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Not Updated For Current Season

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Tanky Powerhouse Jungler Build

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Smite God: Thor

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Build Item Bumba's Mask Bumba's Mask
Build Item Bluestone Pendant Bluestone Pendant
Build Item Multi Potion Multi Potion
Build Item Multi Potion Multi Potion

Final Build (Sell bumba's for Breastplate, then bluestone for masamune)

Build Item Transcendence Transcendence
Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Hide of the Urchin Hide of the Urchin
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Masamune Masamune


Build Item Genji's Guard Genji's Guard
Build Item Titan's Bane Titan's Bane

Thor's Skill Order

Mjolnir's Attunement

Mjolnir's Attunement

1 X
2 8 12 15 17
Tectonic Rift

Tectonic Rift

2 A
3 11 14 16 19
Berserker Barrage

Berserker Barrage

3 B
1 4 6 7 9
Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn

4 Y
5 10 13 18 20


What started off as a weird experimental build back in my "Arena main" days has become my main go-to Jungler build with Thor. He was a god I REALLY wanted to learn how to play well, but I my issue was that I'd die too easily in the thick of the battle. So I thought "why not build some defense?", but I also didn't want to sacrifice too much power for the sake of defense. So I decided to build transcendence. This build works off of the principle that transcendence converts your maximum mana into power, so I picked my two favorite defense items (Breastplate of Valor and Hide of the Urchin), which both add strong defensive stats as well as mana (a total of 550 between both items), and then an additional 150 mana from Jotunn's wrath, which total out to 700 additional mana which means 21 additional physical power, which doesn't seem like much, but once Trans and urchin is fully stacked, and all items are built, thor will have around 250 physical power and close to 200 physical defense and 150 magical defense.

I know it seems finicky and probably better builds exist, but I have only lost about 3 games with this build (out of 12) and one of them was due to disconnect. It also works for me so meh.



High damage both early and late game
High defense late game
Strong teamfight presence

Slow movement early game
May be ridiculed for building stacks as jungler

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Loquio45 | November 20, 2017 11:11am
Oh i meant on the leveling.How you leveled one after the other 6 than 7.I'm new and have found out you can.
Loquio45 | November 14, 2017 2:43pm
How could u go 6 and 7 on berseker!?Mistake!?
Branmuffin17 (280) | November 14, 2017 2:59pm
Not sure what you're inferring here...? This guide-maker's preference was to prioritize Berzerker Barrage first, and you're able to level it to 4 by god level 7.
boogiebass (37) | November 14, 2017 3:10pm
Don't you think Titan's Bane would be a better replacement for Transcendence?
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League of Legends Build Guide Author mariozplaze
Tanky Powerhouse Jungler Build
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