August 12, 2019

An Unlikely Pair

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Me and a buddy of mine have a growing list of "unlikely pairs", where we (for whatever reason) pair 2 Gods that we wouldn't have normally combo'd together, and see if it works or not. It usually stems from one of us thinking of a single OP combo that can be done between 2 characters, and then completely disregarding any reason why it might be bad and trying it out anyway. Through this, we have come up with many God pairings that are either extremely OP, stupid-fun, or just synergize well for some reason.

A few of our favorites include:
Our personal favorite, the Ymir Nu Wa combo. (Carry Ymir, support Nu Wa)
The old but gold Chang'e Bellona combo
Our classic He Bo Fenrir combo

Okay, some may not be as "unlikely" as others. But anywho, I'm curious if you guys have any really weird or unlikely God pairings with friends. I wanna know the absolute wackiest combo that actually works together.