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Patience! 2.0 - Rama Guide (S5 Patch 5.20)

November 5, 2018 by xmysterionz
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Smite God: Rama

Item Purchase Order

Final Build with Crits
?Standard Build for Rama using Crits. If you feel you need more pen, follow this order, if you feel you need more power (against squishies) then rush Rage first than Executioner.

Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet
Build Item Ninja Tabi
Build Item The Executioner
Build Item Rage
Build Item Poisoned Star
Build Item Deathbringer

Final build without crits
?Standard Build for Rama without use Crits. The last two items are situational and you can choose from "situational items" section.

Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Build Item Ninja Tabi Build Item Qin's Sais Build Item The Executioner

?Standard start for Rama mainly in conquest. One mana potion is more than enough since you are not skill-dependent.

Build Item Spiked Gauntlet Build Item Hunter's Blessing Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Mana Potion

Core items
?Extra mana to your Astral Strike, attack speed, some power and lifesteal. Everything you need.

Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Build Item Ninja Tabi

Bridge Items
?Maybe your 3rd item. Some cheap items to help in some situations to become a thread sooner. Recommend do one as the 1st item after finished your boots and stack item (3rd item) (if you want. You can also skip this).

Build Item Ichaival

?Crits that work well on him.

Build Item Poisoned Star Build Item Deathbringer Build Item Wind Demon Build Item Rage

Situational items
?Situational items to help you in specific situations

Build Item Toxic Blade Build Item Odysseus' Bow Build Item Atalanta's Bow Build Item Titan's Bane Build Item Bloodforge Build Item Magi's Cloak Build Item Mantle of Discord

God Skill Order

Astral Strike

Astral Strike 1 4 6 7 10 key bind

Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up 3 8 11 12 14 key bind

Rolling Assault

Rolling Assault 2 15 16 18 19 key bind

Astral Barrage

Astral Barrage 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

Patience! 2.0 - Rama Guide (S5 Patch 5.20)

November 5, 2018


Hi everyone, my name is x MysTeRioN z. I play this game on Xbox one.
I`m here to help you play with this guy that can be a literally carry at end and a real problem the enemy team if used in the right way.

Art by Zennore via DeviantArt

"I never miss my target!" - Rama

This guide was already posted because I clicked the wrong button, then it came with a lot of mistakes and untested items and builds, so I decided to make a rework on it base on the early feedback (everything: builds suggestions, discussions, jokes about my English, items recommendations...) and post it when finished, but here it is, because again, I'm a stupid and pressed that f***ing button.

I'm open to suggestions to make this guide even better, so don't forget to like this guide (if you liked) and tell me what I should improve, what I should change and if this guide was helpful for you.

Pros / Cons

  1. Good individual damage
  2. Good escape
  3. Good chaser
  4. Good attack speed buff
  5. Good wave clear
  6. Full ADC
  7. Good carry at late game

  1. Squishy
  2. No relevant skills (except the ultimate)
  3. The passive could be better
  4. Ultimate is easy to miss
  5. Somehow has a boring gameplay
  6. Extremely dependent of basic attacks
  7. Shines only from Mid-Late Game



Astral Quiver

Type: Passive

Rama uses his force to create powerful arrows: The Astral Arrows. It generates an Astral Arrow every 12s. Also, every successful basic attack will reduce the time in 2s per arrow. These arrows are used with other abilities. You can stack up to 5 arrows.


Astral Strike

Type: Basic Attack Buff

Cooldown: 0 secs

Bonus damage 10/20/30/40/50
Slow per hit: 10% (Max 3 stacks)
Slow duration: 2secs
Cost: 20 mana + 1 Astral Arrow per shot

Rama changes his normal arrows to his powerful arrows: The Astral Arrows. After the change Rama basic attacks go through walls, slows enemies, and pass through enemies too.


Pick me Up

Type: Attack speed buff, pickup

Cooldown: 15-11 secs
Attack speed increased: 30/35/40/45/50%
Attack speed duration: 3secs
Drop Chance: 10/20/30/40/50 (Passive)

Rama focuses in kill the target so he increase his attack speed. This skill also may drops an Astral arrow after any astral arrow has been used.


Rolling Assault

Type: Dash

Cooldown: 11 secs
Bonus damage: 20/40/60/80/100
Cripple duration: 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 secs

Rama Rama performs a roll in the direction he is currently moving. If there is at least 1 astral arrow stacked, the next basic attack will cause bonus damage and will cripple the enemy.


Astral Barrage

Type: AoE (Area of Effect) (Ultimate)

Cooldown: 90 secs

Damage 1st shot: 100/150/200/250/300 (+30% of your Physical Power)
Damage 2nd shot: 150/225/300/375/450 (+45% of your Physical Power)
Damage 3rd shot: 200/300/400/500/600 (+60% of your Physical Power)

AoE 1st shot: 15
AoE 2st shot: 10
AoE 3st shot: 7.5

Rama uses all his forces to jump in the air becoming untargetble. While in the air he can shoot 3 powerful arrows increasing the damage after each shot and decreasing the area.

Tips and how to use

Skill Order

This skill order will provide high damage and good clear wave.

Astral Quiver: As soon as possible stack some arrows

Astral Strike: Upgrade at levels 1 - 4 - 6 - 7 - 10 (1st priority)

Pick me Up: Upgrade at levels 3 - 8 - 11 - 12 - 15 (2nd priority)

Rolling Assault: Upgrade at levels 2 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 (3rd priority)

Astral Barrage: Upgrade at levels 5 - 9 - 13 - 17 - 20 (As soon as available)

Skills Combos


Assault Strike + Pick me Up

  • The usually fight combo.
  • You will use it often in your fights, Astral Strike will provide a powerful basic attacks and Pick Me Up will make this attacks be fired faster.

+ +

Assault Strike + Rolling Assault + Pick me Up

  • The chase combo.
  • You will use it often to chase enemies that started a fight with you and retread using some escape such as Flutter. With this you can keep chasing the enemy to kill him.

+ + +

Assault Strike + Rolling Assault + Pick me Up + Astral Barrage

  • The ultimate chasing combo.
  • You will use it often to chase enemies that started a fight with you and retread using some escape such as Flutter. With this you can keep chasing the enemy to kill him, and if he escapes from your range you can use Astral Barrage to secure the kill (Kill secure = KS)

How to play

Early Game

  • You are VERY WEAK at beginning SO YOU MUST PLAY SAFE.
  • Try to clear the wave as soon as possible, and try to don't take damage from the wave. If the enemy cleared his wave first, retreat to your tower.
  • If you cleared the wave first put some pressure focusing the enemy ADC preferentially. But if the support is dying, kill him.
  • Try to don't start unnecessary fights until you have power, unless if you are ahead of enemy ADC.
  • In teamfights try to participate from some distance and run for your life if someone focus you.
  • PUT WARDS ON THE MAP to avoid be Ganked.
  • Poke your enemy as soon as possible but not too much or he will call for help and put you in seriously trouble, mainly if the jungler is a early/mid game character such as Ratatoskr.
  • FOCUS ON FARMING, you need to get big as soon as possible so every farm you see, do it if possible (camps or minions waves).
  • There isn't so much to do here. Just be careful to don't die. IF THE ENEMY GETS BIGGER THAN YOU, YOU WILL SUFFER, so be careful.
  • Ask for help every time you need, and don't do anything that can compromise you.


Prefer to don't try and stay alive instead of dying trying and feed the enemy. Don't forget to use your heal on your teammates to get mana.

Mid Game

  • Now you become some sustainable with your lifesteal and do a decent damage to enemies and towers.
  • Now it's time to become a little aggressive. You will see your basic attacks doing something like 175~200 basic attack.
  • I recommend you start playing a little more aggressive, but not too much aggressive. Remember that your escape is good but CANNOT save you well from some good gank by multiple enemies.
  • REMEMBER THAT OBJECTIVES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN KILLS, so it's time to start do your job, carry the game doing the objectives.
  • ALWAYS try to participate of teamfights now, 'cause your damage will make a big difference
  • Now it's a nice moment to start rotate to surprise enemies and blow them with your basic attacks.

Late Game

  • Time to group up.
  • You should be doing something arround 300+ basic attack damages and crits make this even bigger (if you did.)
  • Enemies are afraid of you now (and they are right).
  • Enemies probably will focus you so stay close to your team and try do hit as many basic attack as possible.
  • You can easily take down an entire fenix, fire giant, gold fury... so time to group up and mainly focus on objectives.
  • Keep behind of your teammates and help them as much as possible.


Crit Build Example

Situational Items

Understand the 4 steps and rush the right item:
    The 4 questions to be answered:
  1. What is the problem?
  2. What item I did (or I intende to do that) won't help me or isn't helping me with this problem?
  3. What is the best item below that better solves my problem?
  4. Will I loose something very important to this match changing this item?
If you answer all this question in the right way, you will change the right item and the new one will helps you a lot. Choose wisely!!!!!

click to see

Final Considerations

Art by bunnytush via DeviantArt

Let's go now, get you support and go hit some arrows on the enmies in Duo Lane!

Rama is a good and easy adc to play with high probabilities of carry the late game. Master his ultimate and first skill and you will be a killing machine

I intend update this Guide as soon as possible keeping it always updated, so check it with some frequency to see the new tips and builds.

Special Thanks:
  • iTwistedSpartan - The guy who did this amazing arts of minimal Rama in the headers (Via DeviantArt)
  • branmuffin17 - The ultimate counsellor who help me with tips, builds and long explanations
  • boogiebass - The funny guy who helped me with some tips and builds to this Guide.
  • Tlaoc1050 - The cupid man that gave me some tips.
  • Gulfwulf - My english guardian <3, who help me with my english giving some tips.
  • Kriega1 - The serious guy who helped with some tips.





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