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Kali - pure destruction

January 18, 2013 by sapir5522
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Smite God: Kali

Item Purchase Order

Core Build

Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Soul Eater
Build Item The Executioner
Build Item Deathbringer


Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Build Item Qin's Blades Build Item Titan's Bane Build Item Frostbound Hammer Build Item Heartseeker

Useful abilities

Build Item Aegis Amulet (Old) Build Item Meditation Cloak Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Creeping Curse

God Skill Order

Nimble Strike

Nimble Strike 2 7 10 12 13 key bind


Lash 1 4 6 8 11 key bind


Incense 3 15 16 17 19 key bind


Destruction 5 9 14 18 20 key bind

Kali - pure destruction

January 18, 2013


Welcome to my guide to Kali.
this is my first guide on smitefire, ill try to go over as much as i can regarding kali.
I hope you find this guide useful, and any tips/suggestions are welcome.

Pros / Cons

* Very high damage output.
* Auto attack buff, helps with towers and phoenix's, and not just enemies.
* Great in both early mid and end-game, playstyle changes but effectiveness doesnt decrease.

* No escape skill, just speed buff.
* No lunge skill, harder to engage if you dont gank.
* Low defense, if you dont lifeleach you die.


enrage Enrage:
Kali's passive, she starts with a bit of lifeleach (5%), and gains another 25% for 5 seconds when she has less that 25% life.
this passive is perfect for kali, when you at running low on hp, sometimes its best to stick around and fight back instead of running away, even if you think its a longshot, this passive can save you alot.

kali rage Kali Rage:
this is a speed buff and a damage buff, use this when you start auto hitting your enemy, or when chasing/escaping for the speed buff, great skill.

Blood Lash Blood Lash:
you main hitting skill, not much to say except that the damage is great, and with the right possitioning you can hit an entire minion wave with it (even if they already stopped to fight your minions).

Siphon Blood Siphon Blood:
this one is tricky to perfect, at end-game your lifeleach will be more viable for when you stick around and fight, but it doesnt make this skill not usefull.
as long as you hit atleast 3 enemies with it, the healing is great.
this is usefull for topping up your health when your enemy gods harass you, for getting some extra health when theres a couple of gods on your back, or for when you cant fully catch up to an enemy running away from you when he just has that little bit of hp left.
if you want to fill your hp on jungle creeps, this gives you high healing for low damage, meaning you would be able to lifeleach from the creeps after using this and get much more health for 1 camp.

this is kali's ultimate, not kali's best side, but still has it's uses.
at the lower levels, this ultimate can pack a punch, especially while chasing an enemy or in team fights since its AOE, in end-game the damage is just not good, and this shouldnt be used to try to kill someone faster, normal hits will kill faster.
in mid-end game, this ultimate is basicly your purification beads, it will free you from CC and let you get away with CC immunity, which is great, especially since kali doesnt rely on an ultimate to get fast kills.



kali takes heavy mana through the match, this item is extremely good at early game, and could save your *** in that fight where you and your enemy have only 400 hp, and he is not in melee range, instead of dying due to lack of mana.
this item can be replaced with normal mana potions to save you the ability slot, but i find it more reliable since its instant.

Hand of the Gods
a nice alternative to meditation, however, i found that since the health buff camp was removed from the game, jungling at the start will only cause your lane mate problems with you coming out to help him without a noticeable battle advantage that the health buff used to supply. id recommend jungling at levels 10+ when you could easily clear them out.

Aegis Amulet
this thing is meant to save you from sticky ultimates such as hades's. i found it works well on alot of other character's ultimates like thor and freya, if you see some god in the enemy team with an ultimate that will be cancelled by this, take it.

kali has no escape skill, so sprint should be your 2nd option if yo udont need aegis, combine spring with kali rage and you have a great escape.

Purification Beads
useless for kali after the recent patch. kali's ultimate will give you the same effect without wasting that ability slot.

Creeping Curse
If you find it hard to chase people without the frost hammer, but still want to replace it for more damage/lifesteal, this ability is for you, it will slow down the enemies in your radius, and make it easy for you to catch them, especially with Kali rage active.

Stat items:

Warrior Tabi
pretty straight forward, damage+speed = awesome.

Soul Eater
kali is all about lifeleach, if you lack that you cant fight properly.
I take the Soul eater because since the aura is applied to yourself too, you get 25% lifeleach and 20% attack speed, which makes this item much better than anything else.

The Executioner
pure damage upgrade, damage+attack speed+defense debuff = win.

again, pure damage upgrade.

Devourer's gloves
if you still think you need more lifeleach, take this, i found that i could benefit more from other items but its all about play style.

Qin's Blades
another very good damage upgrade, almost a must-have, but sometimes replaceable for other proc's.

Titan's Bane
when the enemy team has atleast 2 tanks you should take this item, nothing worse than dying to a tank because you could barely scratch him.

Frostbound Hammer
this item used to be a favourite of mine, but not anymore.
the proc will help you chase people down easily, but since you have both a speed buff and an heavy hitting attack that doesnt require long range, you shouldnt need this. if the guy is running, hitting Attack #2 on him will likely kill him.
The heartseeker provides excellent physical power once those stacks start to add up, but the stacks are lost when you die.
This item is great if you team is ahead on kills and levels, and you are certain you wont go down easily. if you are on equal footing with the enemies i one of the other alternatives would suit you better.


Kali is all about ganking, and killing people extremely fast, if you manage to get close enough to someone with equal level and without an obvious advantage (like taking you to half hp while you got to him), then you will almost certainly win.

The most important thing to remember about kali is to never stop attacking, you are build on no defense with lifeleach, if you dont hit them enough, you will lose.

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