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Da Ji, Feel the Burn Baby! (Build *ONLY*)

March 6, 2018 by RipleyW
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Feel the Burn, Baby! (S5) (Arena)

Smite God: Da Ji

Item Purchase Order

Arena Build

Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Shifter's Shield
Build Item Heartseeker
Build Item Hydra's Lament
Build Item The Crusher

Situational items

Build Item Bloodforge Build Item Stone Cutting Sword Build Item The Crusher

Situational items (Defense)

Build Item Hide of the Urchin Build Item Hide of the Nemean Lion Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Bulwark of Hope Build Item Genji's Guard Build Item Shogun's Kusari Build Item Ancile

If healer on enemy team you might want this

Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick

Core Items

Build Item Shifter's Shield Build Item Hydra's Lament Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item The Crusher

Da Ji, Feel the Burn Baby! (Build *ONLY*)

March 6, 2018


Hello, Welcome to my 2nd guide ever, this time it's for Da Ji, this is what I personally use in Arena and Conquest with good results, I've been messing with Da ji build and this seems to be the right one.

So, for me Daji is like female and better version of Loki, she can literally 100-0 squishies with this build, with a bit of titan's bane help you can shred even tanks/guardians without problem, I used to main Loki before her release, now I switched from Loki to her :P

Notice that buying order isn't that much important because this guide is specifically for Arena, and you earn plenty of Gold in Arena so it's faster to complete build, if you want to implement any of these builds for Conquest, make sure to start with cheapest ones so you don't get stuck on finish one expensive item first.

(You can see that I'm not native English speaker, please excuse any grammar mistakes I made in my guides, I'm trying to make it as readable as possible)

Back when I was doing this so called "guide" I didn't have any idea about BBcoding and how "guide" is different from just a "build", Now that I know...This will stay untouched and will stay only BUILD, I have no plans to expand this any further, My upcoming Guide, not Build, but Guide will be for Serqet After I am fully done with my other guide, you can check out mymy The Morrigan
guide here -> The Morrigan Full Guide

Pros / Cons


-> Good Clear
-> Very high Burst (we're talking 100-0)
-> Really nice ult
-> Great Late game


-> Not really good escape
-> Really Squishy
-> Not so great early game


Warrior Tabi I personally love this instead of Ninja Tabi because of +20 extra Power, I feel like Daji doesn't need Attack speed nor crit, I usually go full power and pen, and it works like a charm

This Jotunn's Wrath item is really nice and I see it included in most Assassin's builds, it has little bit of everything needed, It has +40 Physical Power, +10 Pen, +150 Mana and 20% CDR

Fairly good item, It gives +35 Physical Power and +15 Physical Protection, now that might not be enough, now when you look at it's passive, it's really nice
It can help you stay in battle little longer, While over 50% HP you gain another +35 Physical Power, that is +70 Power while over 50% if you get in tigh spot and end up below 50% HP you gain +35 Phyysical and Magical protection instead, I see people don't really build this on Daji, like I said it helps you last bit longer, another great item for this slot would be Bloodforge

This is rather lovely item, you basically hit minions 5 times and you gain 5 stacks of Focus, at 5 stacks of focus you deal Bonus damage equal to 100% of Your Physical Power to the first enemy god hit, sweet with it's +10% Pen and you get also +10% Movement Speed, with Warrior tabi we're talking altogether +28% Movement speed

Hydra's Lament Ah, Famous Hydra's lament is must on Daji, It has +40 Phy Power and 10% CDR, with Jotunn's Wrath it's 30% CDR, It's passive is great.
It's passive, you gain additional 40% damage for 8s after using ability, this works really well with this combo, her 3+aa+1+aa and target should be dead, if not u can use her 2 to finish it off. It's sweet item, That item is always on my Daji list.

Titan's Bane is okay item, it has +30 Phy Power,
Passive is pretty simple, mostly build it if there are a lot of tanks or someone who built heavy physical defense.

Your Phy Damage ingores 20% of target's Physical Protection, if the target has over 65 Physical protection, it caps at 40% Physical penetration if target has 175 Physical protection or more, If you're facing team full of mages and assassins and they didn't build phy protection, you won't really need this item then I would build Stone Cutting Swordinstead, this item has +50 Phy power and +10% movement speed, melee attack against target decreases physical protection by 10 and max stack is 3

Other items you might consider

The Crusher is another good item for Da Ji, now that passive has been changed in Season 5, This item has +30 Physical Power, 20% Attack Speed and +15 Physical Penetration...What I love about this item is it's passive, Your abilities deal bonus damage over time equal to 30% + 15% Physical power over 2 second, as Da Ji is god with DoTs I feel like this would work well with her Passive and abilites like Horrible Burns that cause bleeding and applying DoT, I haven't added this item earlier because I know silly, I wasn't aware of it's new Passive, you should definitely add this to your build.

Bloodfore, Well you get nice Physical Power +75 and +15% Lifesteal it can help you sustain, most of the time when you get few kills you'd be down to low HP, and this Item helps you get few more kills by forging Shield from their blood with equal 200 + 10 per player level for 20 seconds, and you also get +10% movement speed WHILE the shield is ACTIVE, so you have chance of catching up to that enemy that just managed to get away with low HP left.

Stone Cutting Sword is another good item if you're building your Daji more AA than ability based, this acts as penetration item, it decreases enemy physical protection by 10 per stack (Max. 3 stacks)

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