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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Ao Kuang - The Wind Blew them away

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Smite God: Kukulkan

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Our Tornado is rater brutal also the status effects and slows dear lord...

Build Item Book of Thoth Book of Thoth
Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Spear of the Magus Spear of the Magus
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Gem of Isolation Gem of Isolation
Build Item Polynomicon Polynomicon


hi there and welcome to my 13th overall guide and its going to be on Ao Kuang Dragon King Of The Easter Seas in general he is a strong mid/solo lane but requires good judgment and early farm to do well latter on and needs to be very careful he is well suited to players that have patience and plan there moves

ill be putting important stuff in a red color Like This so you can find the strong points and most important stuff you may need if your new to the game i would recommend the whole guide though

i will assume that you know the basics of what AA FG GF AD and AP mean as well as AoE MIA CD and CDR but just in case:

AA - Auto Attack

FG - Fire Giant

GF - Gold Fury

AD - Attack Damage

AP/MP - Ability Power/Magic Power

AoE - Area Of Effect

MIA - Missing In Action

CD - Cooldown

CDR - Cool Down Reduction

HP - Hit Points/health bar

MP - Mana Points

HP5 - Health/hit Point Regeneration per 5 sec

MP5 - Mana point regeneration per 5 sec

DoT - Damage Over Time

HoG - hand of gods

Pros / Cons


+ simple for play and easy to learn the basics

+ Great passive Graceful Winds gives him a lot of late game power

+ Has a 50% slow with squall which is rather brutal and makes landing tornadoes much more easy and to top it all off has a really short CD and really good scaling as well

+ Strong Pusher with tornadoes can kill minions and farm very well using this spell

+ Has a somewhat escape mechanic in the form of slither

+ His spirit's tempest deal a lot of damage and can change teamfights

+ often underrated pick and thus underestimated pick


- Hard to Master

- Low HP Pool(squishy target/easy to kill if cought of guard or by surprise)

- Can have some mana issues

- squall is a skill shot

- tornadoes needs split sec to apply its DoT effect and is the reason for some slight mana issues

- spirit's tempest is also a bit of a skill shot...

- slither is not a very reliable escape until maxed out

- often focused in fear of his spirit's tempest or the 50% slow on his squall

- Often Blamed for running when at low HP most players dont realize that unlike 80% of the roster of gods he has no jump/dash like ability to escape


Passive:Graceful Winds: gives us 5% of our mana as AP and this in case you dont realize is kind of a lot 5% from 100 = 5 AP from 1000 = 50 AP from 2000 we get 100 AP with ao and above build we get to near 3000 mana which means the passive gives us 150+ AP or so

Spell 1:squall:its a long line like skill shot that explodes on contact and can hit grouped up enemy gods giving all of them the slow and damage

spell 2:slither:a somewhat escape mechanic that gives us movement speed and a 1 sec immune to slows can be useful for jukes chasing and running away

spell 3:tornadoes:pretty much our main skill its a AoE that gives a dot and can hit like a truck latter on and push really well but gives us some early mana issues

spell 4:spirit's tempest:in general this skill is long line delayed skill shot and can kill most things late game if it hits dealing up to a fine 2k+ damage on targets if there protections are really low(thus can 1 hit some gods)


1. Book of Thoth - i get this because its more of a safe pick then Doom Orb it gives a lot of AP its passive is similar to our passive Graceful Winds and gives us MP5 to fix the early mana issues we may have

2. Shoes of Focus - for the CDR AP and Mana pretty much our best buy option right now

3. Spear of the Magus - gives us a lot of pen and we like that

4. Rod of Tahuti - massive AP thats it you can also witch this with item no.5 and get this as the 5th item instead

5. Gem of Isolation - adds some AP and a slow on our tornadoes i have no idea if it does anything for squall as of what i know the cap on slows is 50%...

6. Polynomicon - its passive deals 100% of your AP as magic damage on a AA after a spell is cast every 2 sec with this build we can hit well over 1000 AP in other words this can give us a lot more killing potential also gives AP and even more mana

the above is my current ideal build that i use that gives you a 100% safe late game but some other item options that are viable:

1. Doom Orb this would replace either our Book of Thoth or delay our Spear of the Magus and Rod of Tahuti and replace either Polynomicon not advised or Gem of Isolation sad but can be done the build order would also have to be somewhat shift in case your going for abook along with this

in above case our build would be:

1. Doom Orb - this item has somewhat a synchronization with out passive but does not help as much with the mana issues

2. Shoes of Focus

3. Book of Thoth

4. Spear of the Magus

5. Rod of Tahuti

6. Polynomicon


2. Breastplate of Valor this item can add us some AP due to our passive and the passive from Book of Thoth while maxing out our CDR and making us harder to kill to assassins this item can replace the Gem of Isolation or Polynomiconin case your going for a hit and run Ao game style otherwise dont do it and replace the gem


1. Purification Beads - can save us often

2. Heavenly Agility - because we like to be fast and since we have a slither this makes us mega fast we get the team version since its more beneficial team wide

3. Aegis Amulet - in case of heavy burst

4. Combat Blink - it acts as a escape spell which we would really REALLY LOVE


in general this is what you do in order to set your self up for late game:

1 - farm with tornadoes in lane in case the enemy jungler is focusing you play it safe and farm from the tower if your given free space you can use a squall and tornadoes combo to poke and deal damage to the enemy

2 - don't to anything risky unless you know you will profit from it

3 - when you get a gank make sure to help by hitting the above mentioned combo for poke.. or just add the slow in case you want the ganker to get the kill

4 - Dont Waste spirit's tempest by casting it on something that can jump over it or use Aegis Amulet or can avoid it in other ways or if the chances for the hit are low so for best use make sure that you cast it on CC enemy gods be it stuns or roots those are the most effective though very slowed foes are ok targets as well

5 - After we finish Book of Thoth we wont have mana issues so instead of mana potions we get Wards or sentry wards to ward/counter ward mid neutral camps and or FG we do this every time we back and have extra gold

6 - Learn over which walls you can cast your tornadoes you can use this to protect ally gods in case you cant reach them fast example your jungler gets jumped at mid neutrals by a Fenrir you cast tornadoes over the wall onto the camps hitting Fenrir and due to its high damage your jungler adds his burst and gets a kill out of the fight that would have been a death otherwise

7 - when running away use tornadoes at intersections of the jungle pathways to force the enemy to either stop or risk taking some serious damage

8 - you can use tornadoes around your self before you die or if you think there going to jump you or a self defense act in case it lands on them follow up with squall for a mean slow and a lot of damage for them

9 - Rotate with your lane if you know the position of the enemy jungler this is important by rotate i mean follow them were they go as in if they rush to gank a lane you follow it up and help that lane as well just be careful that you dont walk into a ambush in case the position of the jungler is unknown to you do not rotate but instead call it and ping a few times to let the team know that mid is going to gank we do this because we dont want to get ambushed in the jungle by there jungler

10 - learn to time your spells to synchronize your slows with ally slows and stuns as well as to trigger as many polynomicons in your given situation example if a Ymir lands Frost Breath on a few targets put tornadoes over them hit Polynomicon then cast squall as the stun wears off to maximize the CC you 2 can out put togather and then hit another Polynomicon

11 - when running away with your team through a narrow area and that the enemy is really close behind and chasing hard you can castspirit's tempest over your self and the team if it hits the enemy turn around put tornadoes or squall or both but in the proper order squall then tornadoes in case you can manage it it can turn around the situation quite well just a handy trick that you should be aware of

Some Combos

1. you start the fight of with a squall then out a tornadoes on the enemy this is the general poke combo late game you add a AA when the Polynomicon effect is up this can sometimes be a kill 85% of the time depending on the target

2. similar to above but this is the killing combo and is in general the same as above except that we also cast spirit's tempest on the slowed enemy when we know that they cant doge latter on we add Polynomicon hits to this as well we can manage 2 hits 1 from squall and a 2nd hit from spirit's tempest

now then for a full Polynomicon combo you would start it off with squall hit Polynomicon then cast tornadoes right before the slow wears off then hit a 2nd Polynomicon then as the target runs away we slither after them hit a [polynomicon]] again and by then squall is off CD and can be cast again to secure the kill in case there not dead tornadoes should be up again pretty soon or you can just AA as there at 1 HP on the dot if there somehow alive in case your somehow pulling this off mid teamfight throw a spirit's tempest if the enemy starts to jump you and walk through it slither through it for some self peeling or mega killing


in general Ao Kuang is a strong but high skill cap pick that can be brutal if played well and mastered can be a living nightmare for a late game as his spells with a Polynomicon can be mega brutal and deal absurd damage ect... i hope my guide was of use to you i will latter on update my other guides and put links to them in these summary's latter on when im done with making most guides ect...

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Ao Kuang - The Wind Blew them away
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