December 17, 2018

My personal story with Smite and SF

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Two days ago (from the date I'm posting this blog) in the last year I joined this site with no expectations of what could happen.

So I'd like to put here how was my year with smite and smitefire.

I was a majority FPS (Battlefield mainly) gamer but I liked to play other games, such as racing games (I love Forza, mainly Horizon ones <3), Adventures, Platforms, sometimes RPGs...

I started playing this game in fact at the beginning of season 2, on PC. But I hated the game. Then, In 2016, a friend of mine insisted and gave in, installing this game on my Xbox. But again, I gave up few days after started. Finally at the end of 2017 around october/september I tried again and this time it worked.

I started playing with Cupid, my main character. Why? just because I have a crush on cute characters, mainly if they are annoying :p plus cupid is cheap for no reason (at least that I know)so it cost to me only 1250 favors. So my friend (now "ex-friend") indicated him to me saying it's everything I'd like. He was right. I played with only Cupid for almost three months hahaha. Then I decided come here to see builds and some comments about the game, also indicated by this "ex-friend".

The first guide I saw here was the Tlaloc Cupid guide <3, I thought "Wow, so amazing, how this guy can do something like this" hahahaha.

After that I got addict in see builds :v and to celebrate my birthday, on December 22nd I released the kraken Share love and Pain, my first guide. Can you imagine who did the first comment? Yes, Branmuffin17, the guardian of this site. When posted the comments I was like "uh, I'm so bad look how much ***** I wrote".

The next year came (this one) and as said in "Bang bang (My titan shot him down)" "Seasons came and change the time". With the beginning of season 5 I literally redid the cupid guide creating "Love, find your mark!" and I updated every single month this guide. The biggest surprise I had with this build was that it won the smitefire competition, awarding me with the title that I have <Sharpshooter>. Comparing this to the old one, I feel some shame of the first one. Then I decided to create another guide, which was "...That's not funny" for Tyr just because I wanted :v .

At the middle of the Year, Tlaloc posted a blog asking guides for some gods that didn't have. He picked Nox and I picked Rama to help him. So in one/two months I had to learn how to play with Rama and write a guide. I was normally doing it, testing builds, writing some sections (some of them were finished some weren't finished), when suddenly I hit publish button accidentally and after one hour a lot of people came to comment on it. I had to redid the guide and publish it again this time as "Patience 2.0" (and again I hit the wrong button, but this time it was almost complete).

Now at the end of the year, I got a new main: Ratatoskr (No I didn't leave Cupid but after 10 mastery and 3 starts I had to find something new to play :v). I saw that already existed a guide to him but it was too old so I decided to create my own but this time, updated and being as quick as possible. From this thought came "Size isn't everything" which is especial for me since I made it from 0 (I didn't get my other guides as base such as I did with Rama, Tyr and Cupid), so I had to create a new style a new ways to explain things to it.

And now I just want to thanks for everyone who helped me in this long year here. I love you all guys, I learned a lot here about smite and I hope this new season and new year be as good as it was for us all. I'd love to write about my personal life but I think this text is going to be so much big. I never Imagined I could do what I did and that I could reach where I am, anyway, thanks for the awesome year guys.

VER - "You're so cool Human"
VVW - Wait!

(Best voicelines in the entire game hahaha)