February 05, 2019
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So, while recently there has been a thread with our worst matches in the past few weeks, I decided to make this blog post about the best matches I've had since I've started to play SMITE again. With that said, LET'S JUST JUMP INTO IT!

10/2/20 as Cerberus on Arena - I really want to understand what happened in this match. I solo'd the enemy Ullr, I did tremendous amount of damage and, while I think this is the most important part for you to really get the image, it was my first game as this god.

Also, the enemy Amaterasu was dumb but quite annoying with her Hastaned Katana + crit combo, Fenrir was one of those " Fenrir For Life Brah" types of Fenrir, but I still did amazingly well. Also, my interior support wanted to commit suicide, but I left Hera to die whenever I could've saved her, cuz I was gonna play Janus and she autolocked Hera. I was mad.

8/2/8 as Hera on Conquest - I mean, the score doesn't look like much, but my Aphrodite, IceBolt23, was actually playing with my …
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