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Chiggity Chang'e the Chinese Chick-en (Arena - Archived)

February 23, 2014 by TormentedTurnip
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General Build

Smite God: Chang'e

Item Purchase Order

High Harass, Nigh-Invulnerable

Build Item Shoes of Focus
Build Item Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Gem of Isolation
Build Item Hide of Leviathan
Build Item Rod of Asclepius
Build Item Spear of the Magus

Game Start - Make use of Courier

Build Item Shoes Build Item Shoes Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Shoes of Focus

Best Actives

Build Item Heavenly Agility Build Item Purification Beads (Old)

Alternate Actives

Build Item Salvation Build Item Shell of Absorption

MD to Replace Hide

Build Item Bulwark of Hope

PD to Replace Hide

Build Item Mystical Mail

Enemy Sustain Reduction

Build Item Divine Ruin

God Skill Order

Crescent Moon Dance

Crescent Moon Dance 3 15 16 18 19 key bind

Moonlit Waltz

Moonlit Waltz 1 7 8 12 14 key bind

Moonflower Dance

Moonflower Dance 2 4 6 10 11 key bind

Waxing Moon

Waxing Moon 5 9 13 17 20 key bind


This guide has been archived, and although the information in it might still be useful, I highly recommend taking it with a grain of salt. Not only is it likely months outdated from the time you read this, but the content I do have here is simply me trying to hold on to her original playstyle through her constant changes every single patch. I'd recommend building and playing her much more like a mage nowadays rather than how I have written in the guide.


The Amazing Chang'e

Chang'e's playstyle is among the most fluid in the game; her skills have extremely short cooldowns that provide excellent mobility in addition to their regular effects. Her ability to AoE heal, body-block more effectively than tanks (for a short duration, but quite often), and her possession of one the best CC's in the game combined with her high mobility make her an excellent pick for the constant teamfighting in arena.

Although she has no leaps or dashes, her second ability, Moonlit Waltz, could be considered an Aegis on steroids; it provides damage immunity while still being mobile (in fact, you'll be moving 25% faster during its duration) and when fully leveled, in conjunction with a maxed CDR build, it will have a cooldown of just 7.2 seconds! This could be considered her staple spell and it alone makes her incredibly fun to play, but fortunately the fun doesn't stop there!

Pro's and Con's

+Low skill floor.
+Very safe to play.
+Excellent mobility.
+Relatively High Skill Ceiling.
+Extremely short cooldowns.
+Arguably the best sustain in the game.
+Can negate many ultimates with a 7.2 second cooldown.
+Her ultimate is one of the best crowd control spells in the game.

-Low scaling.
-Low burst damage.
-Passive loses its usefulness in arena.
-Mana hungry due to her spammy nature.

Skills and Level Order

This passive is most useful during the beginning of the game so that you can upgrade to Shoes of Focus without returning to the base. Due to the frequent recalls to the base in arena, this it isn't as helpful as in Conquest, but it's still a nice quality of life passive.

The increased movement speed and removal of the backpedal penalty, however, are incredibly fun and helpful.

The cooldown on this spell is only 3 seconds once both Shoes of Focus and Breastplate of Valor are completed, and not only can it be used for damage, but also for the physical protection. It can also be spammed along with her other spells to give her excellent escaping abilities due to the constant speed increases from her passive, or used with Gem of Isolation to constantly reapply a slow.

This is the spell that makes her the so unique. At max rank and with 40% cooldown reduction, it will have a 7.2 second cooldown. Not only does that decrease the delay between your movement speed increases, but it means you can body block even more effectively than a tank quite often. For example, if your team is facing a Sobek, you can body block his Charge Prey from tossing a teammate back, with the added benefit of regenerating mana. :D

This spell can be used to nullify a lot of burst damage, such as Xbalanque's Poison Darts and Rising Jaguar or Agni's Rain Fire. It can also be used to prevent CC on you such as Chronos's Stop Time or Isis's Spirit Ball.

This spell has a 6 second cooldown with cooldown reduction at 40%, so it is therefore a very spammable heal. Its base damage and scaling is lower than Hel's Inspire from Repulse / Inspire, but it also deals damage to any enemies within its radius.

This spell also has an effect that mirror's Sobek's Sickening Strike; it applies a healing reduction debuff of 50% to all affected enemies. As it lasts 4 seconds, and you will end up with only a 6 second cooldown, you'll have an incredible uptime on healing reductions. It's therefore also an offensive spell and it works wonders in conjunction with Divine Ruin or Weakening Curse.

This spell provides Chang'e with the much needed CC for a support god, and it does so in a powerful way. It's a near-instant "skillshot" that's about as wide as Niagara Falls; i.e.: you're not going to miss it. The more enemies hit, the longer the stun lasts on each subsequent god. It's incredibly helpful for both ensuring teammates' escapes as well has helping your team chase down enemies, and it can be cast through terrain and walls.

It can also be used to stop channeled spells such as Thor's spin-to-win ( Berserker Barrage) and therefore preventing the cleanup from the mess of melted teammates. It will have a 54 second cooldown with 40% cooldown reduction, though, so use it sparingly.


Core Items

These items are essential to Chang'e and, unless the enemy's composition is extremely cheesy, they will be excellent choices every single game.

These provide the magic power that will both make your Moonflower Dance effective, as well as make your harass hit a tiny bit harder than a wet noodle. The cooldown reduction is also essential for Chang'e, and combined with Breastplate of Valor, cap you at 40%.

This provides a wealth of mana and physical defense, and most importantly 25% cooldown reduction. Combined with Shoes of Focus, you will have your cooldown reduction maxed out, which means you'll have near constant mobility due to your constant dancing.

This synchronizes perfectly with her low cooldowns. You will be able to spam Crescent Moon Dance enough to almost keep enemies permanently slowed, and with your high mobility they won't be able to escape the harassment. It's also very useful for helping teammate's escape without having to use Waxing Moon.

Although I have stressed that, when built this way, Chang'e focuses more on preventing damage to her team rather than healing it back, there is no denying that Asclepius's passive is amazing. In addition, it gives her even more mobility, with some health and MP to boot.

However, while it is indeed a core item, I believe it should be purchased after Void Stone or Leviathan (two items which are interdependently core), because Chang'e is already extremely mobile and benefits more from utility rather than heals.

Beneficial Items

These items may not always be the perfect choice for every game, but can be excellent choices based on both the enemy and your team's composition.

This provides both magic power and magic defense, as well as a nice chunk of magical penetration for your entire team. If the enemy team has little CC but a good deal of magic power, then this becomes a core item. If they have a lot of CC, then Leviathan becomes a core item.

This provides health, mana, and both physical and magical defense. Its passive also provides a 30% reduction in all crowd control effects. Due to your mobility and Moonlit Waltz, I don't feel it's quite as important as it is on Hel, but as you are still relatively squishy and you can't break out of hard CC with the waltz, it still provides once of the best passives in the game.

This item is interdependent on Void Stone in its efforts to become core to the build; if the enemy team has low CC but a good deal of magic damage, then Void Stone beats Leviathan. If there is a good deal of CC, though, then Leviathan wins.

This is a great item for Chang'e. Due to her low scalings, strict MP items aren't too beneficial. However, this item's passive gives your basic attacks enough damage for the enemy team to be wary of. And her low cooldowns lets her gain its benefit every time it's off cooldown. If you build her pure MP, she can deal quite a bit of damage with her basic attacks due to how frequently she can cast abilities.

This is an excellent item for Chang'e. Her low scalings reduce the effectiveness of MP, so the low MP on this item doesn't hinder her too much, and the frequency with which she can cast Crescent Moon Dance means she can keep a 100% uptime on this item's debuff, providing a damage benefit for your team (aren't you a good little support?).

This is a viable alternative to Leviathan; it also gives Resolve, and the amount of damage you will end up absorbing and avoiding using this item in conjunction with your skills is, quite frankly, rude to the enemy team.

This provides Chang'e with enough physical defense to tank hits when not in her Moonlit Waltz and, "supporting" your support role, this item will provide physical and magical defense aura for your team.
These are not the only useful items for Chang'e, and different items gain and lose significance depending on how much MP or defense you build on her.


There should be no deviation from Heavenly Agility or Purification Beads unless you're particularly attached to Meditation or Shell of Absorption. If the enemy has a lot off CC, replace Heavenly Agility as you desire. If they have virtually no CC, too bad don't replace Purification Beads as it can lead to some incredibly trollzy "burst immunity," as I like to call it.

I'm telling you right now, never replace Purification Beads. You are going to get focused at one point or another, and not only will this break you free of any and all crowd control, but also reduce all cooldowns by 5 seconds. Maxed out and with the core build, Moonlit Waltz will have a 7.2 second cooldown. That means you can use two of them almost consecutively, providing two seconds of damage immunity along with 25% increased movement speed. Combined with Heavenly Agility's movement speed and healing buff, as well as two back to back Moonflower Dancees, you can really troll the hell out of the enemy team.
Heavenly Agility is an excellent active for a support god. It increases healing received during its duration, affects all teammates around you, and gives you an extra escape. It can also be used offensively to help your team chase down a dirty little ****er like Chronos or Poseidon.
This is a terrible active for Chang'e, as Purification Beads are superior in every way for her. You already have a mobile Aegis on a 7.2 second cooldown with Moonlit Waltz. Beads lets you remove crowd control in order to activate it, and can give you two of them back to back, and it also has a shorter cooldown.

There are no upsides to this active compared to Purification Beads, as the minor damage shield at tier 3 does not trade well for being locked from movement.
Fist of the Gods will provide a 1.5 second stun, which can be useful against things like Thor's spin-to-win or Ares's Searing Flesh.
I don't recommend Meditation above Heavenly Agility or Purification Beads, but if you're overly attached to it, that's fine. Combined with your passive, it will give you amazing sutain and its heal can come in handy. Do not replace Purification Beads with it though.
Shell of Absorption is the best alternative to Heavenly Agility. Rather than escaping damage or chasing down an enemy, this will help your team stand its ground against an enemy onslaught.


Once you're a few levels into the game and have enough mana to spam your spells, Chang'e turns into one of the most mobile and evasive gods in the game. You'll be dancing around, providing frequent heals for your team as well as high-quality body blocking through the use of your Moonlit Waltz. Don't be afraid to get in close range to the enemy team to provide extra harassment and debuffs, but remember that while you're not particularly squishy, you aren't a tank.

Once you have Gem of Isolation built, you will have an effective soft CC on a very short cooldown in addition to the hard CC from your ultimate. And once you have both physical and magical protections, you'll want to constantly be in your enemies' faces to apply all your infuriating debuffs while also being difficult to snare.

Although the damage on Waxing Moon is actually pretty high, remember that you are a support god. Don't use it to get a kill unless you think your team will be unable to secure it otherwise. It should be used to disrupt the enemy team, whether defensively or offensively. Don't hold it off too long trying to include every enemy god in its path; three stunned gods is enough to turn the tides of a battle, and don't underestimate how much even the one second stun on an enemy god can save a fleeing teammate.

To sum that up: Dance around, body-block, heal your team, CC the enemy team. Never stop moving!

Healing Reductions

Healing Reductions can be applied through certain gods' skills, or through the use of items or actives. It's obviously very important to be aware of them as a healer. Here's a list of all the different healing reductions:

Healing Debuff Items

This is the Healing Debuff item that physical gods will pick up if you are giving them trouble. It applies a 25% healing reduction each time they land their basic attack and it stacks up to two times, meaning it has a maximum of 50% healing reduction possible. Its duration lasts 3 seconds, but can be constantly reapplied if the enemy can land their auto attacks well.

If the enemy god applying this is in extremely close range, odds are they will not be missing their autos, so delaying a heal for a full effect is typically not the best idea.

At a further range, however, it's likely a good idea to delay the heal in order to get the full benefit.

This is the Healing Debuff item that magical gods will pick up if you are giving them trouble. Similar to Brawler's Beat Stick, it applies a 25% healing reduction each time you or your teammates are hit by the enemy god's abilities. Because magical gods' spells cannot be recast constantly like physical gods' basic attacks, it's usually best to wait until the debuff wears off to cast the heal.

Fortunately, the two effects do not stack even when built on different gods.

Healing Debuff Actives

At rank 3, this item applies a 100% healing reduction for its duration. There's really not much to say about this considering that it completely negates your heal for its duration. If you see that weird purple cloud appear, don't even think about trying to bring anyone's health up. Moonflower Dance can still be useful while under the effects of creeping curse, though, as it also provides a minor speed increase and a healing debuff.

Healing Debuff Abilities

This is Sobek's third skill. It applies a 50% healing reduction on all affected targets for four seconds. Many Sobeks will purchase both Divine Ruin and Creeping Curse in order to rotate through pretty insane healing reductions. For instance, a Sobek could Charge Prey> Tail Whip to apply both stacks of Divine Ruin, and then cast Sickening Strike to apply 100% healing reduction. He can then apply Creeping Curse a few seconds later for an increased duration of healing reduction. That's a long time without a heal.

This is Bacchus's third skill. It applies a 25% healing reduction to all affected targets for two seconds when the belch ends (when the stun occurs). It's not quite as dangerous as Sobek's Sickening Strike as it's an easily preventable CC and you'll have a three second warning before it comes in to effect. However, be aware of a Bacchus with Divine Ruin; his Belch applies both stacks by the time the healing reduction effects come into play. This means that simply by building DR, Bacchus can have a three second long 50% healing reduction, followed a three second long 75% healing reduction at the end of the belch. (Technically it's .5 seconds of 25% reduction, 2.5 seconds of 50% reduction, followed by 3 seconds of 75% reduction, but...yeah).

Remember that the healing reduction doesn't occur during the belch - it's an effect that is applied at the end of its duration, so healing during the belch will still give the full effect.

I would hope you know who casts this spell by this point. That's right, it's Chang'e! Not only does it heal all allies, but it applies a four second 50% healing debuff to all enemies for four seconds: exactly the same as Sickening Strike. Due to her ability to spam her spells, she could easily stack this spell with a Divine Ruin and really mess up your day. Fortunately, the spell effect has rainbow colors and it is cast with her in the center, so it should be very obvious and she has to risk getting in closely if she uses it offensively.

Know that healing reduction is additive, and that its cap is 100%. This makes things really simple; let's say your teammate afflicted is by Tornadoes from an Ao Kuang who has Divine Ruin built and he's also under the effects of Bacchus's Belch of the Gods. This means that he will have a combined healing reductions of 75% from the 50% healing reduction from the two stacks of Divine Ruin added to the 25% healing reduction from Belch of the Gods. In addition, negative healing (taking damage from receiving a heal) can never happen.

Make sure you know that Aegis Amulet not only prevents all damage, but also prevents heals! If you see an ally pop Aegis DO NOT HEAL THEM until the effect wears off, as it will unfortunately do nothing.

Tips and Tricks

Even if you won't damage an enemy with your Crescent Moon Dance, it can be helpful to cast it simply for the speed increase. Are those pesky teammates running from your heals in solo queue? No problem! Due to her passive, you'll be able to catch up to them in no time.

Chang'e is probably one of the best baiters in the game due to her "aegis on steroids" as well as the short cooldown on her heal. She can kite with ease and the length of time you can dance around your enemies, avoiding almost all damage, is remarkable.

Have you ever had a Ymir stand in front of you, taking all the hits for you like a boss? Chang'e can do this even better than him, both because of her damage immunity and her speed increase. Think of all those movies where the hero jumps in front of the maiden, intercepting the gunshot. It's essentially the same thing, only this time you don't get hurt at all! The only downside is that instead of getting the girl, all you get is a measly "VVT, VER!"

Due to its 7.2 second cooldown, Moonlight Waltz can be cast twice almost consecutively by using Purification Beads. That's more than about four seconds of complete immunity while also moving 25% faster. You will also be able to cast two consecutive Moonflower Dances and Crescent Moon Dances, which will keep her 25% speed increase up for about the duration of sprint! Combine this tactic with Heavenly Agility and even Poseidon will be left in the dust.


Feedback on the build and playstyle is much appreciated; I prefer building defensively, but I'm sure there is merit to building her with high MP and I would like to see your arguments as to why that's so.

I also have a more in-depth guide on Hel I'd appreciate feedback on, which you can reach by clicking on the following link:

Smexy Hel (Arena) Guide

Thanks for reading!

Chang'e log - GET IT?!

1. July 30th, 2013: Moonlit Waltz and Moonflower Dance have had their cooldowns increased from 8 seconds to 10 seconds, changing them from 5.2 seconds to 6.5 seconds with maximum CDR. (35%)

2. August 7th, 2013: Moonlit Waltz has had its cooldown increased from 10 seconds to 12 seconds, changing it from 6.5 seconds to 7.8 seconds with maximum CDR. (35%)

3. August 28th, 2013: Crescent Moon Dance has had its cooldown increased from 4 seconds to 5 seconds, changing it from 2.6 seconds to 3.3 seconds with maximum CDR. (35%)

The duration of Moonlit Waltz has been reduced from 1.4 seconds to 1 second. Its cooldown has not changed.

4. September 18th, 2013: The Cooldown Reduction cap has been increased from 35% to 40%, decreasing the cooldowns of Crescent Moon Dance, Moonlit Waltz, Moonlfower Dance, and Waxing Moon to 3, 7.2, 6, and 54 seconds, respectively.

5. October 2nd, 2013: The duration of Moonlit Waltz has been increased from 1 second to 1.2 seconds. Its cooldown has not changed. In addition, the base damage of Waxing Moon has had its damage reduced at all levels. (Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately because she's constantly nerfed in wrong areas to compensate for the power of her ulatimate) it has not received a reduction in the duration of its crowd control.

The new item, Rod of Asclepius, has been added into the build.

6. November 19th, 2013: Moonlit Waltz occurs one tenth of a second earlier in order to better match its animation.

Moonflower Dance now applies equivalent damage as it does healing to enemies within range, but no longer increases her healing received for each ally affected.

7. December 5th, 2013: Yet another patch where, instead of fixing her ultimate, HiRez decides to nerf her primary skills. You know what? Eff it. The Changelog will consist of changes to her primary skills until the final result of this

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I also have some other guides on this site. If you enjoyed this one, feel free to check out:


Props to Blissey1 for notifying me of outdated information.


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