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Orc's Burst Ravana (S3)

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Smite God: Ravana

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Purchase Order

Leaving The Fountain

Build Item Charged Morningstar Charged Morningstar
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Purification Beads Purification Beads

The Solo Lane Dream

Build Item Transcendence Transcendence
Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Ancile Ancile
Build Item Frostbound Hammer Frostbound Hammer
Build Item Qin's Sais Qin's Sais
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath

Alt Pen Build

Build Item Titan's Bane Titan's Bane
Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Devourer's Gauntlet
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Qin's Sais Qin's Sais
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath

Ravana's Skill Order

Prana Onslaught

Prana Onslaught

1 X
3 8 11 12 14
Overhead Kick

Overhead Kick

2 A
2 15 16 18 19
10-Hand Shadow Fist

10-Hand Shadow Fist

3 B
1 4 6 7 10
Mystic Rush

Mystic Rush

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


Hello users of SmiteFire! My name is Orc, and I have been a long time MOBA player across many platforms. With a background in Vainglory and League as a Support/Solo main, most of my favorite gods have been in those roles, with my favorite solo laner being Ravana. Sadly, Ravana sees little play in casual, ranked, and SPL because many other solo laners out perform him, such as Zeus, Tyr, and Amaterasu. However, Ravana is a very fun and flexible god that can fit many play styles that most players never see coming.

Pros and Cons


+Great clear
+Initiation skills
+Immunity Skill (extra active space)
+Excels at team fights
+High burst dps from aa and skils


-Squishy Early Game
-Expensive Builds
-Easily runs out of mana in the early game (with an ability build)

Ravana's Role and Skills

Ravana can usually play a few different roles. He mostly is seen as a Solo, but he can play Support or Jungle. Let's take a look at his skill set to see why he fits in.


Prana Onslaught: Ravana's I is a very simple cone lane clear that does 80 damage at Rank 1 and 300 at Rank 5 with 80% Physical Scaling. It costs 30/60 mana, and has a 25% slow for 2.5 sec. The slow is not as useful, but it can stall enemy gods and increases his skill as a Support. I take this skill 3rd and level it 2nd.

Overhead Kick: Overhead Kick is a very versatile II. It's damage is low at 70 at Rank 1 and 210 at Rank 5 with 70% Physical Scaling, but it makes up for it with a .75 sec Sanctuary and a 50% speed boost, costing 60/80 mana. This skill is great as a quick counter to high burst ultimates like Nu Wa and Ra, and can get you out of a fight in a pinch. I take this skill 2nd and level it 3rd.

10-Hand Shadow Fist: With one of the most annoying skill names to type behind Xing Tien's ult, Ravana's III is a great all around skill. Dealing 120 damage at Rank 1, and 260 damage at Rank 5 with 55% Physical Scaling, a 1.25 sec root and minor (15/75) healing for 55/75 mana, this is Ravana's main lane clear skill. The root is great for all roles, and can help secure or set up kills in a teamfight. I take and level this skill 1st.

Mystic Rush: A leap may seem out of place for a solo laner, but Ravana's ult can be used in many ways. If Ravana is ganking, he can jump the jungle walls for initiations and body blocking, or as an escape. Doing 159 damage at Rsnk 1 and 450 damage at Rank 5 with 100% Physical Scaling, for 80/120 mana. With a 40/60% damage reduction from all other gods he doesn't hit, Ravana's ult is a force to be reckoned with.

Chain of Blows: Ravana's passive resembles Bulwark of Hope: Land 8 Basic Attacks or abilities, get a shield equal to 5% of your max health. Simple, but this helps Ravana sustain and survive in his lane.

Item Q and A

Why use...

Transcendence? I usually get questions in game chat about why I run trans. IMO, Transcendence is a good early pick to get the mana you need for a high burst solo lane. Also, more Physical Power helps Ravana's AAs and Skills.

Warrior Tabi? Little explanation needed, boots are standard for all gods. More Physical Power = Good

Ancile? Ravana needs to invest in CDR, because his cooldowns are so high. Also, Magical Protection against magic Solos.

Frostbound Hammer? More slows for Ravana? More HP for squishy? Sign me up.

Qin's Sais? Helps deal with tanks and other warriors. Useful for attack speed as well.

Jotunn's Wrath? Standard all around item. CDR? Pen? Physical Power? All good.


Titan's Bane is a good sub for a more AA focused build, and I replace Frostbound Hammer or Transcendence for it.

The Executioner is a pick for a high pen Ravana build, and I sometimes pick it over Qin's if I am against a squishier solo.

Devourer's Gauntlet is a pick if Ravana isn't sustaining well and needs a quick heal. This item can gain stacks fast too because of Ravana's killing potential.

The Solo Mindset and Game Plan

As Solo Lane Ravana is the easier of the 3 roles to play, I will only cover the solo role. Support and Jungle Ravana play as a usual Support or Jungler. As a solo laner, your job is to clear the lane minions, and push the towers, like mid. Ravana is slightly squishy in the early game, but his III can clear lanes while stopping a charging Mercury. I personally play Ravana with a burst mindset, where I can land a III, few AAs, and then use my II to catch up. Mid to late game, Ravana joins his team with his build online with great team fight skills and high burst damage.

Chang'e Log

May 14th, 2016- Guide created
May 15th, 2016- Changed the guide and builds to reflect a high dps, ability Ravana that I personally play. Added Chang'e Log.

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Devampi (89) | May 16, 2016 2:42am
So uhm I think something went sort of wrong because this guide looks clearly unfinished to me.

Just so you know (this is a mistake more people make and partly a bit of a mistake on the site) however the save button saves it only for you. you need to re-publish the guide for changes to show up.

I'm looking forward to see the full guide
EmeraldOrc | May 19, 2016 3:26am
Cuide republished. Thanks for letting me know
Odradin (2) | May 14, 2016 6:08pm
I don't know what solo lane you've been playing, but Ravana easily beats just about every other god including Zeus and Amaterasu. Going trans on him is not good because he is an auto attack based god with virtually zero mana problems, and you should always level your 1 first because it has the most damage and the lowest cooldown for clearing jungle and minions.
EmeraldOrc | May 15, 2016 7:29am
Sorry about the confusion, I forgot to mention in the guide that I play a heavy burst ability Ravana. This is why I take and level his 3 first for the max dps. It should reflect that now.
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Orc's Burst Ravana (S3)
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