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Thanatos: The Hand of Death (S6)

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Smite God: Thanatos

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Starting Items Notes This is a pretty standard jungle start. I like having blink to try and get an early gank on middle lane after finishing the solo's blue buff, as well as having the potions for sustain in case you get into a situation and you don't get out with a kill to replenish your health.

Build Item Assassin's Blessing Assassin's Blessing
Build Item Mace Mace
Build Item Blink Rune Blink Rune
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Multi Potion Multi Potion

Main Build Notes This is the build I use for most of my games. It provides HIGH burst damage when used in conjunction with auto canceling (which I will go into more detail down below), as well as giving decent cooldown reduction to allow your abilities to come up quicker (specifically your Hovering Death, a great engage/disengage/finisher tool).

Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Hydra's Lament Hydra's Lament
Build Item The Crusher The Crusher
Build Item Runeforged Hammer Runeforged Hammer
Build Item Bloodforge Bloodforge
Build Item Blink Rune Blink Rune
Build Item Aegis Amulet Aegis Amulet
Build Item Purification Beads Purification Beads

Situational Items -- Damage Notes Here a few other items I have tried on Thanatos that have worked in different match-ups. Brawler's being good for anti-heal. I've used Transcendence and Heartseeker a few times, Transcendence being good for damage if you can stack it quickly, and Heartseeker adding decent damage onto his Death Scythe or Hovering Death, but I do not normally put them into my build.

Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Brawler's Beat Stick
Build Item Heartseeker Heartseeker
Build Item Transcendence Transcendence

Situational Items -- Defense/Survivability Notes These are a few more defensive or survival items. I know some Thanatos players swear by Soul Eater, but whenever I play, I do not encounter needing the extra healing given by the item because I can generally kill any squishy target quickly enough to gain a decent chunk of my health back, as well as Death Scythe giving you a base heal anyway. Feels like overkill to me. The rest are pretty basic jungle defense items.

Build Item Soul Eater Soul Eater
Build Item Magi's Cloak Magi's Cloak
Build Item Void Shield Void Shield
Build Item Ancile Ancile
Build Item Mantle of Discord Mantle of Discord
Build Item Masamune Masamune
Build Item Shifter's Shield Shifter's Shield

Sell Boots Notes Magi’s is probably my go to in my normal build, but if the enemy team is more tanky and less damage oriented, feel free to pick up either of the other items for penetration (and Stone Cutting Sword for even more chase potential)

Build Item Magi's Cloak Magi's Cloak
Build Item Stone Cutting Sword Stone Cutting Sword
Build Item Titan's Bane Titan's Bane

Thanatos's Skill Order

Death Scythe

Death Scythe

1 X
1 3 6 7 9
Scent of Death

Scent of Death

2 A
4 11 14 16 18
Soul Reap

Soul Reap

3 B
2 8 10 12 13
Hovering Death

Hovering Death

4 Y
5 15 17 19 20
Array ( [major] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 32 [display_name] => Aphrodite [url] => aphrodite ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => Aphrodite is less scary because she deals damage to you, but rather because she can counter your highest damaging abilities, your [i][[Death Scythe]][/i] and your ultimate. Yes, you can silence her first then [i][[Death Scythe]][/i], however generally when a Thanatos is running at you and your silenced by them, you're going to pop your ultimate, immuning their [i][[Death Scythe]][/i]. Yes, you can wait out her ultimate, but then she can use her [i][[Back Off!]][/i] to cause you to potentially miss your [i][[Death Scythe]][/i]. ) [1] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 39 [display_name] => Chronos [url] => chronos ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => Thanatos never wants to be standing still, and while early game Chronos is a joke to Thanatos, late game if Chronos hits his stun then Thanatos is almost always dead. ) ) [extreme] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 18 [display_name] => Agni [url] => agni ) [scoreVal] => 1 [notes] => When you engage, Agni just dashes away, turns around, stuns you, then spams ultimates. Not fun. ) [1] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 6 [display_name] => Anubis [url] => anubis ) [scoreVal] => 1 [notes] => See Chronos but add one of the most busted early game mages (my opinion). ) ) ) 1

Thanatos' Threats

Click each Level on the left to view
Thanatos' threats

Read Notes

Lots of my explanation for builds is in the notes tabs.


Hello, and welcome to my first ever Smitefire build! I have been playing Smite for about 6 years now, starting when the game was still in open beta, i even have the avatar icon to prove it! Thanatos was the first god I ever got to diamond, and now that I understand the game even better, I love him so much more. This is not a weird or complicated Thanatos build, it is actually pretty generic. But, if you play smart, I can almost guarantee that you are going to have a high fragging game.

I made a video of my demoing the build:


In this area, I am just going to talk about a few of the situational items that I did not go into too much detail above.

Void Shield can be used in order to have better chances of survival when fighting against physical gods. If you are having trouble with an enemy physical, then I would recommend this replacing The Crusher or Runeforged Hammer with Void Shield and possibly building Hydra's Lament an item later.

Ancile is an item I would use just like Void Shield except for magical gods. If the enemy middle or solo lane mage is causing you trouble in your gank attempts, then pick up this item.

Soul Eater is an item you can pick up if you don't want to risk losing too much power, but you're still having trouble staying alive. Check the notes section that applies to this item above for more explanation.

I think Magi's Cloak is a terrific item on Thanatos because it is one more thing that lets you get kills un-interfered. I love this item of Thanatos and highly recommend if you are having trouble with CC heavy gods/team comps.

Mantle of Discord is a full defense item you can get in place of Runeforged Hammer if you are having trouble staying alive. The stun it provides can also help you turn fights and get kills with your Death Scythe. However, it is very expensive.

Masamune is a great item to have for mid to late game team fights, when both teams are more grouped up. It's extra protections, power, and movement speed is a fantastic compliment to Thanatos' kit.

My Route

First thing any jungler should know, your jungle route. For this build I follow the basic season 6 route that is in the current meta.

I start at the speed buff with the middle laner, then move to the small xp camp, then to the solo's blue buff (try to let the solo lane get the experience from the buff, but do not wait longer than a couple seconds for them). From there I will look to see if the enemy solo lane is in a position to be killed with a Blink Death Scythe, and if not I move to the midcamps.
Normally, if you cleared at the correct speed, you will meet the enemy jungle here. If you do, you'll almost always want to fight it. Your Death Scythe gives good early game damage as well as healing! Now, if you miss the Death Scythe, just back off. You lost the fight, welcome to Thanatos. If you do not meet the enemy jungler you can try to gank the enemy middle lane with a surprise blink. After that, clear the red buff, then purple, then look for a gank duo or get the back side camp on the duo side and restart your route. (If you are ever low, look for a camp to clear. With assassin's blessing, your passive, and Death Scythe, you can heal quite a lot from one camp).


It is incredibly important to learn how to auto cancel on Thanatos, it increases your damage output dramatically, especially with Hydra's Lament. Basically, my normal gank combo (on squishy targets) is Ultimate, auto-attack, 1, auto-attack, 3, then chase with my 2 if needed. This combo will kill pretty much any squishy target very quickly. Now if they are a little more tanky, I would save my ult for it's execute potential and engage with a blink or just my 2 as a speed boost.


This is my first ever SmiteFire build guide. I just thought "Hey, I've been playing the game for 6 years, why not do one on my first diamond god?"

If you would like for me to expand on this build, please let me know in the comments tab. Also let me know how you play Thanatos and any items you use, and I will consider adding them to the build if I see their purpose.

Also, please don't be toxic, I'm a really chill guy who just loves this game.

Ya'll have a great day now! Get to slaying!!!

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Kriega1 (95) | June 9, 2019 10:20am
Consider Shifter’s Shield as an alternative item.
Vini_sds (8) | May 29, 2019 5:56am
I have a few points to cover and questions to ask:

1. Your leveling order. Shouldn't Hovering Death be prioritized whenever possible due to the increased execution treshold? Also, isn't it better to get Soul Reap at level 1 for better jungle clear? My leveling priority usually goes 3>1>2>1>4 for the first 5 levels and then 4>1>3>2 afterwards.

Basically, my normal gank combo (on squishy targets) is Ultimate, auto-attack, 1, auto-attack, 3, then chase with my 2 if needed.

I always thought you should use your 3 first and then your 1, to silence the targets and stop them from using escape abilities/relics.

3. If you want, you can add Blackthorn Hammer and Shield of Regrowth as situational items. Surely, Thanatos doesn't need the mana from Blackthorn, but the CDR and 350 health are nice, and Regrowth is very situational since he can only proc with Death Scythe and on eliminations, but it can have some uses.

You did a great job overall, so +1.
ActiveWeird | November 29, 2019 8:16pm
Hi! Sorry it has been so long for my reply.

In response to the leveling order, I ordered mine this way because I prefer having his 1 for its heal factor in case of early game fights as well as the extra 10% damage it provides in case of an emergency.

I also do not tend to level his ultimate because for my play style, I use it more as an engage disengage tool, rather than a chase down, which I think seems to work the best.

Last, I don't use his 3 as soon as I land to silence then, because they are still stunned from the ultimate. In the order described, the enemy is stunned through your first auto-attack and 1, then you silence them so they cannot use an ability to get away and finish them off.
Kriega1 (95) | May 20, 2019 11:50am
Not sure about Stone Cutting Sword, perhaps consider Masamune instead.

Also Talaria Boots can work on Thanatos as well.
ActiveWeird | May 20, 2019 11:56am
I've played with Talaria Boots, however I really like the extra power that Warrior Tabi provides, and Thanatos is not a mana hungry god, meaning he is not using Talaria Boots to its fullest extent.

I like Stone Cutting Sword because of its synergy with auto cancels, however I can see Masamune being very beneficial in the late game when team fights are more present, so I will add it.
Branmuffin17 (296) | May 20, 2019 10:57am
I would say this is very cookie-cutter Thanatos, but also very spot-on. You list all the key items and situationals IMO. Good coverage of attack canceling, good tips. +1 from me.

If you were interested in getting just a bit more in-depth, you might talk about how the main build might be altered, and when you'd consider subbing in different items. E.g. getting Void Shield 3rd or 4th if having issues with some physical gods, things like that.
ActiveWeird | May 20, 2019 11:10am
I absolutely intend too, I am just currently on my phone and didn’t want to hassle my way through the entire in-depth build. This is a very cookie-cutter build, however I put it on here because I end up playing with and against several Than players who build very awkwardly. Thank you!
Gulfwulf (67) | May 20, 2019 9:10am
Dunno if I'd recommend Toxic Blade over Brawler's Beat Stick, but this looks pretty solid to me.
ActiveWeird | May 20, 2019 9:16am
In the notes section of that area, I explained how I would almost always choose Brawler’s Beat Stick over Toxic Blade. So I agree!
Thank you for the comment!
Gulfwulf (67) | May 20, 2019 9:59am
They both do the same thing, just in different ways: toxic applies anti-heal via auto-attacks and brawler's via abilities. Since Than's more of an ability user, I think BBB is just all-around better for him. Anyway, have a +1.
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boogiebass (38) | May 20, 2019 9:43am
Yea it might just be better to remove it.
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Thanatos: The Hand of Death (S6)
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