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Devampi's Blog
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August 07, 2020


Views: 2048 Devampi
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Items guide  |  life
Hi all been a while that I gave an update. Well, let's just say my life became a lot busier. This kinda let to my activity dropping towards the weekend.

Sadly for my guide it means that it is on hold. Since I have gotten so busy I have not found a lot of time for it. On top of that midseason hit and it takes a little time analyzing the influences of the big changes.

Hopefully, over the next coming months I hope I can lower some parts of my busy life to continue it so I can release it before preseason throws everything we are used to out.

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June 04, 2020
Hi all it's been a while.

I thought to give you a small update on how things are going. Let's start with the guide. it's progressing decently, however atm I did hit a "writing block" so the part I am writing now I am kinda stuck on how I want to word it. it's also going to be long as the doc is only on 14 Gdoc pages and I guess it's only 1/6th of the full doc. Also my time did drop a bit cause of work.

So now how have I been enjoying smite? still pretty good and I have fallen in love with the control scheme once again. Also one of my friends joined so no more solo queueing. Now the thing I want to talk about are smite game modes and what I think of them.

Well let's start with Arena:
Honestly my least played mode. my only reason to play it is if there are 15-20 mins left and we (duo queue+) still want to get a game in. For me this mode frequently include the "new" people that after playing for weeks/months still have no to little clue what they are doing. Several regulars can testify…
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April 25, 2020
So today was one of the days again that the timezones aligned and I got to play some games with some of the regulars again.

And in the long game spree we decided to play arena again. Like other arena games (If people remember the all guardian ones) we decided to troll (build). Bran spun a wheel to assign a random god and then we had a random item generator to give us the 6 items we had to build (although it gives an order we decided you could pick the order yourself.) Here are the results (cringe at your own risk)

It was fun and I am still wondering how we were allowed to win.

So now with the fun out of the way I have really been enjoying smite again, mostly assault, however even casual conquest has been doable. I still don't fully know which role I want to be playing, I have played every role now and I only am quite sure that solo is not really my thing. While teamfighting stage I do like warriors laning phase has been long and boring. The sustain is just to much often and while I…
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March 01, 2020

Just an update

Views: 654 Devampi
Welcome everyone to this update blog. During this blog I will talk a bit about what I have been up to lately. Mostly on my thoughts about preseason and my upcoming guide.

So let's start with preseason. Easily said I haven't played a lot. For some reason I tend to dislike preseasons. Probably because of the amount of change. This not only counts for smite, it also counts for LoL. I have to admit I have played more preseason smite than LoL. The reason probably has to do with me playing LoL quite competitively as I have a premade of friends. However I got slightly bored of my role and trying other roles with LoL toxicity is awful. In combination with the premade being quite rigid in roles it started to slightly bore me. I. Addition several of the premade also play other games over LoL so sometimes you end up with no one to play with.

So smite preseason has been quite decent. While I haven't played a lot because of being busy the games I have played were quite decent. Most of my games ha…
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January 16, 2020

Smite and Smitefire plans

Views: 817 Devampi
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Battle pass  |  Guides  |  Items  |  Smitefire
So I think it's time for another blog. Updating you all what I have been up to regarding to Smite for as far time allowed.

As most of you know I recently finished my Z-A challenge. After this challenge I fell back into playing assault, since I have a problem with picking who to play. While I can have some mains the same god over and over gets boring real fast for me. Assault is just the excuse so I do not have to pick myself. and I also almost finished this Battle pass with this game mode.

During this game mode I found out I prefer to play bruisers. Which I could say was kinda logical seeing that I spend a lot of time on Chaac and Ra in the solo lane during the early days. Same goes for LoL that I prefer to play top lane if I'm not support. However a big difference between then is that nowadays solo lane in smite is quite boring. Partly because of the sustain meta in solo lane. On top of that I prefer the "fighter" type, which warriors do not build for anymore. They build off tank.…
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