Over Time

HoG - hand of gods

Beads - Greater Purification (cleanses CC)

Pros / Cons


+ Naturally Tanky

+ High Base HP

+ Great Early Game Damage with [[Glacial Strike)

+ Great AA with Frostbite

+ High CC with Ice Wall & Frost Breath

+ Zone Denial with Shards of Ice

+ Great Initiation with Greater Blink


- Low Mobility

- Wall Placement Has a Learning Curve

- Glacial Strike requires good aim without Frost Breath

- Cant Deal with Strong Early Push in Solo

- Has Trouble vs Sustain Based Gods in Solo

- Requires Good Positioning to avoid Lethal Ganks

Skills & Mechanics

Note:after every spell i made one Section talking a bit about its Mechanics and Uses.

Frostbite (~)
This is Our Passive and its effect is what makes us hurt a lot with our AA after dealing damage to a enemy god with any of your spells place a de-buff on the enemy god our next AA over the next few seconds deal 100%(Double) Damage for the duration of this de-buff

this is a very useful and powerful passive that lets us dominate early game AA fights and with some magic power we will be hurting rather quite a ton actually example we Frost Breath + 1 AA + Glacial Strike + 2/3 AA = 500+ damage at around Lvl 3

in case of a invade hitting either Glacial Strike or Frost Breath and using several AA can usually either force the enemy to back off or will out right nearly kill them.

Ice Wall (1)
This is our Wall the great and mighty wall that is the bane of any Dash based god a good Ice Wall will stop pretty much every dash in the game with good timing Sonic Boom included it can also stop spells that function like a dash such as Crushing Wave it can also stop AA or any spell that requires LoS = Line of Sight.

as mentioned mastering the placement of this wall is in fact a demonstration of how much of a good ymir you are while a displacement of this wall will be catastrophic as it may cut off a teammate from a enemy god.

this is also one of the spells that lets us escape well when running though the jungle just look at your feet while running at full speed without slows and pop this spell and the enemy will either use a jump or combat blink for you (or a teleport based spell) or give up the chase as long as you used in a tight spot were they cant squaze though.

Glacial Strike (2)
This is Our Bread & Butter our main wave clear main poke and Secondary CC in the form of a strong 4 second 35% slow.

this is a important spell to master after casting it has a short delay before it does anything so you need to predict the path your enemy will take or you can set it up with your Frost Breath.

its also wroth it to note that this spell does not require LoS = Line of Sight

Frost Breath (3)
This is our main CC spell a cone Shaped Stun that deals some damage and freezes enemy gods and minions/pets for up to 2.25 sec.

some notes that are worth mentioning this spell does not require LoS = line of sight so it can stun through other walls including natural walls and corners which is great for cathing up against enemy gods that used a active like sprint you can place a Ice Wall in front of there obvious path to force them to cut a corner then stun them though it and follow it up with a Glacial Strike.

Shards of Ice (4)
This is Our Ultimate Spell in which we buckle down and charge for up to 3 seconds before detonating a large AoE dealing damage additionally while charging up our spell we slow enemy targets by 30%

This is the spell were a lot of our Play Potential Comes in the Lane Phase we can use this to withstand or force out other gods Ultimate's for example if a casts Storm Call we can cast Shards of Ice to ignore the silence and deal high damage to him once he is back on his feet after his channel we can then follow it up with Frost Breath some AA and a Glacial Strike most of which he wont be able to doge or get away from without using even more spells.

in another scenario we can force out Lord of the Afterlife from Osiris
by counter initiating on him when he goes in for example if we hit a Glacial Strike as he goes in on us we can follow it up with some AA as he uses his Judgement Tether then right before we are stunned from his spell we cast Shards of Ice to withstand the stun now he is forced into doing one of two things runs out of it taking as much damage as we could build up or he can ult out to avoid all damage regardless of which he does with proper timing we can put a wall on his landing location CC him with Frost Breath and follow up with Glacial Strike to top it all off his Passive Fragmented has no effect on our damage since we are Magical.

Skill Rank up Order:(since the one above does not feature point skipping)

lvl 1 = Glacial Strike

lvl 2 = Frost Breath

lvl 3 = Glacial Strike

lvl 4 = Skip Point

Lvl 5 = Shards of Ice + Glacial Strike

Lvl 6 = Ice Wall

now from this point on you want to max the spells in this order:

1. Glacial Strike - since its our main damage.

2. Frost Breath - since its our main CC.

3. Shards of Ice - this one is personal preference feel free to switch it with 4.

4. Ice Wall

Item Build & Notes

note:same as above there is a slight note after every item stating my reasons

Now as far as items go here is how i like to start most of my games:

i rush a Warlock's sash as fast as i can i usually get its tier 2 + HP pot if going for a non invade start if going for a invade id recommend getting Vampiric Shroud HoG rank 1/2 and or blink rank 1 depending on choices + HP pot with a Multy Pot this gives us the best survival Chances if going for the normal start i pick actives that are required of me for the situation(blink + weakening curse vs a healer ish team)( blink + Heavenly Agility if vs a slow heavy team or high Escape Team).

Warlock's Sash its a good pick up due to its large bonus Health and magic power scaling perfectly with what we want and should be rushed as fast as possible on all solo ymirs even mage ymirs!

after Warlock's Sash is finished we build into Shoes of Focus for there CDR and obvious movement speed.

no notes for these pretty simple reasons but vs CC heavy teams i would recommend getting the CC reduction shoes instead they can be life savers.

as our 3rd Item we Ideally want Hide of the Urchin for its magnificent protection values and the bonus HP is great as well!

since it needs stacks due try to be with your team as much as possible at this point you want it stacked A-Sap.

for Our 4th Item we should be Getting Ethereal Staff but it can delayed as our 5th or even 6th item if needed depending on what our team may need.

the Ethereal Staff is a good pick up for us Because it will work perfectly with Warlock Sash and our High Base HP granting us some more power.

for the 5th Item we would be going into Rod of Tahuti though if were very ahead we can invest into this as our 4th item and rush it in case were behind we can delay it as the final item as well.

the reason we get this as out 5th item is because were playing a Supportive Initiation type of role here and we usually dont want to be taking the kills instead looking to give the kills to the mid laner ADC or Jungler.

- Our Final Item depends honestly on what we need to counter Pestilence if were dealing with healers or a Divine Ruin if the Support went for the above we can build Void Stone if our teams Mage needs just a bit more damage on the enemy in case we need more burst to help burst down the Enemy Carry Nice and fast we can invest into Soul Reaver or Polynomicon if we dont need any of that and there physicals are a problem a Breastplate of Valor or Hide of the Nemean Lion can be a good pick up for us.

Honestly this is the item that we get to give us the last bit of help the team needs if you want to you can get some pen here such as Spear of the Magus but i would not recommend it as you will at this point be doing a lot of damage and your mage will probably have it already you actually want less damage so that other can take the kill early - mid game in case you hit the very deep late game were kills dont matter make sure to get pen if needed(aka your team isnt getting it).

How to Fight Trade & Initiate

some of you may be wondering how to start off fights and how to finish them this is the part were i talk about general fighting tactics with Ymir

1. after landing a Glacial Strike either while clearing a minion wave or purely while trading with a enemy god always follow up with at least 2 AA at most 4 AA if you manage to land 2 AA and that there not running away or have yet used there escape spell hit a Frost Breath then follow up with more AA this is one of the basic Exchanges you can do in case you have CDR and your Glacial Strike is now back try landing it again in some cases this full trade can deal over 50% of a enemy gods HP bar even Very early on in the game but be careful of your mana you must not waste it

2. if you want to be the one to start things off landing a Glacial Strike is first is ideal and then going into the above Basic Exchange is the simplest way of doing so but landing a Glacial Strike on a moving that might be trying its best to avoid it is usually rather hard thus you would in this case start things off with Frost Breath right after there stunned land 1 AA ( 2 AA when Frost Breath is rank 5 and is a 2.25 sec stun) you then hit Glacial Strike right as the stun wares off/they start to retreat then follow them up a bit and hit a few more AA after this you back off and leave them alone while waiting for your CD's to come back

3. when a target is low enough you can use Greater Blink to get in range and do a Frost Breath + Glacial Strike + AA + Shards of Ice ideally you want to Detonate Shards of Ice right as the stun is about to ware off right before they can use Aegis Amulet or Aegis Pendant this also has a high chance of making them waste those actives as chances are the players in panic or natural reaction will be spamming there active key to avoid the damage but the timing needs to be very close and if they miss time it there fate is pretty much sealed

Note: for Initiations

1. you use Greater Blink cast Frost Breath and follow it up with just a Glacial Strike or start Channeling Shards of Ice you ideally want to give the kill/kills to your teammates so try to time your detonations and spells to go off right before the spells of the teammate connect / in case your teammate does not care about this and is fine with you taking the kill go for your usual kill combo

2. this one over here is the counter initiation what it involves is kinda hard to pull off you predict when the enemy tank is going to go in and go in 0.5 sec after them or so and interupt the follow up of the enemy team with Frost Breath(this usually forces beads) if your team has managed to get through the enemy initiation without using there beads and this is even batter for you in case the enemy team uses beads and tries to ignore you and moves towards your team you can stop it with Ice Wall now the only gods that can go attack your team are those with jumps or wall ignoring spells aka dont need LoS (line of sight)

3. The Follow Up - this is what happens when some one else on your team burns beads before you do and you time your above initiations to it or within the time period while beads are down if this is well executed it can lead to game changing fights aka in a CC heavy line up if a support or jungle athena burned beads and they all ran you all have 90 sec for a perfect follow up

4. The Wall Says Nope - this is when you the great master of driving most other players insane times your Ice Wall perfectly with a enemy spell that critically puts them out of position or takes away all there hope of escape this is what happens when you do something like blocking Crushing Wave from he bo then Frost Breath him into a Artistic Ice Statue that will then be shattered or prevent Mercury escaping with his Sonic Boom by placing Ice Wall right in front of him during its 0.5 sec build up
in other words this what happens when you wall of a critical dash like escape spell and then CC them bonus points if you also already burned beads beforehand!

Your Overall Objectives for this style of Play with Ymir

1. Getting high HP so you can tank with less protections

2. Being able to Initiate with high Burst on your Side this helps your ADC,Mage,Jungler get the kills faster or up the chances of them killing the targets You Are NOT the Carry here

3. Abuse your Strong Early - Mid Game when you rotate on a squishy god for example Zeus you can 100 - 0 him with a full combo of your stuff

4.Burn Beads for the main Support or Follow up the main support after he burns there beads

5.IF Needed get another HoG for your team Securing Objectives is vital for any team

6. get actives that counter the Enemy team for your teams late game Shell is agreat example Girdle of Support is another

7. Optionally if you have become a master of Ymir demonstrate your power with Ice Wall that will drive whole teams insane (some feats include but are not limited to: using your wall as a additional Bouncing wall for Excavate letting it either hit a target more then once or twice or change its course making a missed Excavate into a perfectly hit one) timing you wall with Impale after its been thrown for a stun.... reflecting a enemy Excavate away from your team or just putting down the perfect wall that will peel off a enemy off of your ally god(almost impossible timing)

Match Ups in Solo Lane


Spoiler: Click to view


Spoiler: Click to view

Zhong Kui

Spoiler: Click to view

Final Thoughts

ill be updating this guide bit by bit as i work on my own ymir style of play in the solo lane and will eventually feature a jungle and support section but for now this is it

this type of ymir should be picked into a team looking for a medium to heavy CC line up or with stronger peeling potential and or initiation some good team comps would include:

- Isis , Anhur , Athena , Thor , Ymir(solo lane) = this comp has a ton of CC potential and follow ups some examples being Frost Breath into Spirit Ball into Anvil of Dawn + Berserker Barrage + Wing Gust + Glacial Strike overall it can be very brutal and can force out max rank beads decently into the early game and at times even double actives forcing Greater Purification + Aegis Amulet from many teams

- Scylla , Freya , cupid ,Athena/geb , Ymir = this comp is more dedicated to whose job is to initiate and whose it is to peel overall depending on what the team feels like one of you is initiating and the other is peeling any potential counter initiation or sneaky jungler while cupid will also bring his Fields Of Love to team fights making the potential zone outs and control insane and with the CC around here Scylla wont have many Issues landing her burst and we all know what that means.....

overall i hope my guide helps you out and i would love to hear some feedback or requests on some new guides im re-learning all gods in all roles for season 2 so i might as well make a list

also a few words of thanks to Mowen who made the reddit post that made me recall how much fun i had making guides and planning team comps im hoping this guide is a good entry for that goal of having a viable season 2 guide for every god im not sure if this is OK enough for the mentioned contest but i have a goodpack already if its ok enough for the contest though i hope i improve this enough to the point were i can win a few gems to finally get some of my fav skins so ill be looking foward to any and all feedback

Few started this at 11:45pm and now its 03:04 am man time sure files cant wait to see how this guide does in the next 12 - 14 hours

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ualrightmate | July 19, 2015 6:47am
Personally I prefer a ymir who can 1v1 like he is meant to i build him: shoes of the magi-warlocks-obsidian shard-winged blade-polynomicon-rod of tahuti. I find that it really excels in the mid and solo lanes an makes you a much more dangerous presence on the battlefield
Bojanx2x (4) | February 18, 2015 5:28pm
Yeah im Planning to add a counter list on day by day basis as i develop my play style against those gods for bare minimal standards at least around 3-5 games against those gods in lane
Gryphon54 | February 18, 2015 4:25pm
Bojanx maybe add a bit on how to counter a wider range of gods ex. Bakasura, aphro, herc, ect.
Protaine | February 18, 2015 12:30pm
That's a guide I will recommend to a friend of me who actually likes Ymir
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