May 12, 2019

From SMITE to LOL, things that I liked and didn't like on the other moba

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Hello my people,
As you should noticed I'm away from this site and smite at all 'cause this week I was playing more lol (but I still liking women... until now).

Anyway, there are things I liked on the big league that I think HR could improve, and things that smite have that lol doesn't or have a poor version. Let's start:

Things that I liked on lol and should be improved in smite:
  • Role division on Summoner's Rift (Conquest): The character selection on lol Summoner's rift (conquest of smite) has a different separation, they are separated by roles not class. That means you see the roles that accept the character, not their class. So teemo (my favorite character :3) is displayed as top (solo) not his class Specialist (there isn't this class on smite). This would help mainly new players understand which role the gods should be played.

  • Advanced ping: You can hold CTRL an press on your ping to show it to your teammates, on objectives to show the timer, on enemy "relics" to say it was used... Smite should adopt any of these tatics.

  • Direct buy: a lot of skin there (a big part) are direct buy, even on events. HR should abandon their chest system and adopt it.

  • Recommended items: Riot knows their game so they recommend correct items for the characters and the recommended builds usually are good. Hirez recommend Devourer's Gauntlet as core on Cupid... what? Recommended Reinforced Greaves on some characters as core...what?

  • Smart bots: yeah, they don't replace players and bots don't do the jungle there but compared to the smite bots, lol bots have a 3000QI on a QI Test. Seriously, you can play and have decent match with bots there but in SMITE you really CAN'T have a decent conquest match against bots.

  • Runes: A different way to costumize your champion allowing you have more counter options and different ways to play with the same character. You can build "electro" and just press Q with teemo and watch the enemy lose half of their health. You can build PTA and build the same teemo now hybrid with AS items and both are viable and works. Smite is much more static compared to lol seeing this way.

  • Free wards: the only way to make people ward, giving it free from the level 1 :p

  • Casual with bans: There is a casual match where you can ban a opponent to avoid fight even in casual with that OP new character.

Things that I didn't like in lol:
  • The price of anything: Really expensive. Everything is like 2 or 3x the price HR put in smite. A simple skin with 75% off is the price of a normal direct buy skin in smite. I bought the bee teemo with this discount and it costed the same thing I paid on the demon Cupid at full price. The normal price was around R$35,00 and the demon skin costed R$10,00. Really expensive. I spent in all my entire life around R$250,00 on smite and I have 420 skins, my friend spent 400 on lol and has 100.

  • It's really hard to buy another character: on smite you can just buy all the characters for a reasonable price even if you don't want it, you can just play the game and get a new character every 3 or 4 days playing the game a lot. While in lol you are dependent of leveling up and events to get the in-game currency to buy it. My friends are like level 120 and has 20 characters while I am 127 on smite and have all of them :v

  • VGS: Say MIA line is much better than just a sound. Love the VF 123F you can do in SMITE. Same for other voice commands. Say the voice command is a big triumph of smite.

  • I can choose the relics in game: while in lol I have to get it before the match, previewing the future, in smite I have the opportunity to get it according to what is happening in the match.

  • Snowball. The snowball, at least for me, on smite is much more easy to detect and avoid/get back in the game than in lol.

  • The gameplay: Lol is much more slower than smite and boring. You have to get the last hit, there are barricades to keep the T1 for more time, even when you are ahead, Plus I hate be a bird watching everything from above and be blowed by literally everything at any game moment (early/mid/late).

  • The launcher: it is a trash.

  • Smite sells much more cosmetics and bundles: due the price, is rare see someone using cosmetics in low levels and even in high elos there are people without skins/cosmetics. Smite gives to you much more free things than lol.

  • Battle pass: although some people complain about it the smite battle pass has a reasonable price and return a decent amount os gems for you + the cosmetics and boosters. It's weird see that lol doesn't have something similar.

  • HR makes miscellaneous things better than riot: Dances, taunts, the voice packs (different for each skin), global emotes, the social emotes, fountain and return to fountain animations... Are much better on smite. Each skin has 3 or 4 different taunts and direct taunts to specific opponents, different laughs... Even when the skin cost R$35 it uses the same vp/taunt/laugh... In lol

  • 1 character, two types of damage: you can build the same character as AD ("physical damage" for us) and AP ("magical damage"). There are no separation between the items meaning you can build a teemo (that should be AP, magical damage) full AS hitting AD (physical damage). I prefer much more smite, where OR you apply physical damage, OR you apply magical damage ALWAYS.

That was the things I liked and didn't like about lol comparing it with smite, and you, what's your opinion? Is there something missing?

Take easy with the text people, it was written on a cellphone :p