April 15, 2019

The return to SMITE

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So as discord has noticed yesterday I played my first Games of Smite again. Before I start some things I noticed.

I'm getting annoyed by a notification in the reward center. Which is a bug.
I still hate the concept of worshipper boosters and think it shouldn't be a thing.
Smite really needs a update to the builder/shop screen. Not only in items for god, but also in general going more to LoL and Dota. Showing way more and more importantly better/valid options. This would guide players way better. And allows long time players easier acces to their items.

Also why dud they remove the spawn god icon faces in the pool they were pretty. Or is that in the texture pack?

So the first 2 matches were assault matches.
The first one to look at the new map. Honestly the orbs don't really change a thing apart from helping the winning team.

This first match I was geb. Honestly I know I had quite an impact. However, honestly I didn't feel like I did a lot pretty much provided protections healing and mana cause that's what you do in assault. Fun thing is I almost forgot thebes existed and wanted to rush sov heartward.

Next game I was baron samedi I had a lot of impact even though kost of the time I had no idea what I was doing however after a while I started to understand stuff. Apart from building up hysteria with his passive pot. Pretty much carried everyone. Also don't mind the build i had no idea and used the recommended stuff at the start.

Then I started queueing with estidien. And we played a game of conquest. Didn't get hunter so no nostalgia game for me. Got solo so I went chaac. I got the pleasure to know how annoying Erlang Shen is and how strong gladiator shield is. However the gane started of with enemy Arachne dying while trying to cheese to Chang'e. Even with the 1 kill advantage she got stomped. And our jungler got outjungled. So I was against erlang no idea what he does so I was cautious untill i joticed i could outtrade him at lvl 2 cause heal. He did outpush me cause i focussed nore on poking than hitting the wave. Losing totem to him and blue buffs to rat (or me not paying attention). When he got glad I pretty much couldn't do a lot anymore since howly **** did he outheal me with just basic attacking. I believe he even outheales me and rats damage because of that item. Also i messes up several times by trying to activate my heal with E. Played a bit to much lol XD. Got too damage if our team because artemis got picked a bit to much. Happy with my performance kinda especially for how rusty i am rn.

Then an arena game also with est. Also committed to my nostlagia Transcendence build cause old Asi played AMC i feel we sorta stomped them. Only reason i outdamaged est was because hunter assassin and some of the opponent's incompetence. Would have wondered how kich damage i did if I would have gotten more peel, However we had an Ares.
Quick other general notes howly **** cab skins be annoying. Had no idea what Pele did. Didn't even know we had a Cupid against us till he heartbombed me. Everytime he ulted or heartbombed an ally I thought it was Pele however it was the skin Cupid used that gave those effects.

Lastly for everyone that hasn't gotten spoiled via the discord. I have been doing some calculations. I'm writing the report on my research of these calculations. So stay tuned for those hitting whenever i find the tine to finish them.