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Devampi's Blog
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January 16, 2020

Smite and Smitefire plans

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So I think it's time for another blog. Updating you all what I have been up to regarding to Smite for as far time allowed.

As most of you know I recently finished my Z-A challenge. After this challenge I fell back into playing assault, since I have a problem with picking who to play. While I can have some mains the same god over and over gets boring real fast for me. Assault is just the excuse so I do not have to pick myself. and I also almost finished this Battle pass with this game mode.

During this game mode I found out I prefer to play bruisers. Which I could say was kinda logical seeing that I spend a lot of time on Chaac and Ra in the solo lane during the early days. Same goes for LoL that I prefer to play top lane if I'm not support. However a big difference between then is that nowadays solo lane in smite is quite boring. Partly because of the sustain meta in solo lane. On top of that I prefer the "fighter" type, which warriors do not build for anymore. They build off tank.…
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December 26, 2019

Z-A Ao Kuang to Achilles

Views: 159 Devampi
So it's done, my thoughts on the home stretch gods.

Ao Kuang, dam was he fun to play especially making the choice of throwing his Dragon Call, lost the game I played since I wasn't able to carry hard enough for the feeding Ymir

Anubis old goobis, melted some faces and damn does his lifesteal go through the roof with thyphons

Anhur basics felt really powerfull to me for some reason even without Shifting Sands gotta practise the pillar stun though

Amaterasu like her and don;t like her at the same time, she sticks well to opponents however her ult is a bit annoying because of the jumping part.

Ah Puch he has a lot of burst with a well placed 2 but after that he does not much, also in arena I didn;t really use his passive as corpses get cleaned quickly. Also annoying he only stuns on an ability heal giving him pretty much no peel.

Ah Muzen Cab still feels the same and still meh in arena because of the hives being easily destroyed.

Agni still able to do his combo, however h…
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December 24, 2019

Z-A Fafnir to Aphrodite

Views: 231 Devampi
So close to the end before Christmas, depending on how much I play I might even reach the end before the end of the year.

Heimdallr like him but didn't really like his 2 and his ulty is damn powerfull banishing someone for 4s can change a teamfight. I'm awaiting nerfs for it though.

Fafnir fun guy love his dragon form makes him pretty strong and hsi base form is also decent. what you would expect from a transform got like this. Only hard to notice when it stops sometimes.

Erlang Shen liked his basic attack style, however he doesn't stick well without his ult. also the healing from his ult is great but it took a while before I remembered it was my ult healing (#overvalueingbeserker shield)

Discordia love the ult and her 2, don;t really like her 1 for the second proc but damn does it do damage if you hit someone with at the bounce.

Da Ji like her but her thousand cuts always seems better when used against me. Also took me a while to figure out you could tp to allies (not that p…
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December 03, 2019

Z-A Loki to Fenrir

Views: 332 Devampi
So I'm slightly reluctant to give updates mostly because I use my free time mostly to play the game XD. So yeah this is going to be a big one.

He didn't change a bit, I still never really manage to one shot people, however I did score a lot of assists nuking people for my team to pick up.

Kinda went into playing him with the wrong mindset (something with rammus from LoL) however his damage reflect feels week.

still as frustrating to play against still fun to play as.

So I kidna played him before and after the buff. Which honestly I needed to hit the nadoes XD. I was heavily out of practice with him.

King Arthur
I can't play this guy like everyone else in arena. Only manage to get his empowered ult 2 timers in 3-4 games. did win several games because of the amount of stuff enemies burned on me.

Everyones favorite hug bug. didn't feel changed (maybe apart from his now not overpowered 2)

Still a late game monster. still a slightl…
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October 24, 2019
Hi all here I am again and no I'm not dead again. like last blog said just hadn't a lot of time. September is considered one of the busiest month for work and with study etc time has not really been there. On top of that I started playing Black Desert Online as it is a good game to combine with watching youtube (which also has a long watch later list build up over school and work stuff of 436 videos ranging from 10-20 mins with some exceptions of 1.5h vids)

However I am also still doing the Z-A. I played several gods some time ago and last time I played was before Yemoja dropped.

So first of gotta catch up on Persephone. overall she is quite weird to play, however I blame this fact to testing her on arena, which I use to test builds later in the game. The reason has to do with her Harvest it requires time to set up something that does not really exist well in arena. I don't know how but I did manage to get quite some burst of with Harvest nonetheless. Also her ult is damn fun to …
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