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A funnel for all the member blogs on SmiteFire. Clicking an article will take you to the members personal blog page to read the entire post.
Off Topic
September 01, 2015
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Hello and welcome to my guide to Xing Tian *echo in background* Xing Tian. Today you will learn how to be good at chests okay,

Step 1: Okay, Level abilities. you wont be able to play without them. (ellipses) so get some?

Step 2: Throw people, you wont be able to kill if you dont throw people... so go find a people

Step 3: Channel the power of cosmic energy and eat your adc. you and your adc will be combined and will fight together.

Step 4: Dont give your adc kills. Ur adc don't need no kill. take em for yourself

Thanks for being good. I make very good guide daily I tend to be on point with my guides. People always message me thanking me for my guides. Anyways, go be a stomach guy.

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September 01, 2015
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September 01, 2015

Xing Tian

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So today was the release of the first Chinese guardian. All I have to say is WHY SMITE!!! I love him because I love tanking but when I build him full tank and still have top kills and player damage I question how balanced the god is. The problem is his scaling. His #1 has 60%, his #2 has 70% his #3 has 60% and his ult has 150% TOTAL. Anyone think they know how this god could be effectively nerfed? Please send me your reply.

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September 01, 2015
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So as the title suggest I played some solo queue. I decided to fill and for the first time in a while (normally I end up adc or top when filling but well the support rotation was meh)) and well I picked nami (who I never played before) instead of taric (who I had played before) making our team super squishy (with a riven top) but the other team had the same problem so all good.

And well in the end we did win and then I saw something (search for it yourself on the picture)full stats (don't call me out on bad skill builds or items)

I managed to get the highest net worth. As a support that I never played and didn't play as well as I normally did. I overtook the other nami with double the amount of gold. So I just carried a game as a support (and I did make horrible mistakes for one and had no runes.). And well I was surprised I had top net worth for one.
(also for people who look at the full match link and notice I didn't buy a lot of wards the pink ward never got taken down and well si…
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August 31, 2015

I Play Tanks

Views: 458 Scarz99
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Hi everyone! As said in the title I play a lot of tanks and supports. If you need a tank contact me and I might be able to tank for you :). My Smite account name is TheGreatWound. Hope to see you in game.

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August 30, 2015
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And I'm more inactive than ever :/

Primarily because I simply don't play Smite anymore, so I really can't contribute to anything here. Maybe, just maybe, when I can fix up my computer, I'll play some Smite again. Smite ran pretty **** on my computer, which was part of the reason why I stopped playing.

Anyway, I'm at school right now, so I need to make this one short and sweet.

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August 29, 2015
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Sooo, I would've just updated my other blog post, but not everyone would look at it, so this is it !

My family "reverted" some of the actions...

1. I get to keep my computer, if I use it for studies only, writting on SMITEfire, and playing for a hour or two if I'm worth it.
2. Still banned, but I get to sleep in my house. Yay !
3. I get to keep the PTS on my computer, and, if I can recover 7 out of the 9 grades, I can download SMITE again.

Wish me luck !

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August 27, 2015
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TL;DR - I won't be able to play SMITE until December, or, if I'm lucky, my Birthday, on November. So yeah.

So, I wanted to start saying this has nothing to do with the fight from the Jank, announced on my other blog post.

I got my grades for this trimester in school. From the 12 subjects I have, I failed to reach the minimum grade in 9, my worst number by far.

So, my family decided to take some pretty... unhuman decisions towards this failure :

1. I've been banned from my house until I get my grades back up.
2. I'm loosing my computer until December 5th, when my shcool year is over.
3. I've been forced to uninstall both SMITE and Curse from my computer.

So ... I'll stay in here, since I have my cellphone, but I won't be able to play the game... which is something needed for me to get my grades up...

Also, the fourth thing that is happening to me :

4. Next year, I'm going to a different school, two reasons :
4.1) My grades
4.2) The billing is just too much. 32 thousand bucks a ye…
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August 25, 2015
+Rep | Report
Now that I've finished qualifiers with the sad score of 3-7 I've come to some conclusions from my experiences.

1) You'll lose 3/10 games because of disconnects. It's going to happen. You can't carry a 4 man. Just cry yourself to sleep now.

2) You cannot carry as any god that does not have a high damage output. It's not going to happen. You will not have a high enough impact on the game. No one with you has any idea how to basic attack or use Purification Beads. No amount of guide writing to try to educate the masses will help this. They're without any hope.

3) You cannot carry as any late game god. You will not get to late game. Your team will let you burn in the fires of hell before you get there and by then it's too late. You'll be lvl 18 defending the Titan alone while the other team has taken 3 phoenixes down, a fire giant buff and a 10k gold difference.

4) If you support you might as well surrender at 10. Your ADC is ****. Give up now.

5) If you happen to get paired with som…
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August 24, 2015
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Tweet :

Roster :

Mid - Purified
Support - TeeVee
ADC - Transonics
Solo - Dust
Jungle : Giliara ! (Inner fangirl screaming rn )

Thoughts ?

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