January 30, 2021

Starter Item Purchase Order

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Hello there!

The time has come for me to once again update my He Bo Guide for the new season. This, of course, means experimenting with a lot of new items and purchase orders. With the (re)introduction of starter items, a lot of things need reconsidering. Usually, I would not post a blog discussing my planned changes. But around this time of year, matchmaking completely implodes on itself and it becomes increasingly difficult to gather meaningful research in game (as games usually end before I can buy my fourth-fifth item). I could wait until things are fixed, but ideally I would like to have these changes implemented for the season 8 guide contest.

So, to whoever ends up reading this, I would like to know your thoughts (keep in mind all questions pertain to joust only).

First off: Do you see value in postponing boots to your third item in order to buy both a starter item and rush a sustain item (conduit > bancrofts > boots)?

Second: Could it ever be useful to completely skip the starter item, then sell boots to directly purchase it's upgraded version at level 20?

Third: Would you ever consider not purchasing a starter item at all?

Fourth: When the build has bancrofts; vampiric shroud (sacrificial shroud), or conduit gem (archmage's gem)?

Hopefully any answers to these questions will help me piece together research that I have otherwise been unable to get in game.