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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


An Unfinished Osiris Guide From Another Age...

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Smite God: Osiris

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Build Item Death's Toll Death's Toll
Build Item Rage of the Gods Rage of the Gods
Build Item Ward Ward
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion


Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item Qin's Sais Qin's Sais
Build Item Witchblade Witchblade
Build Item Pestilence Pestilence


Build Item Asi Asi
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Runeforged Hammer Runeforged Hammer


Build Item Runic Shield Runic Shield
Build Item Magi's Cloak Magi's Cloak
Build Item Mystical Mail Mystical Mail


Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Brawler's Beat Stick
Build Item Frostbound Hammer Frostbound Hammer
Build Item Titan's Bane Titan's Bane


Build Item Hand Of The Gods (Old) Hand Of The Gods (Old)
Build Item Greater Purification Greater Purification
Build Item Shielded Teleport Shielded Teleport


Hello everyone, it's me, _angrytoast (IGN theangrytoast). Welcome to my guide for Osiris, Broken God Of The Afterlife. If you like the guide, make sure to give it an upvote. However, if you dislike it, tell me why in the comments section.

When I first started to play Osiris, I quickly came to realize that he was easily one of the best warriors in the game. Armed with copious amounts of mitigation, anti healing, damage, and an overall tanky kit, Osiris is a force to be reckoned with.

Also (although I am digressing here), he has a giant *** sickle and and a flail (hence the name of the guide). Anyways, please enjoy the guide!

Pros and Cons


Out of all the gods and godesses in Smite, Osiris has one of the best all around kits. I think the most prevalent feature this god has is his passive. Fragmented allows you to slowly get more and more survivable in lane as you use abilities. The passive itself is a built in 16% physical damage mitigation at full stacks. As a whole, this passive allows Osiris to be aggressive in lane, without being slaughtered by minions. Also, it makes it very difficult for other solo laners such as Hercules to wear him down. It also removes the movement speed debuff for Osiris when attacking in Spirit Form.

In addition, Osiris boasts high attack speed, meaning that items like Qin's Sais and Witchblade compliment his kit quite nicely, while also allowing him to output higher amounts of damage. Osiris also has a unique auto attack chain that allows his final hit in the chain to be an AoE cone, similar to the ult of Bakasura. THis in turn makes items like Frostbound Hammer very effective, because it gives Osiris AoE slows.

The ironic part now is that even without AoE slows, Osiris has 3 CC abilities, including a slow and 2 stuns. This allows him to chase very effectively and aids his ability to harass while in lane. Also, his ultimate, Lord of the Afterlife, holds a special utility. It disables healing on the gods afected by the AoE, which is incredibly useful against most other bruisers, because almost all of them have heals of some sort.

To sum up, the major 'Pros' Osiris has are Mitigation, Attack Speed, Anti Healing, and CC.

How To Use These Strengths


Even though Osiris has many advantages when it comes to being a bruiser, he still lacks in a couple of areas. For starters, his wave clear is fairly bad. The size of the AoE on Spirit Flail isn't big enough to hit the back line of minions and the swordsmen, meaning you generally have to clear half the wave with your auto attacks (unless it is stacked). Lategame, this is fine because your auto attacks hit hit incredibly hard. Early game however, this lackluster clear potential is quite a detriment to Osiris (hence the reason we buy rank 2 Hand of the Gods, that way we only have to hand clear one in two waves).

Overall, the major 'Con' that pertains to Osiris is Insufficient Clear Potential.

How To Cover For This Weakness


To conclude the Pros and Cons section, I thought it would be a good idea to identify the niche Osiris fits into.

Osiris, in my opinion, is a tanky, pseudo-assassin, anti healer. He is incredibly survivable, has blistering attack speed and auto attack damage, and has the ability to lock down healers with his ultimate.


Passive Fragmented acts as a built in 16% physical mitigation and 6 step attack chain Hastened Fatalis.

Fragmented is one of the most unique passives in the game. It compliments the naturally high attack speed Osiris has and also gives him a large advantage mid to late game against other physical bruisers. Combine Judgement Tether with this passive and some defense items, and Osiris all of a sudden becomes very hard to kill.

Since this passive requires you to use 8 abilities in a row for it to activate, using Sickle Strike in the fountain just as you leave can be a good way to kick start stacking, especially early game. The faster Osiris becomes tanky, the faster he starts having a large impact on teamfights and in lane.

Slows Sickle Strike is a great ability for slowing opponents, allowing Osiris to chase them. Also, it combos nicely with Spirit Flail, increasing the duration of the slow.

Sickle Strike is a fairly useful ability with about 3 main uses. Firstly, Osiris can use this ability to initiate in lane. How you may ask, well, the answer is pretty simple. If you manage to clear the wave first, use Sickle Strike on you opponent to slow them. Then, begin to poke them with your autos. If they begin to run away, you can use Sickle Strike again (assuming its off its cooldown) or use Spirit Flail to prolong the slow. This maximizes the amount of autos you can get in on your opponent before they scamper back to their tower.

Now, on to the second use. Unlike the first use, this tactic is only viable when your opponent has out cleared you (Which is very likely if you are facing a Chaac). Use Sickle Strike on your opponent as he comes towards you. This will slow him and allow you to clear the wave before he can poke you back under tower. If he beats you to the punch, pop Judgement Tether to minimize the amount of damage you take.

Finally, now for the third use. As the enemy wave comes out of tower, use Sickle Strike on the bigger minion. This will slow the wave, meaning you have a better chance of hitting the back line and the front line of minions with Spirit Flail.

Clear Spirit Flail is your bread and butter clear ability that also combo's nicely into Sickle Strike.

Spirit Flail is your main waveclear ability. The downside of this ability is unless the wave is clumped up, it won't hit all the minions. To solve this, either tag the first minion with an auto attack or Sickle Strike.

When using Spirit Flail, try to aim it so that it hits the enemy solo laner, and hits the minions. Usually, the enemy solo will run through the front and the back line, allowing you to slowly chunk away at his health.

Although this ability is not a large AoE, make sure to always use it in tandem with Sickle Strike for maximum slows. Also, if you are being chased, you can cast it at your feet and it will increase your movement speed and also hit the god who is chasing you.

Mitigation Judgement Tether allows Osiris to jump into a fight and shut down the damage potential of carries. It also offers an incredibly useful stun for boxing.

In my opinion, Judgement Tether is one of the best boxing abilities in the game, for the soul reason that it has the potential to decrease enemy damge by 50%. If you are able to get more then one person inside the AoE, and keep them there for 4 seconds(slows from Sickle Strike can come in handy for this), you will stun them and most likely win the team fight.

This ability is also good in lane. If you and the enemy solo laner are in close quarters (for example both of you are clearing out the front line of minions), you can pop Judegment Tether and he either has to stop clearing to avoid the stun or continue clearing with reduced damage. Both ways involve you clearing faster and being able to get some free poke from the stun.

Ultimate Lord of the Afterlife gives Osiris anti heal utility, and also can act as an escape.

Lord of the Afterlife is an invaluable ultimate when playing against healers. It allows Osiris to dive to the back line and stun the damage dealers, while also disabling any supportive healing that could help them survive longer teamfights.

Generally, when using Lord of the Afterlife, make sure to go after the recipients of a heal, not the actual healer. For example, it would be a better idea to disable healing for a Hercules and a Janus then to disable Sylvanus from healing himself. Also, make sure to tell you team members to make use of the .6 second root, it could allow them to hit harder skill shots.

When in lane, this ability should only be used when the enemy solo laner is about to be ganked by your jungler, or when they are caught out and you believe you can kill them.

This ability is incredibly useful against gods like Hercules and Chaac when in lane.


Max Spirit Flail first as it is your bread and butter (Do this by skipping a point at level 8 and max it by level 9), then move onto your primary defensive ability, Judgement Tether, while also putting a point in Lord of the Afterlife whenever possible. Max Sickle Strike last because it does the least amount of damage and retains it's slowing utility without you prioritizing it.























Death's Toll is the best starting item for Osiris because of it's passive. Although exactly the same in base stats when compared to Bluestone Pendant (excluding the added MP5), the added lifesteal and manasteal on basic attacks is more useful then just mana regeneration. Death's Toll combined with Rage of the Gods allows Osiris to sustain in lane long enough to get his wave clear online, while also allowing him to poke efficiently.

Instead of getting Hand of the Gods and Boots, I generally opt for Rage of the Gods because the decreased cool down is much more useful then the 6% extra movement speed. This item will allow you to instantly clear half the wave every second wave, or every minute. Also note that whenever your Rage of the Gods is up, you are at an advantage in lane.

Always grab a Ward and place it in between the enemy speed buff and blue buff. That way, you know will know when they are clearing their buff. If they do not go to their mana buff, you might be getting invaded on. Always remember, if you are clearing a camp, you are immediately at a disadvantage because you are taking damage and the camp has already agro'd onto you.

Grabbing a health pot is useful for healing up after the start of the laning phase. You are more susceptible to poke then because there are 2 enemies in lane as opposed to one.


Due to the recent changes in boots from Season 1 to Season 2, Ninja Tabi has become the more suitable pick for Osiris because he is an auto attack attack based god. If your opponent buys Warrior Tabi, you should still be able to win the auto attack trade, but their abilities will do more to you then yours to them. This fact aside, Osiris can compensate for the initial lack of physical power with mitigation and attack speed.

Although this item has received a substantial nerf in the latest season (5% --> 4%), it still remains an essential item on Osiris. This item paired with his AoE attack chain allows him to output substantial damage to more than one enemy at once, increasing his hand clear potential of waves. Also, this item gives him extra attack speed and physical power, meaning he can more confidently poke in lane.

If you happen to be facing a physical character in lane, buy Witchblade before pestilence. This item decreases the aatack speed of nearby enemies while also buffing your own and decrease enemies physical power, which compliments Judgement Tether nicely. It also gives you a substantial boost in protection, making you much more tanky and effective.


If you are facing a mage, buy Pestilence first. This item will allow you to survive repeated magic attacks for much longer while also making you more effective in niche, "Anti Healer." This item is great for shutting down gods such as Hercules, because of the anti healing potential.


This item is great for transitioning into the lategame. It arms you with attack speed, lifesteal, and penetration, while also giving you a passive that will increase your damage potential if you are below 25% health. Overall the cheapness and effectiveness of this item on Osiris is quite effective, making it a great pickup if you feel you aren't doing enough damage.

The Executioner is almost a toned down version of Quin's Sais, giving you an attack speed boost and a damage boost that will significantly improve you kill potential. Also, its protection reducing passive synergizes nicely with your AoE auto attacks, allowing you to shred through more then one foe at once.

Runeforged Hammer is a great item that will give you a power spike depending on how much physical defense you have. This item is affordable and will also make you more tanky. If the majority of the enemy team is magical and not physical, you may as well consider getting another damage item because magical characters are less likely to be tanky then physical characters, meaning Asi or The Executioner could be a better choice.


After the Season 2 changes, Runic Shield pretty much became the magical version of Witchblade. This item is great when the enemy team is mainly magical, and the enemy solo laner is also magical. It provides a good boost in magical protection and a great passive for dealing with loads of magical damage, especially early on in the game. If you truly feel that this item would do you better then Witchblade, definitely pick it up.

Magi's Blessing

This item is great for dealing with characters that rely on heavy amounts of CC, such as Tyr. The CC immunity will make you harder to lock down and kill, and will also allow you to continue attacking if a CC ability is used on you.

If you are having trouble clearing or are being bullied in lane, Mystical Mail should help you. The AoE damage it dishes out is good for clearing and zoning, while also making it even more costly to poke you. I generally only get this item if I plan to buy Runeforged Hammer and the enemy team is mainly physical.


Brawler's Beat Stick is good when you are lacking penetration and find that your enemies are healing up much of the damage you deal. Generally only applicable against a tanky Ra or Chang'e, while also doing well against Hercules.

Sometimes, you may find yourself quite ahead early on, Frostbound Hammer is perfect for early game fights, boasting attack and movement speed debuffs on all enemies hit. Pair this with your outstanding attack chain and passive, and you have AoE slows with a built in Hastened Fatalis.

Flat damage and penetration, plain and simple. Pair Titan's Bane with your fast attack speed and you will easily be able to melt pesky tanks and bruisers. Good as a final item against incredibly tanky teams, although Quin's Sais and The Executioner usually do the trick. This item is also great for tower pushing, the extra 33% penetration on auto attacks will allow you to effectively split push.


A great buy when facing a team with loads of CC. If you didn't buy Magi's Blessing and don't want to use your CC immune ultimate ( Lord of the Afterlife) to escape, Greater Purification will save you as long as you time it properly. Also, if you are ever in need of quick CDR, Greater Purification will decrease your cooldowns]] by 3 seconds.

This is one of the most underused and under appreciated items in the game. Shielded Teleport allows you to immediatly get back to lane if you have rotated, or teleport to another lane or ward to join a fight. It possess' great potential to increase your mobility. From saving a wave to being the deciding factor in a team fight, Shielded Teleport is invaluable.



Osiris is in no way an early game powerhouse, but that doesn't mean you have to play timid. Start the game by helping the jungler with the speed buff, and then move on to securing your own blue buff. The jungler ALWAYS uses Hand of the Gods on the speed buff because he wants to have it off of cooldown ASAP, where as you only have to wait 1 minute, he most likely has to wait 90 seconds. When you get to lane, assess whether or not the enemy pair has better clear. If so, avoid taking needless minion damage; this is a situation where you can 'outplay' yourself, never put yourself at a disadvantage because of minion poke.

The jungler will generally leave after 1:30-2:00 minutes. You then want to focus on clearing as efficiently as possible. If you time it right, your Rage of the Gods should be up every second wave, meaning you are at an advantage every second wave. However, if the enemy solo laner also possess's a Rage of the Gods, make sure to keep track of when its on and off cooldown.

A good time to poke is generally when you can clear the front line quickly and can use Rage of the Gods on the backline archers. You then want to use Judgement Tether followed up with a Sickle Strike --> Spirit Flail combo. This should allow you to get in a few auto attacks and possibly a stun (depending on how close they are to the tower).



Osiris generally makes the mid game transition when he finishes Quin's Sais, allowing him to shred health away from most tanky gods in the game. The mid game transition also takes place when you have destroyed the enemy tower (usually at around the 15 minute mark, depending on the matchup). Osiris should start to rotate to mid camp fights more often and also rotate to Gold Fury fights. Picking up kills during the mid game will often give you an edge against your solo lane opponent.

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So, Toast, idk if you remember me but do you still play smite?
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