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Devampi's Blog
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May 23, 2019
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guides  |  smitefire
Hello and welcome once again to my weekly blog (I totally didn't miss several days or this didn't take me several days (By the point of finishing this it was weeks maybe even a month) honestly idk how long it's going to take to write this one). I wanted to give a small update of what I have been doing.

First let's start with a smite update. Haven't had much time to play. Maybe played around 3 matches. However, I told Bran I felt quite rusty. Well it seems it's not me that's rusty but more that I can't handle my non gaming setup (read laptop). So I think apart from hitting basics as an ADC (probably need to remove the hit bracket as it might be throwing me off when basic attacking). Still takes a bit of practise looking at the fact I only played 2 adc games. abilities are going pretty fine again (may have missed an achilles' shield stun on one of the gods I was trying to stun that should have been in range if I placed it pixel perfect).
Problem is I won;t be playing it a lot soon, beca…
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April 29, 2019

Things change

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Guide  |  Items  |  Smitefire
Hello again and welcome to apparently what has become my weekly Sunday blog (or well it was when I started writing this however hadn't finished it before noticing the time and deciding enough sleep was more important). Am I going to keep this up? No idea depends if I have things to talk about. This was just a funny thing I noticed when clicking on blog instead of new blog XD.

So I have played more Smite lately the rustiness isn't going away quickly enough. My mechanical skill has been severely deteriorated even though I played a lot of LoL (however mechanical skill is something that deteriorated there too not long ago, however I'm almost back to were I left of last season with me premade team).

However, that wasn't what I wanted to talk about. While my skill is rusty, I have been enjoying the games I have played. Mostly being Assault and Joust (Arena with friends here). Have done a game of Clash however I still don't really like the game mode. Being a bit reluctant to start solo queu…
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April 22, 2019

Plans for the future

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So as you all may have noticed I have completed my plans. Which were the S1 nostalgia build (that actually is meta again) and the huge 1st spot crit item DPS research.

So what have I been doing also in that period well several things.
  • Looking at all the skins for gods
  • Noticing the Hell expelled skin is a really cool horror skin. (maybe even better than Izanami is a "horror" god)
  • Bought some recolors that are cooler than the base skin
  • Explored all the things in the menu and all the items
  • Noticed warriors have shifted to a more tanky playstyle (more protection focused items)
  • Noticing how certain items are still terrible or way too niche.

So I still have to learn how to build most classes, since a lot of items changed and the items make me feel lost too at times.

And I'm planning to set up a Z-A challenge. Yes instead of the normal A-Z I'm gonna do it backwards. The reason for doing is is to (re)learn the gods and this is one of the best ways to do it. The other way would be like the…
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April 15, 2019

The return to SMITE

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First  |  games
So as discord has noticed yesterday I played my first Games of Smite again. Before I start some things I noticed.

I'm getting annoyed by a notification in the reward center. Which is a bug.
I still hate the concept of worshipper boosters and think it shouldn't be a thing.
Smite really needs a update to the builder/shop screen. Not only in items for god, but also in general going more to LoL and Dota. Showing way more and more importantly better/valid options. This would guide players way better. And allows long time players easier acces to their items.

Also why dud they remove the spawn god icon faces in the pool they were pretty. Or is that in the texture pack?

So the first 2 matches were assault matches.
The first one to look at the new map. Honestly the orbs don't really change a thing apart from helping the winning team.

This first match I was geb. Honestly I know I had quite an impact. However, honestly I didn't feel like I did a lot pretty much provided protections healing an…
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March 31, 2019

Awaken, Awaken, Awaken, Awaken

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again  |  back  |  Summoned
Blog title inspiration Batmetal song

Hi all, guess who decided to try to return to smitefire again. Since i have been gone for pretty much more than a full year (seeing as my last message was beginning of november 2017) a lot here has probably changed (for one the whole look). So i wanted to start of by congratulating all new vets, editors, mods(?) and admins that have gotten promoted during my hiatus. Also since it's been such a long time i think a short reintroduction is in order.

So I'm Devampi and I'm from the Netherlands. I started playing smite several days (1-3) before it officially launched (RIP Ymir skin). I played till somewhere halfway beginning season 2. I started playing smite because i loved mythology during that time. I quickly found smitefire and ended up becoming an active member in the community. As my understanding and experience grew by both playing and reading, I became quite a helpful member.
The reason I stopped playing was because of the huge influx of toxicit…
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