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Devampi's Blog
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October 24, 2019
Hi all here I am again and no I'm not dead again. like last blog said just hadn't a lot of time. September is considered one of the busiest month for work and with study etc time has not really been there. On top of that I started playing Black Desert Online as it is a good game to combine with watching youtube (which also has a long watch later list build up over school and work stuff of 436 videos ranging from 10-20 mins with some exceptions of 1.5h vids)

However I am also still doing the Z-A. I played several gods some time ago and last time I played was before Yemoja dropped.

So first of gotta catch up on Persephone. overall she is quite weird to play, however I blame this fact to testing her on arena, which I use to test builds later in the game. The reason has to do with her Harvest it requires time to set up something that does not really exist well in arena. I don't know how but I did manage to get quite some burst of with Harvest nonetheless. Also her ult is damn fun to …
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August 19, 2019

Wait Dev where have you been?

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busy life
Well vacation draws to a close and so does the festival season. I have been working a lot the last days. And haven't played smite since mid season patch hit.

I also may have slightly messed up my sleeping schedule. I run closer on Aussie times right now.

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July 24, 2019

Z-A: Rama to Neith

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Just an update for those still interested. Most of these guys didn't really change So I can keep it kinda short.

Rama one of my favorite adcs with his astral arrows. Do need to get used to actually using his attack speed buff more often. However had great games sniping people like I used too.

Raijin well I remember playing him before however I now know a lot better how he works. especially Raiju. I finally know how he works. Also Bran witnessed me failing the ultimate because I remembered multiple cast options however left click fires the normal shot and the others are on the ability keys. However I thought on my right mouse button so I canceled my ult a lot of times.

Ra good old times almost lvl 3 on him now and yes he was the highest lvl god I had before. However with building he plays differently and more heal focused.

Poseidon never really played him however I will never undervalue his Trident again. that thing can do damage and really helps for stacking the passive too. …
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July 11, 2019

Z-A: Sun Wukong to Rat

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So I could have made a huge title with all the god names again however from Sun to Rat is like 9 gods.

First of I do want to thank gulf for relearning assassin tactics to me (which I utterly failed at in team fights.

So Sun Wukong didn't change at all. Actually felt like he does damage to during full tank. and had a lot of fun with the sith skin during the 2 games I played with him.

Sol one of the basic attack mages. Never been really good at them, mostly cause I'm from the adc crit days. However did better than expected. Only hate to target the ult path.

Sobek played one game as he didn't really change. let's myst it up hwoever I had teammates that focused the thorns Kuzenbo even though I pulled him out of our team to prevent that.

Skadi: hoping she gets that buff I feel like kaldr is way to weak making her ult also quite weak. people focus kaldr quite quickly as he is on top of them like a warrior. And if you want to ult he can already be back next to you. Also for teamfigh…
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July 02, 2019
So that's a big title, well I have more time to play so it is going a bit quicker.
let's start

The Morrigan:
Pretty much the god that can be anyone in the game. A pretty nice ultimate however team and enemy dependent.

So her passive is nice only hard to utilize during a combo unless you start of with it.

her 1 is a straight forward stun quite fun to spam the animation.

her 2 is a great to start the combo of with and can even pressure people away.

So honestly while playing as the morrigan I have to say she feels like kind of an assassin only it's hard for her to actually do it with 2 damaging abilities.

well don;t really have to cover Thanatos as he didn;t change apart from building. Also I failed so many scythes.

Damn what a load of text. Also so many thing you can do with her dash. it took me a while to understand what everything did (mostly her ult)

Sylvanus an old goldy only have to practise the grab, had a great game pulling people into Hades ulti

Susano was a…
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