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xmysterionz's Blog
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December 17, 2018

My personal story with Smite and SF

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me  |  birthday  |  anniversary  |  smitefire  |  community
Two days ago (from the date I'm posting this blog) in the last year I joined this site with no expectations of what could happen.

So I'd like to put here how was my year with smite and smitefire.

I was a majority FPS (Battlefield mainly) gamer but I liked to play other games, such as racing games (I love Forza, mainly Horizon ones <3), Adventures, Platforms, sometimes RPGs...

I started playing this game in fact at the beginning of season 2, on PC. But I hated the game. Then, In 2016, a friend of mine insisted and gave in, installing this game on my Xbox. But again, I gave up few days after started. Finally at the end of 2017 around october/september I tried again and this time it worked.

I started playing with Cupid, my main character. Why? just because I have a crush on cute characters, mainly if they are annoying :p plus cupid is cheap for no reason (at least that I know)so it cost to me only 1250 favors. So my friend (now "ex-friend") indicated him to me saying it's everything …
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May 21, 2019

CPTL (Community Permanent Tier List)

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tier  |  list  |  community
What do you guys think about we create a permanent Tier List?

It would be a tier list we would keeping updating and discussing about it, just like we already do with bran item choices guide, but this one focused in gods.

Anyone would be able to give your suggestions to which tier aech god should be and we all would be able acquire knowledge in the process.

It would be divided by conquest roles and maybe in the future we include other game modes. Also it would be a forum thread and I would update it, in the initial post.

What you guys think about?

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