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September 14, 2018 by DeathclawDisco
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Smite God: Geb

God Skill Order

Roll Out

Roll Out 3 15 16 18 19 key bind

Shock Wave

Shock Wave 1 6 8 11 14 key bind

Stone Shield

Stone Shield 2 4 7 10 12 key bind


Cataclysm 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

no longer used

September 14, 2018


Geb's tools and how they benefit him and his charges.

Pros / Cons


Stone shield is OP
Great true support god
Hard to kill
Anti-crit passive
Snowman skin has one of the best voice packs in the game
Used well, can give your team confidence to get stuck in
Fun to roll around (or fly with the robot skin)
Good area control


Not going to 100-0 someone
No built-in heals
Doesn't have a meatball skin (he should)

How to play

Early game Geb -
You're not yet the brick wall you'll become later so don't rush into battle, just provide a deterrent by being present for your ADC and use your shock wave and shield. Always keep your eyes on your ADC - if they know Geb, they'll want to attack a low-HP enemy and your shield will allow them to push that little bit further than normal. It'll also help them get to the safety of your tower if timed right.
Hold waves for your ADC when they're not in lane; they benefit from the stacks more than you do at early game and you want the assist to stack Guardian's Blessing You'll get the gold and xp you need so don't worry about the minions; you can farm later.
Warding - Do it and do it often. Your ADC won't likely buy wards and your mid-laner may rely on the jungler to do it for them. Bear in mind that if only you and your jungler are warding early on, that's only 4 wards. Your jungler will ward to the left and right of the mid lane. Your wards both go in the left jungle - preferably one at the junction just below the Gold Fury and one a little higher up or further in towards mid lane. Basically at any junction that the enemy jungler will pass through to get to your lane.

Typically stay with your ADC and hold lane when they back to the fountain. Take the purple buff when possible and keep an eye on your mid lane and jungler; if the jungler is helping solo lane or is in the fountain and your mid laner could use a hand, feel free to rotate. For now, your solo-laner will likely be fine on their own and with occasional help from the jungler.

Mid game Geb - Now you're getting more involved and finding your shield is used a lot more often, so you'll need to start getting in your opponents' faces. As you get more health, protections and mana, you'll be out in the battlefield more often and need to make yourself known. Show a presence to remind enemies and give allies confidence by rotating when you can.
If your ADC has taken a tower down, they'll look after themselves a lot more easily without the pressure of pushing too much, so you can roam. If mid-lane is ahead, they will help out by rotating too, and your jungler and solo-laner should now be seen a lot more too.
If a lane needs help, go and help. Don't feel pressured to be everywhere at once and don't blame yourself if you rotated to help out and your carry dies. Yes, it's your job early on to protect but you can't stick to them the whole game (the enemy team will notice you're not present anywhere else.
You're now grouping up more, seeing more of the other lanes and helping where you can.
*Wards - we need wards. Put them where the enemy is likely to go and if you can, place them one the Fire Giant and Gold Fury (which your team should be going for in mid game)
If you hear the Gold Fury drop and you know your ADC is in his/her lane, warn them immediately that enemies are incoming and get over there to help.
*Be the front line tank and remember that it's better to die yourself and save one or two allies than let an ally die that would get the kills you can't; you're there to keep your team in the fight, not wander around while you wait for them to respawn :-)

Late game Geb - The wall. Geb is no longer just a deterrent, he's an obstacle and a damn big one. Your team will now know to stay near you when and that you're watching them, but the enemy will always have one eye on you as they try to make their assaults - because by this stage, they really dislike you - prepare to be focussed down if you're having a good game and take it as a compliment.

Wards - If you have the gold, grab a Chalice of the Oracle Three wards every time you visit the fountain. Keep warding where needed:
If your tier 2 tower is down, the Phoenix is going next so place a ward where you'll see a sneaky enemy approach (and call them out to the team)
If the Fire Giant is up or nearly there, you want it warded.

Stay with your team and remind them to 'group up'. They're doing the damage and you're keeping them alive. Don't get carried away and try to solo anyone or take a tower down - you need your team as much as they need you.

If you have the gold and your kit is finished, consider if any of your earlier items could be swapped to counter the enemy more efficiently. If not, upgrade your relics.

As I said earlier, don't worry if you die whilst protecting your team. Your KDA at the end isn't what makes Geb, it's how well you protected your team so they could get the objectives down. You aren't a hunter or a warrior, your role is to assist your guys by helping them fight longer and not spend time in the fountain waiting to come back to life.
OK, your team will know their roles and get kills/objectives anyway, but they'll always appreciate a decent Geb having their back. Get ready to hear 'Thanks' and 'You Rock' a lot. *thanks, guys. You rock too now let's take that Titan!

Last words:

*Don't be disheartened if you go 0/7/14 if you know you did everything you could to protect your team. If you made a mistake, learn from it and don't do that next time.
*Don't get down when you save a team mate from certain death and you took the fall so they could escape - and they didn't say 'thanks'. Some players don't use the emotes, some don't know how to and some just don't realise what you just did for them. Support is the under-appreciated role but ironically, everyone knows that, so hey - don't worry - you're doing a good job and your team dare lucky to have ya ;-)

Thanks for reading, I know that was a lot but hopefully this has helped or offered some kind of idea for your own build.

Let me know how I did :-)
Thanks for reading.
Good Luck
Have Fun
You Rock

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